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Logan Dürer

In his full uniform, drawn for me by a friend <3 ;D!

User: [Rice]

Name: Logan Dürer.

Age: 32.

Affiliation: Nazi’s.

Rank (Nazi only): Sergeant Major.

Gender: Male.

Description (hair, body, clothes, etc.): He's not very tall, in fact he's not a very imposing man over all. Durer stands at 5'8ft and is of a diminutive lanky build which makes him look awkward when he moves and a little breakable. However anyone caught in a room with him for more than 3 minutes know's he is not one to be messed with, the man has no need for physical strength. His skin is a ghostly pale colour with a somewhat sallow complexion, his eyes are narrow and heavily lidded with one always but an eye-patch. Both his eyes are a steel grey colour though his left one, due to it's enchantment, is always very bloodshot and infected looking. Durer has a mop of shoe-polish black hair that hang straight and limply across his angular features, which all in all are ordinary looking if not a bit creepy. The man always smiles, always, as if he has just thought of something deviously funny.

General Personality Traits: Unnerving jovial and almost irritatingly at ease with things, he likes to chuckle, snicker and full blown laugh hysterically. Durer is a little emotionally deleterious with others, he likes to know he freaks others out and though his unfavorable personality hasn't won him many admirer's it doesn't stop him from generally causing a little playful chaos here and there. He is like the tip of a iceberg or the exterior of a sphere, it's not what you see externally but what lays within festering and rolling around constantly in the white noise he calls a brain.

Training: Sniper training and throwing-weapon training.

Enhancement (All Nazis have one or maybe two. Others can but have to have a good reason): Durer’s saliva is his first enchantment, at will he can turn his saliva into a very potent poison which can be both crippling and fatal. He uses this in tune with his throwing blades that are usually always laced with the toxin. His second enchantment is his left eye which acts much like the scope of a sniper, he can brings objects into closer view, see in the dark and if he concentrates he can even spread out his vision to a complete 270 degrees. This eye is also a weak point, he can only ever have one eye uncovered at a time since the other is a normal human eye, if he had both out it would be extremely disorientating and take a lot of effort to match up their spec. His left is also very sensitive to light and more susceptible to damage.

Dark Arts (Not everyone has this. Yes or no then explain what): Durer has two main magical arts. His first one allows him to drain a persons soul of it's energy in order to say heal wounds or keep him from dying, however each time he does this it takes more and more of the persons soul thus he has to be careful if he is using a comrades body in order to heal up. His second ability it a little strange and not understood by many, Durer can transport via a strange method. He can literally blend into a reflective surface and then reappear out of another reflective surface be it a mirror, a window, or even the reflection of a water. The draw backs to this are that the reflective surface must be big enough for him to get in and out of and every time he uses it the Nether takes part of his life energy as compensation, this causes increased aging, physically and emotionally drained, and sometimes even mentally unhinging.

Weapons: Durer's main melee weapons are his throwing blades which seem to appear from under his sleeve, inside his jacket and even boot like magic. When it comes to guns Durer is a born and bred Sniper due to his ability to not need a scope and accuracy with his eye, other than that he is more of a avoid conflict. He is not good with to close of combat so if someone engaged him in hand-to-hand he would no doubt be more likely to get damaged.

- Weltherrschaft

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