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User Name: [Ms. Steel]

Character name: Luloah (Lu) Esther Akins.

Mutant Name: Halo.

Classification: Student.

Abilities/powers: Vibrations. Halo can localize them to a specific body part or transfer the equilibrium point to an object. Her range of vibratory strength can range from scarcely perceptible to highly destructive. Simply put, she can vibrate matter to pieces by matching the resonant frequency of said matter, although she has also been working on accuracy and breaching solid matter without destroying it.

Her powers currently work best via solid matter, since it lacks the less-easily controlled, mutable aspects of liquids and gaseous matters, but if there is one thing she is always looking to improve, it is her capacity to control herself.

Sex: Female.

Age/Date of Birth: 17; her assigned birthdate is September 17th.

General appearance: She has what appear to be Middle Eastern qualities; considering that she knows nothing of her birth family, however, she's not certain, nor does she really care to find out. The girl is tall; 6 ft at least, but she typically wears thick-soled army surplus boots, so she appears even taller. Her hair is thick and brown-black with a small amount of wave, but it's usually pulled back in a severe ponytail behind her head, and her intense eyes are coppery with bold, dramatically arched eyebrows over top.

There is an unnatural, shiny-flecked, shimmery quality to both her hair and deep olive skin, a rather subtle physical mutation, in the grand scheme of things, like mica is embedded within her. The teen's alias was primarily derived from the fact that when she uses her body as the equilibrium point for her power, she reflects any available light, causing a halo to form around her pulsing, blurred body.

Additional Appearance: Halo seems to have a limited wardrobe, and selects unassuming clothing that matches her dour attitude; it almost appears as if she raided a man's closet for her garb. Underneath, she typically wears a specially-engineered garment, tailored to her ability, one of the final gifts given to her by her guardian, since the average fiber content of most clothing isn't made to withstand the destructive nature of her power.

Personality: She is independent, very serious, detached and tends to display little to no emotional response to anything. With the capacity to remain strangely and unnervingly cool under pressure, she is also difficult to provoke-- she's the ultimate example of apathy, or perhaps she just has an undiagnosed personality disorder, though her upbringing has a lot to do with her personality, or lack thereof.

Frequently, Halo seems to find the company of others superfluous, unless she is in need of something, and has a great propensity for ignoring people-- not what one would call a team player. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter much to her either way. If someone can manage to get her talking, she can be frank and blunt, sometimes insultingly so, but she has no ulterior motives and doesn't mean to hurt other people's feelings, it just happens. Instead of answering people who might be trying to get to know her, she'll do her best to circumvent the questions by means of the fewest words possible, but without mincing words. While her interpersonal skills require drastic improvement, she is not entirely without the ability to empathize or sympathize, but she does tend to take a more logical route to a conclusion in regards to emotion. She can come-off as overly forward and/or awkward to others, since she doesn't realize she tends to overstep personal boundries.

Halo functions the best when given specific tasks and duties, and in a structured environment, where she can basically go on autopilot and perform her responsibilities for the day. She is quite curious in a clinical manner, as it is a means for her to better understand, and therefore control, her surroundings.

She hasn't had anything resembling an actual friend since she was about eleven, and since then has only been in contact with adults. Therefore, being thrown into the mix at the mansion, full of adolescents and teenagers is going to require major adjustment, even if she tends not to admit or show it.

Humour means little to her, and she doesn't really know how to have fun.
Special Skills: She is proficient in Morse code and is in the process of learning various phonetic alphabets/communications.

Place of birth: As a newborn, she was anonymously abandoned at a fire station in Bar Nunn, Wyoming. Presumably, that is where she was also born.
Weapon(s) of choice: Herself.
Medical information: N/A.
Brief History: Bounced from foster home to foster home in Natrona County, Wyoming for the first twelve years of her life, Halo's final adoptive guardian-- Dr. Elijah Nowak-- was an elderly, reclusive polymer chemist who provided her with all of life's necessities, but fell short in the area of emotional bonding.

When Halo was eleven, her mutant powers came to light after a series of unfortunate incidents wherein people were moderately to seriously injured. A couple of earthquakes, or at least that is what witnesses described them as, rocked a jungle gym filled with children, a school bus and the public library. She was the common denominator in all of these events, and, after a series of intense interrogations, she admitted to being the cause, but she didn't know why or how.

Her current foster family at the time wanted nothing to do with her at this point, so she was sent to a group home to await another foster assignment when Dr. Nowak found her and whisked her off to his compound located in the Big Horn Mountains. Life was lonely at first, as there were very few people employed by the good doctor, so Halo quickly learned to make do with only herself as company for the most part. The remainder of her education came by means of tutors who visited several times a week. It took a little while, but eventually Halo became aware that her benefactor was also a mutant-- Dr. Nowak's own skills lie in technokinesis, which he utilized to further his research and the technology of his science.

With her consent, he was allowed to use her as a guinea pig for his experiments; she was, however, conveniently and probably fortunately not concious for some of the trials. Upon Dr. Nowak's recent death, his will revealed that Halo stood to inherit his estate, but with the provision that she become a ward of Xavier's school until the time that she is twenty-one. She is not pleased with the situation, but, deep down, she feels an obligation to the old man for more or less rescuing her from her previous life.

Relatives: She knows nothing about her blood relatives, and her adoptive guardian is deceased.

How long your character has been in the mansion: About six months.

Current attire: Despite the balmy weather outside, Halo is still wearing long pants and a long-sleeved shirt: Lightweight khakis and a summer weight men's shirt , buttoned halfway and with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows; on her feet are her usual black boots.


Dormitory 306

<img100*0:> <img200*0:stuff/haloclean2.jpg>

Relation chart (1: bad; 10: good)

Shawn Adian Deveau-- 7; They're friends, even if Halo doesn't really consider people in those types of terms.

Victoria Adelaide Deveau-- 5; Halo seems to tolerate her sessions with a tiny, winged woman, even if she'd rather not have to.

Anthony Havelock-- 5; Neither unpleasant nor particularly helpful in her quest to find the floating skull; he seems rather unobjectionable.

Daniela Morgan -- 5; Daniela was adequately helpful the day Halo arrived.

Valerie K. Sprouse -- 5; It would be nice if she had an off switch, but she's innocuous enough.

Kyle Bedlington -- 4; Even though they didn't actually speak, Kyle seemed unnecessarily high-strung and argumentative, and his reaction to Tobais was, in her opinion, unfounded.

Lirerial -- 4; They had a brief but highly uncomfortable interaction at breakfast time, which Halo has no desire to experience again.

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2012-07-24 [Ms. Steel]: A little dramatic and self-indulgent, but whatevs.

2012-07-26 [Figgy]: Sorry, Ix, I was so tired and forgot to message you XD Wouldn't have mattered, though, I think.

2012-07-26 [Ms. Steel]: It's cool! As long as the information provided is sufficient and clear enough for youse guys.

I'm not sure if I should bring her in immediately... though it is kind of an ironic coincidence that the mansion security has gone to pot just as a wave of new arrivals show-up.

2012-07-27 [Figgy]: Eh, bring her in whenever you feel is best :3

2012-08-19 [XxTsomexX]: Its great her and Zeke would make a good pair. Luloah creates vibrations while Zeke senses them and uses them to fight. Zeke is kind of like a human seismograph.

2012-08-19 [Ms. Steel]: Yes, their powers do complement each other!

2012-08-19 [XxTsomexX]: Sweeeet :D explains why they would get along lol

2012-10-16 [Ms. Steel]: Lu the mutant vibrator is chillin' solo in the third floor lounge.

2012-10-16 [Figgy]: Well, gee, now I imagine the girl as a giant silver bullet.

2012-10-16 [Ms. Steel]: No batteries needed.

2012-10-16 [XxTsomexX]: XD oh noes.

2012-10-16 [Ms. Steel]: Winky face!

2012-10-30 [Ms. Steel]: She needs a teensy personality adjustment. Will get to it... soon.

2012-10-30 [Figgy]: Go for it!

2012-12-30 [Roma]: And yay for Lu!

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