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Player - [Sunny Silverunicorn]
Name - Lor'kyn Osphy
Race - Planetarii
Sub-race - Hydran
Class - Death Knight
Allegiance - The Dah'kin, and in case he gets kind, House Hydrus.

Appearance - Lor'kyn is the type of person whose appearance would show little of the dark aura inside em, unless ey is in a state of rage. Ey is tall, stands at about 6’2”, and has a lean muscular body. Ey has a bony face, that is usually kept in a solid icy expression, which shows a lack of interest more than anything else. Eir eyes is a calm green, that goes with eir dark aqua green hair. Ey does not care to adorn emself with flashy clothes, and ey wears simple leather vest and pants, which are usually of a dark green, or blue color. Eir only adornment are the thick line tattoos on eir forearms, upper arms, and legs, and the silky black enchanted gloves, the only remnants of eir lost childhood, left for em by eir mother.

Age - 38

Personality - Lor'kyn is anything but kind. Even to eir own friends, ey is like a stranger. Eir past experience has left em a distant person. Ey has few friends, and even fewer whom ey completely trusts. Ey even doesn’t try to make the coldness that is in eir voice any less when ey talks to others. Ey knows it works as a sting at times. Eir only happy moments are when ey is completely drunk and out of it, which happens very rarely, only after great mission accomplishments. Ey becomes a completely different person when under the influence; ey is talkative, kind, and would joke a lot. At the worst state, ey would try to perform a spell ey remembers from eir old days, but ey often fails.

Although a distant character by personality, Lor'kyn doesn’t like being alone for too long. Ey tried to fight this need of company, but even eir many lone missions haven’t cured this. That’s one other reason for eir pitiful reunion with crowds of people and alcohol. (Although the alcohol is another remedy for the hatred ey feels for eir own need for someone to talk to.)

Lor'kyn is a character, with the least, and most common points with emself, and no matter what ey does, the traces of eir past, and the will of eir own on eir present and future, cause big (sometimes visible) damages to eir personality.

History - Lor'kyn was born in a small family of four. Actually, ey had a twin, Maz'ik, and eir family was a happy one. Eir father a great frost bearer, and eir mother a lovely hydran shaman. Their parents would go on adventures, helping people with their magic, and would take the children with them on most occasions, for as long as they had the children with them, they didn’t take on any dangerous missions.

When the children reached their teenage ages, Lor'kyn’s parents decided to teach the kids their own traits and skills. They’d teach them, and ask them to perform what they had learned during missions, which were getting more serious as time went by. During one trip to the home of the dah’kin, where by an accident, a simple misunderstanding, eir father was captured as a killer mage. Their mother and the twins following her, tried to free their father, but the result was the capture of the twins also, and the death of their mother when one of her own spells went wrong.

The misunderstanding was cleared and their father was released, but the two boys, who had attempted to break into the dah’kin ranks, were still kept captive. Their father was devastated to find out that his beloved wife had died because of him and his twins were imprisoned. He was single handed, and saw no way he could release them, even with his great magic. He tried to bargain with the dah’kin. He put his own life on the front, asking for his children to be released. But the challenge that the dah’kin set for him was a big one, and he was no match for it. He failed to win the bargain, and was killed by the dah’kin, and the twins were left at the mercy of the dah’kin. They were not told of the truth, and were left to believe that the cause of their mother’s death was their father, and that he had left them alone when they needed him most.

Their imprisonment took long enough to spark the first roots of hatred in their minds. They were growing to be mages, but the best mage they knew has failed them. Lor'kyn was the one who had hold this grudge closer to heart, as for eir twin, ey was more depressed by eir loss than the anger Lor'kyn felt. The dah’kin spotted the anger, and offered a place for em amongst themselves. Ey would do small jobs at first, avoiding and forgetting eir mage side. Eir superb swimming abilities, and agility, helped em and the dah’kin much in their mines, and underground water explorations.

Soon they asked em to join their official ranks, and ey was taught by the doomsday knights, and joined them in many battles and missions.

Ey became powerful and trustworthy enough to go on eir own missions, ey even forgot about eir own twin, who was released, but a simple worker who was struggling to get back to eir homeland, amongst the planetarii.
Lor'kyn would travel and do the missions of eir own or the ones offered to em by the dah’kin, but would keep away from mages and where they dwelled.

Ey fought along other dah’kin death knights in the War of Corruption two years ago, in which he met Geeileq, with whom ey became acquainted, and since they met on and off, they became friends. They even got the chance to do a few jobs together too.

Geeileq is the only person to whom Lor’kyn openly confided the fact of em being an androgyne. It really doesn’t bother em if others found out, but ey doesn’t normally go around telling people about it.

In the recent years, Lor’kyn has been working for a nobleman from Decima, mostly solo jobs. On one occasion ey was to have a company for the job and ey invited eir buddy Geeileq along, and therefore had to introduce the hauken to the nobleman.

Eir last job, on which ey had to bring back something for the nobleman, went on rather smoothly, but was a long journey. After accomplishing it, Ey decided to hang around Decima for a while, before embarking on a new adventure.

Weapon of Choice - Damascus
Others - N/A for now.


Level – 10

Experience/To next level – 9350/11660

Dungeon's Shiny Scourge (Unique Damascus, 8 ATK, 7 DEF, 6 WGT, Special skill – Hard: reinforced with diamonds, this sword deals 2 extra damage when it hits and can cut through most materials, even rock to some extent. It also shines very faint light, lighting up complete darkness to a level of vague darkness.) (Gems: 3 diamonds – +3 ATK, +3 DEF)
Cestus (6 ATK, 6 DEF, 1 DEX, 5 WGT)
Aketon (2 DEF, 8 WGT) (Gem: 1 ruby – blue element damage reduced by one)
Black Cloak (3 CHA, 3 WGT, provides the Camouflage skill)
Coral Necklace (2 WGT, halves blue element damage)
Braced Gauntlet (1 DEF, 3 WGT, prevents the user from letting go of eir weapon)
Winged Boots (3 DEX, 2 WGT)
5 Healing Potions (5 WGT)
2 Antidotes (1 WGT)
5 GP

HP – 44
MP – 12
STR – 8
CON – 8
DEX – 5
INT – 6
MAG – 6
CHA – 5

CC – 35/48

Skills – Magical Resistance, Minor Cold Resistance, Handle Swords, Handle Claws, Cause Fear, Dark Aura, Death Touch, Cause Terror, Critical Strike, Rage, Heroic Strength, Camouflage (Black cloak)
Skill Points – 1

Special Skills
Smite Good - Once a day for every 3 levels, you can attempt to deal d6 + charisma damage to any white element characters in the area.
Call Upon - Once a day, the Death Knight can call upon his god for heavenly assistance. Getting a level-% chance of yielding the following effect:
Hydra - The target starts drowning and must spend 1d4 round being stunned while coughing up water. Alternatively the target can keep fighting for the 1d4 rounds, then faint and hope that someone will perform a resuscitation in another 1d4 rounds. Otherwise the target will die. In the case of a successful resuscitation, the target will lose half (at least 5) of their current HP. Other Hydrans are unaffected.
Mindless strength - Death Knights are immune to all kinds of fear effects. They also have incredible stamina and can stay conscious and keep fighting even at negative HP. However, even they die at -10 HP.

Realms of Lemire
Characters of the Realms
Party Nº4

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2008-05-07 [Sturmi]: Sunny?? Are you picking Veltzeh's habits on androgyne character creation? :p

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