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MC - Idle Contests ~



These are unofficial contests run by Elftown members that have become idle for whatever reason. If you are the host of one of these and would like to see your contest relisted again on MC in hopes of breathing new life into it, please, just leave a comment.

Official contests can be found on Competitions.


- [#Deadline By Entry Number]
- [#Sign-Up Based Deadline]
- [#No Deadline]
- [#Canceled Contests]
- [#Advertising Tips]
- [#Related Links]


Deadline By Entry Number:

Ambiguous contest
– 20 entries.
- Hosted by [Veltzeh]!

DC Does Elftown
- 30 entries.
- Hosted by [Lothuriel]!

Draw Dil
- 15 entries.
- Hosted by [Dil*]!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Contest
- 10 entries.
- Hosted by [Ninja Squirrel]!

Pirate Guild - Banner Competition
- 20 entries.
- Hosted by The Pirate Guild!

Short Story Duelists
- 2 entries, each genre.
- Hosted by [crowdel]!
The Cliché Contest
- 10 entries.
- Hosted by [Cia_mar] and [dayah]!

The Phantom of the Opera contest
- 15 entries.
- Hosted by [Jitter]!

Trochaic Poetry Contest
- 15 entries.
- Hosted by [Kiddalee]!

Twilight Banner Contest
- 10 entries.
- Hosted by [LinkTurrner]!

War of the Races Art Contest
- 15 entries
- Hosted by [Lite]!

Who Wants to be a Super Hero?
- 30 entries.
- Hosted by [Lothuriel]!

Eyden's Characters
- 5 entries
- Hosted by [Eyden13]!

Pubs, Guiness, and The Irish Luck Contest
- 5 entries per section
- Hosted by [Eyden13]!

Death Art Competition
- 8 entries
- Hosted by [kians mummy]!

Death Poetry Competition
- 8 entries
- Hosted by [kians mummy]!

Evil Reflection Contest
- 10 entries per section
- Hosted by [Rook.]!

Fantasy Sweets Contest
- 30 entries
- Hosted by [Lothuriel]!

Knight Me !
- 5 entries
- Hosted by [Cillamoon]!
Sins of Remembrance
- 5 entries
- Hosted by [Cillamoon]!

7 Stages of Ages
- 5 entries
- Hosted by [Cillamoon]!

Gorging Glutinous Deeds
- 5 entries
- Hosted by [Cillamoon]!

Corruption x 7
- 5 entries
-Hosted by [Cillamoon]!

Rome's Ancient Virtues
- 5 entries
- Hosted by [Cillamoon]!

Shades of Greed
- 5 entries
- Hosted by [Cillamoon]!

- 10 entries
- Hosted by [Captain Rachel Black]!


Sign-Up Based Deadline:

10 Days of Photography
Hosted by [Cillamoon]
Keyword Photography Competition
Hosted by [Cillamoon]
Photography Jousting
Hosted by [Cillamoon]


No Deadline:

Gary the Snail Divider Contest
- Hosted by [DarkJenni]!

Half-Blood Art Competition
- Hosted by [Lady of Lore]!

Halfbreeds Contest
- Hosted by [Ariandra]!

Harry Potter 7 Contest
- Hosted by [Saffron]!

Keyword Photography Competition
- Hosted by [Cillamoon]!
Photography Jousting
- Hosted by [Cillamoon]!

Show Us Your Room!
- Hosted by [Atayemi]!

Star Wars A New Contest
- Hosted by [Lothuriel]!

The art of Vampire: the Masquerade
- Hosted by [Yoruno]!

Vangaard banner contest
- Hosted by [Darian Hawke]!

Wights of eldritch competition
- Hosted by [Elisha Kelly]!


Canceled Contests:

Lost Fan Art Contest
- 15 entries.
Hosted by [Daisy_Sandybanks]!
(closed - lack of interest)


Tips for making your contest known around Elftown:

- Invite people who might be interested in entering to your contest's wiki page.
- Write about it and place the link to it in your diary.
- Write a link to your contest on wiki-pages or in wiki-comments.
- Write a posting about your contest in the <forum:Advertising in Elftown>.
- Write the link to your contest in your mood.
- Write about your contest in your presentation.
- Ask here (MC) for a note about your contest to be placed on Mainstreet's Calendar.
- Add your contest's link to any of these that are applicable:

- Art Contests    - Writing Contests    - Photo Contests


          Related Links:          

- MC - To advertise your contest on Mainstreet!
- MCV - To advertise your contest's poll on Mainstreet!
- MC - Archives - Contests' history advertised with MC.

           Other Related Links:           
- Competitions
- Contest HOW-TO
- Art Contests
- Photo Contests
- Writing Contests

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