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Lucy Owens



Nadiya Lucia Owens
(Goes by Lucy or Lou)




See image. She stands at 5'6", has grey-blue eyes and her natural hair color is brown.

Lucy is calm and soft spoken, even when she feels strongly about something. She is a sweet, gentle young woman, but when she starts talking about something she feels passionately about, she gets a fire in her eyes.

Lucy had a troubled childhood. Her mother left when she was four years old, taking Lucy's fourteen year old sister with her. Lucy's father didn't take it well and he took to drinking. He wasn't a bad man, in fact they were fairly close, especially when he was sober which was most of the time when she wasn't asleep. But when she was eight, her mother turned up again, demanding custody of her younger daughter. The ensuing custody battle was difficult on the young girl and ended with her father receiving no more than supervised visitation once a week because of his drinking habit.
Lucy was glad top have her sister back, but she was bitter with her mother from the beginning, first for taking her sister and abandoning her and her father and second for returning to take her from her beloved father who she felt needed her. She and her mother were constantly at odds and after about a year her mother turned abusive. Lucy knew that if she proved her mother's abuse she could leave her mother's home, but she also knew the court would never allow her to go back to her father's house and that some foster families weren't any better than her mother and she probably wouldn't have her sister to continue to protect her. So she kept her mouth shut and looked forward to her day with her father each week.
But when Lucy was fifteen an unimaginable tragedy struck her family. Her older sister was brutally raped and murdered. Her mother shut down and Lucy could only watch from a distance as her father and her sister's fiance fought for justice for her sister and failed. She watched week by week as her father showed up for their visits looking more and more haggard and eventually even his visitation rights were revoked when he came drunk. As soon as she was sixteen years old, however, she became an emancipated minor and returned to to living with her father.
Her father was a wreck after the death of his daughter. She did everything she could to help him, but Lucy knew she deserved better, her father deserved better, and so did her sister's fiance who had fought so hard for justice. Shortly after she turned seventeen she was introduced to the True Life Cult by a boyfriend. She was extremely hesitant at first, wary of any kind of cult, but she couldn't help but agree with the Messiah's assessment of the judicial system and found herself drawn to the idea of the "True Life."
She threw herself into the cult, making it her life. The Messiah saw her dedication and made an example of her devotion, doting on her and telling other young members to follow her example. By eighteen she found herself a member of his inner circle. When she was getting ready to apply to colleges she went to the Messiah for advice. She wanted to know how she could make the biggest difference in the world and keep what happened to her family from happening to anyone else. His advice was to go to law school, become a judge, and work her way all the way up to the Supreme Court and change the system from the inside. So that's what she's doing. She's attending community college, working toward a paralegal degree so she can do just as he suggested.


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