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User Name: [Lirerial]

Character name: Lirerial (last name unknown)

Mutant Name: Viper

Classification: X-Men

Abilities/powers: Viper is similar to a snake, her eyes have the ability to essentially paralyze someone by keeping them from moving until she breaks eye contact or loses concentration. She is extremely agile but her most valuable asset, besides her eyes, are her super reflexes.

Sex: Female

Age: 21

General appearance: She is slender and about 5’5 with short silvery hair that barely reaches her shoulders and hangs to the bottom of her ears. Her hair shows the black roots and is unevenly cut after she cut her own hair in a fit. She also has dark tanned skin and her eyes are a light silver color with black cat pupils.

Additional Appearance: She has an intricate, snake tattooed on her back that runs from her upper left shoulder down her back and over her hip each scale on the snake was added with each person she has killed although this is something she doesn't remember. She also has a scar that starts at her upper left arm and curls around her arm all the way down to her wrist. She has a habit of wearing contacts or sunglasses to keep from accidentally freezing people.

Personality: Since the accident Lire has lost her memories and become closer to the person she would've been if she hadn't had her upbringing. She's a friendly person though a bit reserved, especially at a first meeting. She is still a moderately serious person but the closer she is to someone the happier more relaxed she feels. She suffers from deep depression, though she doesn't act like it, this stems from the fact that she doesn't know who she is or where she came from and that apparently no one cared enough to look for her. This belief is confirmed by the nightmares she suffers with almost every night that causes her to wake up screaming, they are usually memories of old kills and she is terrified of the person she used to be. Her depression makes it difficult for her to interact with people, though she doesn't show it, it seems whenever she starts getting close to someone she retreats into her apartment and locks herself away for several days and usually ends up trying to avoid them in a misguided idea that she doesn't deserve to have friends and the thought that she might be dangerous. Knives also scare her, it makes her nervous how comfortable they make her and she's realized that the instincts that guide her in a fight are considerably harder to control when she has a knife in hand.

Special Skills:

Place of birth: San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Weapon(s) of choice: knives or anything sharp
Medical information: She was in a motorcycle accident and broke one of her legs and completely destroyed her face. She was in the hospital for months and suffered through multiple facial reconstruction surgeries and plastic surgery. She also lost her memories in the accident. She is addicted to pain medication after discovering that they put her to sleep without dreams.
Brief History:Lire was born to a poor family deep in the jungles of Honduras. When she was young; not much older than 5 or 6, her village was slaughtered and she was taken by a drug lord named Diego. He came personally to pick her up and found her hidden in a horse pasture. In a bid to gain her trust, he brought her and the horses she was attached to. All things considered, Diego treated her pretty well. He had several other mutant children and Lire joined them in training; she alone was raised as his daughter and specifically trained for assassinations. She was the one he sent when all else failed and she was doing missions at an early age. He raised her with a sense of pride that he inflated by executing anyone who disrespected her, this taught her to keep her emotions in check and not react without thinking. She often traveled the reasons varied from running an errand for Diego to chasing a target. Diego had started running a mutant smuggling operation where he caught mutant children, trained them and sold them to the gang with the highest bidder. Lire was a core part of this operation as she traveled to different countries to find and transport his merchandise. Lire was partnered with another mutant named Strife, he'd been raised alongside her and specifically trained for defensive fighting. She depended on him in many ways and they were insperable, he was her "handler" there to make sure she didn't rebel. The pair thought of themselves as siblings but while Lire was happy in her work, Strife was wracked by guilt and eventually tried to leave. Diego of course found him and dragged him back where he forced Lire to kill Strife herself in an attempt to kill her emotions. This proved to be very effective since shortly after, fueled by the grief of losing her brother, she made deals with other rival groups and brought them to Diego's hideout where she watched them destroy what had been her home. Eventually she realized that the man she'd thought to use, Jonathan, was in fact a mutant and had been controlling her. She was forced to leave, since she couldn't get close to him, and has been in hding for years. Eventually she took up residence in the the mansion and befriended Mihir, after accepting an invitation to go on vacation she was discovered by Jonathan. She escaped thanks to Mihir but panicked and tried to leave the mansion where she got into the accident.
Relatives: Strife is still alive though it's a secret Lire will take to her grave

How long your character has been in the mansion: Several Months

Daily Appearance: Jeans shorts, a black tank top, silver studded belt, knee high black boots and green contacts


<img300*0:> Courtesy of [Figgy]

Relation Chart:

Guy Rubel: 5

Shana Grace Tilar: 8- Another of the trio in authority. Lire doesn't really know her but she respects th authority given unless proven otherwise

Mihir Proudclaw: 9-Lire loves the heat he produces plus she enjoys his company.

Korvka Shostakovich: 5

Caleb O'Daugherty: 6- Lire may be sleeping with him but this is a relationship of mutual benefit. She wouldn't hesitate to kill him if given a reason.

Endelyn Hagan: 5

Adrienne Wagner: 5

Olexis Solnes: 5

Sasaiya Moscoso: 10 - Lire loves dogs and doesn't know she's human. She's the happiest around animals.

Eddie Ryder: 5

Timothy Maxwell: 5

Nathan White: 5

Victoria Adelaide Deveau: 5

Elizabeth Charm: 8- Lire feels more comfortable talking to Flame out of the trio Xavier left in charge

Luloah Esther Akins: 5

René Chastain: 5- She thinks he's good looking but doesn't know him all that well.

Light Blackburn: 5

Vladimir Shostakovich: 8- Lire doesn't know him very well but she respects his authority

Kenna Duncan: 5

Samuel Crowe: 5

Mimic: 5

Lillium Tomina: 5

Catherine Rubell: 5

Sarah Criss: 1. Lire hates her. If she can get her alone Rage would be dead.

Issabelle Black: 3- Poor first impression

Kobayashi Hisoka: 5-she's neutral

Zeke Savage: 5

X-Men RP Shade: 5

Daniela Morgan: 5

Aidan Murphy: 5

Anthony Havelock: 5

Valerie K. Sprouse: 5

Saoirse Thunder-Crow: 8- Lire likes him so far. She feels comfortable around him and he makes it easy to be around.

Miles Adler: 5

Kyle Bedlington: 5

Justin Alphar: 5

X-Men Characters

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2011-12-31 [Lirerial]: Can I make a few changes to Lire's personality?

2012-01-01 [Figgy]: If you haven't really playedd her the way you originally wrote, you can change it to suit the way you've been playing her.

2012-01-01 [Lirerial]: ok, thanks :)

2012-10-16 [Duredhel]: Where is Lire right now and what is she doing? :O

2012-10-17 [Lirerial]: She's in the library and was talking to Tim :)

2012-11-26 [Lirerial]: Made a few changes to her personality to help the way I play her and fit her background a bit better.

2012-12-26 [Duredhel]: When Lire gets some clothes for me to draw I can do her chibi XD.

2012-12-27 [Lirerial]: ok, she's dressed :)

2013-01-28 [Figgy]: Uhm, just wanna point out, if you're gonna have so many instances where Lire was in other countries of the world than Honduras, try to specify that in her history, because in the way it is written, it seems as though she never left Honduras before she turned 17.

2013-01-28 [Lirerial]: Ok, will change it :)

2013-01-28 [Lirerial]: Ok, changed it also added something to tie into with a plot Valera and I were talking about

2013-03-14 [Lirerial]: I'm revamping Lire to see if it'll help me play her better.

2013-03-14 [Lirerial]: Work in progress; feel free to input :p

2014-05-25 [The Black Goat]: bahahaha Sasaiya has a ten on this ><

2014-05-25 [Lirerial]: lol yea, that was before plotting got underway XD

2014-07-24 [Figgy]: <img200*0:>

2014-07-24 [Lirerial]: Perfect! Thank you! <3

2014-07-24 [Figgy]: Welcome :>

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