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2005-12-31 22:25:00
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to my poetry

12/30/05 News:

Oh my. Ok, lets see. Into the Void has been moved to Short Stories and the Like and I've added my fan fic. If I update my short stories section it won't be posted here, because then I'd have to post every other day or close to it, but to get it all started, Iaslo have The Madness of Mortals up and running in there too.
Erm, 3 new poems.
Poem # 1 is Currently Untitled and is in Lissa's Misc. Poetry.
"Obsidian" is new and has been added to Lissa's Poems about her Mom along with Hope and Despair.
*Sigh* I really need to re-vamp. I guess I found my New Year's Resolution.

11/07/05 News:

God! Its been so long since I've updated, sorry to say, my poetry has fallen into complete neglect, but I do have a new short story for your enjoyment and another one close behind it. It is under yet another new section titled Into The Void as all my future short stories will probably, seeing as they alll have to do with The Void and its victims. The story can be found here: The Perfect Nightmare.

My poems about Anthony: Lissa's Poems about Anthony
Poems about my Mom: Lissa's Poems about her Mom
My poems about suicide and selfdesructivieness: Lissa's Poems about Suicide
My poems about society(screw it): Lissa's Poems about Society
My poems about my beloved sisters: Lissa's Poems about her Sisters
My Misc. Poetry: Lissa's Misc. Poetry
My fantasy section:Lissa's Fantasy Poems
My Phantom of the Opera Fan Fic: A Fox-Glove Fairy Tale
Short stories and other things: Short Stories and the Like

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2005-02-04 [anonymousjoel]: hi, i love poetry, its quite good..props ^_^

2005-02-04 [u wanna lick my what?]: wow ! your poetry is great !

2005-02-05 [true love waits]: wow thats realy good it has alot of feeling

2005-02-06 [eana]: i really like your poetry it really does have alot of feelings in it!

2005-03-11 [The Vampire Louis]: your poetry rocks. rock on my sexy dirty rock star...

2005-07-18 [the scarey asslesbian]: look my wife is on top of me...

2006-08-29 [Pink_Pixie]: Hey everyone, if you write poetry checkout my wiki *Yours and Mine: ET Poets United*

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