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User Name: [Figgy]

Character name: Light Blackburn

Mutant Name: Impulse

Classification: X-Men

Abilities/powers: Light is a creator and manipulator of electric current. A charge is constantly flowing through her body, and with a snap of her fingers, she can direct that charge in any direction in the form of lightning, though she is slowly gaining control enough to be able to simply push the electricity from her hands without a snap. Also, as a result of the charge within her body, anyone who touches her or comes too close will receive a small initial electric shock. When Light is around electronic items or electrical circuits, she can affect their ability to function correctly.

Weaknesses: While water can accelerate electricity, if Light were to be wet and not take care in using or being in total control of her powers, the consequences could prove dangerous for both bystanders and herself.

Sex: Female

Age: 20, November 8th

General appearance: Light stands at about 5'9" with a soft, slender build and curves that aren't overly dramatic. Light's white skin is healthily tanned, and her dyed lavender hair, naturally dark brown, falls to about her mid-back in thick, wavy strands. Her eyes are a vibrant emerald green and seem to almost sparkle with bright blue electricity when she uses her powers. Her face is accentuated by a round jawline, a straight nose, thickly sculpted brows, and full, softly curved, pink lips that usually settle into a smirk.

Additional appearance: Light has her ears and bellybutton pierced, as well as a medium-sized rose and thorn tattoo on the right side of her waist and hip. She also dons two lobe piercings in each ear and tends to wear clothes that are not necessarily considered feminine - leather, chains, boots and/or simple, streamlined clothes are usually her choice - though she has been known to wear a dress and heels on special occasions.

Personality: Simply put, Light is a bitch. The girl is normally unsociable with others, unless she finds certain likable characteristics within a person, such as what she considers to be a delightful disposition for inflicting pain and discomfort upon others, a quality of her own. Most of the time, she seems relaxed and uncaring, unless she finds a chance to hurt or insult someone else. She thinks highly of herself and generally goes through life without much care for others.

Special Skills: Light grew up working in her father's garage, even 'inheriting' a bike that he had been working on for years, one which she loved. As such, the girl is moderately skilled when it comes to repairing many vehicles, particularly sports cars and bikes. She has also found herself to be quite adept at stealing things, thus making her living before and while she has been at the mansion.

Place of birth: New York, United States

Weapon(s) of choice: Light uses a thin chain, which she found in the city, that extends to a total of 10 feet, displaying chain-wielding skill in taking down her opponents. She can also manipulate the chain with her mutant powers, engulfing the metal in electricity and causing it to float above ground with static.

Recently, she has altered her X-Suit to enhance her powers, such as metal plated gloves and boots.

Medical information: Ironically, Light is unable to be connected to, or use, any medical equipment, for it always either gives inaccurate readings, or shorts out completely.

Brief History: Like her sister Shana, Light was adopted as an infant, her birth parents supposedly having died in some sort of accident. However, contrary to the luck Shana found with her adoptive parents, Light found herself living in a less than ideal home. For the first ten years of her life, her parents tried - they didn't have a lot of finances, especially after business at her dad's garage plummeted and her mother was unable to find a steady job of her own. Over the years, Light's father, working a second, dead-end job just to try to make ends meet, took to drinking, and it spiraled quickly into alcoholism. Her mother, however, did what she could to provide for the family, and she found herself working in the local strip club, much to Light's and Light's father's dismay. This led to frequent arguments between the couple, and Light's father even became physically abusive towards her mother. At that point, Light began leaving the house, staying away as much as she could and staying with friends. However, when she did make appearances, she tried different methods of showing out, trying to gain the attention of her parents. She dyed her hair unnatural colors, starting wearing more revealing clothes, and even took up smoking. It wasn't until she announced her romantic and sexual relationship with another girl that her efforts finally seemed to work, though not in her favor. Her dad become so angry that, amid his yelling and swearing, he hit the girl square in the face, blacking her eye and knocking her to the ground. It was at that point that her power manifested, and she managed to warm her father off by grabbing his hand as he swung again and unintentionally shocking him into a heart attack.

Light's dad survived, but the 14-year-old girl was placed into seclusion in her room, unable to leave for the fear that her parents might report her to the police as a fugitive mutant. One night, the teenager overheard her parents speaking with someone about her, and after listening closely, learned that her parents had accepted an offer to sell her off to some organization for mutant experimentation. Angered and scared, Light decided she had to do something drastic. That night, as her parents slept, she snuck into their room and electrocuted them both. Upset and scared, Light set the house ablaze and ran away, but not before taking the bike her father had been working on for years.

She made it to New York City and found an abandoned apartment in the slums there, camping out for a couple weeks until she felt it was safe to go out again. She dyed her hair a lavender color to disguise herself, dropped her smoking habit, and spent the next four years living in various places in the city and hopping between mutant gangs for protection, until she finally heard about Xavier's mansion. Figuring things couldn't get much worse, Light headed for Xavier's Institute, mostly just looking for a place to stay for a while.

Relatives: Shana Grace Tilar - Sister

How long your character has been in the mansion: Around eight months (since September)


Relations Chart: 1(Good) - 10(Bad)

Adrianne Wagner - (2) Although they used to be somewhat close, at least for a girl who tends not to make friends, Addy's recent disappearance and reappearance as a seemingly older version of herself has Light wary of the girl and she has yet to attempt spending more time with the blue demon.

Anthony Havelock - (3) Anthony is quite a puss, and boring at that, but Light is a little proud of him for standing up to Mihir, no matter how childishly, and taking Valerie on that date.

Daniela Morgan - (4) Light has barely heard a peep from Daniela for several months now (she now assumes it is because of her relationship with Shade), but that doesn't change the fact that when she does come around, the electrically-gifted mutant enjoys toying with her a bit.

Elizabeth Charms - (3) Light isn't exactly fond of the scaled woman, especially after their numerous cat-fights throughout the months she's been living in the mansion, but she does have an appreciation for the mutant's no-nonsense attitude, especially so in dire times.

Kyle Bedlington - (2/6) All sass and stink, Light doesn't want a thing to do with the former hobo mutant.

Lirerial - (2) THIS bitch has something coming if Light ever sees her again. Sure, maybe she had asked for it digging into the girl's things right in front of her, but Light isn't willing to forgive the snake-eyed girl for making her painfully sick. (During a run-in with the girl who lost her memory, Light was kind to her but didn't recognize her as the woman who had poisoned her.)

Mihir Proudclaw - (1) This asshole decided to label Light as a traitor and a pimp, claiming she was bribing a date for her friend, whom he just-so-happened to have a crush on, though Valerie has told her he claimed his feelings to be more than that. Either way, Light is not fond of the Native boy in the least, and has plans not to step a foot near him unless he finds himself at Valerie's door again.

René Chastain - (5) He's certainly a pretty sight for sore eyes, but Light finds him incredibly dull and dense.

Shade - (10) Despite the minor relationship dramas that Light and Shade have been through (Camille's tampering and a false pregnancy), the non-traditional couple remain strong together and in love, and over the recent time skip, they even got engaged and then married.

Shana Grace Tilar - (1) Annoying, childish, and bratty in Light's eyes, the lavender-haired mutant cannot stand her sister. Light acknowledges that she was given no reason to dislike Shana, but her personality combined with the fact that the blonde was gifted a more rewarding life makes Light despise her.

Timothy Maxwell - (1) Light doesn't know much about Tim other than there is a floating skull inhabiting the mansion, and though she tries to keep him off her mind, the idea that the mansion may or may not be haunted sometimes creeps back into her mind late at night.

Valerie K. Sprouse - (6) Valerie has indeed proven to be someone worthy of being the equivalent of Light's friend; their views may differ and they may not be the closest, but the blonde is intelligent, kind, helpful, and, Light supposes, loyal.

Victoria Adelaide Deveau - (6) Tory was kind enough to Light with helping her figure out how to tell Shade about her 'pregnancy'.

Dur <3

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