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Love for Advent Children

If you love Advent Children, or just liked it a little, want to meet people and make friends who are addicted — I mean — in love with it, too, or just want to see others squirm in their own obsession, then this place is for you!

                    Advent Children is the sequel to the occult video game Final Fantasy VII.
                    It takes place two years after the game, and sports four new characters,
                    a brilliant new storyline, beautiful computer graphic animations, and a
                    soundtrack to die for.


Come on, guys, we gotta have rules. Sorry. :( Take it up with my lawyer.

          · First of all, don't be an asshole. To find out what an asshole really is, see the What is an asshole? wiki. And enjoy.
          · To join us, you simply have to put your name on the Advent Love Memberlist.
          · You, of course, need to know how to edit wiki-wiki pages in order to be an orderly and active member here. See the
          Wiki_intro for information on how to edit it all and be happy.
          · Don't delete other people's stuff on the pages. If you do it on accident, post a comment on the page telling us so. Spank
          · This wiki is only, I repeat, only about the game Final Fantasy VII and the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Please,
          no Before Crisis, Crisis Core, or Dirge of Cerberus content. I haven't played or seen those, and neither have a lot of other
          · Have fun. Make friends. :D

This has been a message from your loving owner, [Kadaj].

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