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Mainstreet Contest Deadlines



On this page Elftowners can request that their unofficial contests be advertised in the calendar on Main Street

If you would like your contest to be advertised, please make a comment on this page, containing:

The Name of your contest
The current deadline
Your username

Please make sure your contest wiki is exported.

If no details are given, your contest will be put under "Contests Without Deadlines".

If you have a contest poll you'd like advertised, please go to: MCV

This page is maintained by [Nioniel].


- [#Dated Deadline]
- [#Deadline By Entry Number]
- [#Sign-Up Based Deadline]
- [#No Deadline]


Dated Deadline:















Deadline By Entry Number:



Sign-Up Based Deadline:



No Deadline:

Wish Upon a Star Contest
Hosted by [*Phoenix*]
No deadline currently set
[has been featured]

mh's cosplay challenge
Hosted by [moira hawthorne]
No deadline currently set

Thomas Matty & a Hunting Girl
Hosted by [moira hawthorne]
No deadline currently set

Vignette Illustration Contest
Hosted by [Linderel]!
[has been featured]

The Phantom's Contest
Hosted by [Rook.]!
[has been featured]

One Day At Band Camp... I Become a Zombie!
Hosted by [moira hawthorne]!
[has been featured]

Shattered Painting
Hosted by [Captain Rachel Black]!
[has been featured]

The Ultimate Marvel Universe Contest
Hosted by [Lothuriel]!
[has been featured]

My Way Inn
Hosted by The UNofficial Coven and [LynnAnneBrown]!
[has been featured]

UNofficial Valentine Contest 09
Hosted by The UNofficial Coven and [wicked fae mage]!
[has been featured]

UNofficial Mythology Contest
Hosted by The UNofficial Coven and [wicked fae mage]!
[has been featured]

The UNofficial Unicorn Special
Hosted by The UNofficial Coven and [moira hawthorne]!
[has been featured]

Council Portrait Gallery Donations - No deadline, ongoing.
[has been featured]

The Playlist Inspiration Competition
hosted by [Akayume]!
[has been featured]

The Chess tournament
Hosted by [Mortified Penguin]
[Currently featured until 2014-08-16.]

I'd Rather Be Naked! - Must be 18+
Theme: Black & White Nude
Hosted by [Nioniel]
[Currently featured until 2014-09-23. Subject to extension.]


Tips for making your contest known around Elftown:

- Invite people who might be interested in entering to your contest's wiki page.
- Write about it and place the link to it in your diary.
- Write a link to your contest on wiki-pages or in wiki-comments.
- Write a posting about your contest in the <forum:Advertising in Elftown>.
- Write the link to your contest in your mood.
- Write about your contest in your presentation.
- Ask here (MC) for a note about your contest to be placed on Main Street's Calendar.
- Add your contest's link to any of these that are applicable: Art Contests, Writing Contests or Photo Contests.


Go, or return to:        
- MCV - To advertise your contest's poll!
- MC - Archives - Contests' history advertised with MC.
- MC - Idle Contests - Contests with questionable activity status.
- Competitions
- Contest HOW-TO

Username (or number or email):


2009-11-13 [sweet.tx.tea]: December 5th. Eep. That's how I date everything. :/

2009-11-13 [Linderel]: I've seen that method before, but it makes no sense to me. :P

2009-11-13 [sweet.tx.tea]: *le sigh* Horrah for Texans and our strange method of doing things.

2009-11-13 [Kyrinn]: Texans got nothing on Alaskans in strange methods of doing things. *strips naked and jumps into a nearly frozen over lake* lol

2009-11-14 [sweet.tx.tea]: That's because in SA, we never get close to freezing lakes. :P

2009-11-14 [Kyrinn]: Ah true! But we also have 23 hours of light in the summer and boredom sets in quick. XD You never, EVER tell your kids to come home before it gets dark, because then you will not see them til around October. 

2009-11-14 [Linderel]: [Kyrinn]: Sounds like Finland - especially north of Finland - to me. :P Well, the light doesn't last quite that far into the year, but otherwise...

2009-11-14 [sweet.tx.tea]: Hahah! I have always wanted to witness this.

2009-11-14 [Kyrinn]: haha its freaky to go to work in the dark, then get off work in the dark, eight hours later. XD 

2009-11-19 [Duke Devlin]: WOW! I wish we had that much sunlight! (Meaning the 23 hours :P) I think ours might stretch to around 12 hours a day... In the summer. :P I think we're currently on about 9 hours.

2009-11-19 [Kyrinn]: its fun to get up in the middle of the night and hear the birds singing in the trees. at 2am. lol THough it also makes more combats wtih my son who thinks that since its still light out, its not bed time. >.<

2009-11-20 [Rice]: Yeah but if we had 23 hours of sunlight id feel bad for the rapists and serial killers..they wouldt catch a break would they. 8(

2009-11-20 [Yume Youki]: XD lol, good point

2009-11-20 [Rice]: And robbers....NO ONE THINKS OF THE CRIMINALS D8

2009-11-20 [Cillamoon]: Alright guys, what the hell are we talking about? Does anyone have any new contests they would like posted or any updates that I need to know about?

2009-11-20 [sweet.tx.tea]: We are talking about Alaska in Winter and Summer. Try to keep up? :P

2009-11-21 [Yume Youki]: AH!

We're not supposed to talk about this kind of stuff on official wikis!

*becomes a hypocrite* Shoo, all of you! Go off into your own little worlds! XD

2009-11-21 [sweet.tx.tea]: *scatters?*

2009-11-22 [Nioniel]: [Cillamoon]: for your Knight Me! feature on Mainstreet, the text says "Earn you Crest by proving you can uphold the virtues of the honorable Knights of old."

I think that you meant for "you Crest" to read "your Crest?"

2009-11-23 [sweet.tx.tea]: I noticed that about a week ago and forgot to report it. :/

2009-11-23 [Nioniel]: :)

2009-11-23 [Cillamoon]: Thanks

2009-12-04 [Nioniel]: I'd Rather Be Naked!
Theme: Nude in the Candlelight!
Deadline: February 31st, 2009
18 years of age and older ONLY please <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

The theme "Autumn Nude" may now be removed.

2009-12-04 [Nioniel]: Thank you.

2009-12-04 [Cillamoon]: Your welcome.

2009-12-05 [Nioniel]: Colloquialisms: A Photo Contest
Deadline: March 5th, 2010

Thank you.

2009-12-06 [Linderel]: Due to a shortage of entries the deadline of Pick a Prompt 2 has been pushed to January 31st.

2009-12-07 [Cillamoon]: Got it, thank you!

2010-01-07 [Rook.]: Chi and Cil, I've got a contest, if you wouldn't mind putting it up.
The Deadline is February 28th2010
Cafe Rondine Storefront Contest!

2010-01-07 [Cillamoon]: Sweetness, will do!

2010-01-07 [Rook.]: Danke Cil :)

2010-01-07 [Eyden13]: I want to let you know that there is nolonger a deadline on the contest for Eyden's characters

2010-01-07 [Cillamoon]: Oh? Okay, you got it.

2010-01-27 [sweet.tx.tea]: On a String hosted by [Cillamoon] and [sweet.tx.tea]: Deadline: 5-27-2010. Thanks!

2010-01-27 [Cillamoon]: Thanks love!

2010-01-27 [sweet.tx.tea]: *salutes* No prob, Bob!

2010-01-27 [Cillamoon]: Bob? WTF? I am not BOB! LMAO! XD

2010-01-27 [Cillamoon]: Oh and *salutes* at ease Captain!

2010-02-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: My cutest pet poll has ended and is now open for vote here, --->Cutest pet poll

2010-04-02 [*Phoenix*]: I have a contest!
Wish Upon a Star Contest
No deadline set yet

2010-06-19 [sweet.tx.tea]: show me your POKER face Round 2. Deadline: August 18, 2010.

Hosted by [sweet.tx.tea].


2010-06-21 [Nioniel]: I'd Rather Be Naked! Deadline extended to July 30th.

2010-06-21 [Cillamoon]: Thank you, as you can see I'm updating so any others you may want please let me know. :)

2010-06-21 [Nioniel]: Umm....
Photography 365 under "no deadline," please.

2010-06-21 [sweet.tx.tea]: On A String Relaunched: 6-27-2010!
Deadline: 12-27-2010! Thank you!

2010-06-21 [Cillamoon]: Should I place Photography 365 here even though it isn't a contest?

2010-07-15 [Nioniel]: I'd Rather Be Naked! extended to July 31st! (I know, it's only one more day, but :P )

2010-07-16 [Nioniel]: Colloquialisms: A Photo Contest
- By [Nioniel] - Deadline: August 20th, 2010

2010-07-17 [Cillamoon]: Done and Done

2010-07-17 [Nioniel]: Thankies!

2010-07-27 [Eyden13]: Hey my contest has a deadline of three entries.

2010-07-29 [sweet.tx.tea]: I'd be happy to help with this, if help is needed. :D

2010-07-29 [Nioniel]: I think it's pretty much covered now, but [Chimes] is the one in charge. ^^

2010-07-29 [Chimes]: Me? In charge? :P I'm the slacker. Sheep, m'dear feel free to help.

And suddenly I've turned this into a game of 'who can get there first?' :P

2010-07-29 [Nioniel]: It's your hat, it makes you look important. :P

2010-07-29 [sweet.tx.tea]: *smirks and tips a stolen hat?*

2010-07-29 [Nioniel]: Ooooh, look how shiny and important Jane looks now! :P

2010-07-29 [Chimes]: *gets authoritative* Official page, move the chat. Pleases. :P

2010-08-20 [*Phoenix*]: Um. Looks like my previous got ignored so I'll say it again:
I have a contest!
Wish Upon a Star Contest
No deadline set yet

2010-08-20 [Nioniel]: *added it*

2010-08-20 [*Phoenix*]: Thankies. ^_^

2010-08-20 [Nioniel]: mhm.

2010-08-25 [*Phoenix*]: My contest's being featured!!!!!!??? O.O YAY!

2010-08-25 [Chimes]: All contests that go on here get featured. :P That's the point of this page. All contests that are listed on this page get put onto the Mainstreet Calendar, hence MC, in the hopes of getting them more entrants. It's a nifty little device. :P So every time you host a contest comment here and we'll feature it. :] It'll randomly appear on the right hand column thinger, underneath the search.

2010-08-25 [*Phoenix*]: I know what the MC is (and basically everything you just said), but my contest hadn't been put up yet and now it is so I was excited..........Way to crush my excitedness.....

2010-08-25 [Nioniel]: No crushing, just explaining. :P

2010-08-26 [Chimes]: I thought you didn't understand, what with the... punctuation. :P Sorries!

2010-08-28 [*Phoenix*]: lol. It's okay. *hugs [Chimes]* I was kinda teasing, too. I was just excited. ^^

2010-09-11 [Eyden13]: My old constet is complete and now I've got a new theme and entry number:
Eyden's Characters - 5 entries
Theme: Nicole Rád

2010-09-13 [Cillamoon]: Your change has been made, thank you.

2010-09-14 [Eyden13]: I've got two contest at Pubs, Guiness, and The Irish Luck Contest, ones for art the other poetry.

2010-09-20 [Nioniel]: [Eyden13]; your contest has been added.

2010-10-11 [Lothuriel]: Deadline Jan 1, 2011

2010-10-11 [Cillamoon]: Thank you, it has been added.

2010-10-11 [Lothuriel]: You are most welcome and thank you!

2010-10-12 [Cillamoon]: You are quite welcome :)

2010-12-29 [Nioniel]: The deadlines for all contests with deadlines hosted in 2010 have passed. If you wish to extend the deadlines of any of those competitions, please comment here with all of the contest information.

2011-01-01 [Linderel]: Could you please set the deadline for Pick a Prompt 2 at March 8 and for A Poet's Vision at June 1? Thank you. :3

2011-01-04 [Cillamoon]: Nioniel, would you be so kind as to move all of the ones that I had posted to the "Deadline by Entry" area? I would appreciate it very much, thank you. I've had no recent activity but would love for them to be there in case participation picks back up around here.

2011-01-04 [Chimes]: Also, the EPRM shouldn't be here, to quote the wiki: "These are unofficial contests run by Elftown members."

2011-01-04 [Nioniel]: Lami - All set! :)
Cilla - Done :)
Chimes - Removed them. Only added them because of a forum post made by (I think) Silvie, stating that official events belonged on the Mainstreet Calander.

2011-01-04 [Chimes]: Yeah. I think they go on the actual calendar but not on this page. :)

2011-01-04 [Nioniel]: Good to know! :D

2011-01-15 [Captain Rachel Black]: GAGA theme contest "Teeth" deadline May 1st 2011. :) Thanks Loves.

2011-02-05 [Cillamoon]: Thank you Nioniel!

2011-02-06 [Nioniel]: :D
You're welcome.

2011-02-27 [Kuramasgirl]: Hello! Kura's Color Contest is up and running again with the new theme color as Lavender and the deadline for April 2, 2011. Thank you! :)

2011-02-28 [Nioniel]: Gotcha. :)

2011-03-18 [Alexi Ice]: The Slave Trade - Banner contest - Deadline: 2011-05-31
Hosted by: [Alexi Ice]
Banner contest for The Slave Trade

2011-03-21 [Nioniel]: *added*

2011-03-21 [Alexi Ice]: Thank you <3

2011-04-02 [Kuramasgirl]: Hullo! Kura's Color Contest has extended its deadline to the 17th of April due to lack of entries/people needing more time. Thank you! :)

2011-04-03 [Nioniel]: Gotcha.

2011-04-07 [Rice]: Is it alright if I add Preaching Poetry to the list? It's reopened but I just wanted to check I was allowed to edit this page. Don't wanna get bricks thrown at me? x3

2011-04-07 [Rice]: Alrighty I've got Preaching Poetry that has begun today and ends on the 7th of June. :D

2011-04-07 [Nioniel]: I wouldn't have thrown bricks at you, but yes, it is best for you leave a comment. I'll add it, do we have a theme? :)

2011-04-07 [Rice]: Just messages ya darlin! It's 'Loss.'

2011-04-17 [SilverFire]: All things 80's Cartoons Contest by [Lady of Lore] probably shouldn't be featured, since she hasn't been seen in nearly 300 days...

2011-04-17 [Rice]: I'll remove it! CB

2011-05-03 [kians mummy]: [Thunder Cid] i can not advetise on here, as mine is not an official wiki

2011-05-03 [kians mummy]: GAGA@wiki] - Deadline: 2011-06-01
Hosted by [Captain Rachel Black]

Theme: Teeth
[featuring until deadline]

why has this been taken off when its not been the deadline yet

2011-05-03 [Nioniel]: The deadline was mistyped on this page. If you read CRB's comment and the deadline on gaga, the deadline passed on May 1st.

2011-05-03 [Thunder Cid]: "These are unofficial contests run by Elftown members."

2011-05-03 [kians mummy]: ok hun

2011-05-05 [kians mummy]: can you add this

Death poetry competition - 20 entries
[kians mummy]

2011-05-05 [Nioniel]: Added.

2011-05-05 [Nioniel]: You can't edit this page anyway. ^^

2011-05-05 [kians mummy]: oh yeah, lol

2011-05-06 [Lothuriel]: Just for clarification, All things 80's Cartoons Contest is mine as well. :/ It is part of the All Things 80's wiki. 

2011-05-18 [Mortified Penguin]: chess tournament (no current deadline)

2011-05-18 [Rice]: I put it up. :)

2011-05-18 [kians mummy]: hay, where is mine

2011-05-18 [Chimes]: In the deadline by entry number section. :)

2011-05-18 [kians mummy]: ok x

2011-05-31 [Alexi Ice]: The slave trade - Banner contest deadline has been changed to 08/01/11!

2011-05-31 [Nioniel]: Added. :)

2011-05-31 [Alexi Ice]: Thank ya'!

2011-06-01 [Lord Josmar]: Support Our Council banner contest
Deadline: June 30th, 2011
[Lord Josmar]

2011-06-01 [Linderel]: The deadline for A Poet's Vision has been extended to August 8th.

2011-06-01 [Rice]: I'll add them now. :)

2011-06-01 [Captain Rachel Black]: GAGA's contest 'Teeth' has been changed from a date deadline to a 10 entry goal deadline.

2011-06-02 [Cillamoon]: Where the Apple Fell, Deadline: 31st of September 2011, by [Cillamoon]

2011-06-03 [Rice]: There is no 31st of September so I put 30th. Is that okay?

2011-06-03 [Cillamoon]: Yes, thank you.

2011-06-08 [Kuramasgirl]: Hullo again! :3 Kura's Color Contest is having a Turquoise edition and the deadline is July 3rd. Thank you!

2011-06-08 [Nioniel]: Added! Thank you!

2011-06-22 [Mystin]: Within My Soul deadline is August 5th, 2011.

2011-06-22 [Rice]: Posted, was I correct with the theme?

2011-06-22 [Mystin]: Yep! Thanks!

2011-06-22 [Rice]: I'll add it to the calender now. ;)

2011-06-22 [Mystin]: ^_^

2011-06-24 [Kuramasgirl]: Hullo, just wanted to let you know Kura's Color Contest's deadline has been extended to July 22nd, due to a lack of entries and need for more time for some. Thank you. :)

2011-06-24 [Alexi Ice]: Hey! My birthday ~ <3 Maybe I should enter? Too bad I have no talent for that sort of thing

2011-06-24 [Kuramasgirl]: Bah, I'm sure you'd do fine! :D Give it a shot. There's no harm in it! And happy early birthday! <3

2011-06-24 [Alexi Ice]: I defiantly will! And thank you!!

2011-06-25 [Rice]: Done. :)

2011-06-27 [There Is No Cure]: Could you please add The literal competition for the date of August first?

2011-06-28 [Nioniel]: Added. :)

2011-07-08 [Cillamoon]: Guys, can you change my deadline for Where the Apple Fell to October 31st please? Current theme is 1930's Glamor. Thank you!

2011-07-15 [Nioniel]: *done*

2011-07-18 [Cillamoon]: Thank you! :)

2011-08-01 [Lord Josmar]: Would you please add Get Josmar Inked!? Currently no deadline.

2011-08-01 [Rice]: Done!

2011-08-01 [Cillamoon]: Photography Jousting - Deadline is sign-up based as there are frequent contests circulating. Could you also put Keyword Photography Competition under the same, sign-up based please? Thank you! Both are hosted by myself.

2011-08-01 [Cillamoon]: Thank you!

2011-08-01 [Nioniel]: :)

2011-08-05 [kians mummy]: death poetry competition Dealine 7 entries, please can you put this on for me, thanks :)

2011-08-06 [kians mummy]: Isn't mine going on? :)

2011-08-06 [Nioniel]: *added*

2011-08-06 [kians mummy]: Thanks

2011-08-14 [kians mummy]: death art competition
Deadline: 8 entries

2011-08-14 [Nioniel]: Done. :)

2011-08-16 [Linderel]: Oh I forgot to leave a note here <_< A Poet's Vision has had its deadline extended again, to October 8.

2011-08-16 [kians mummy]: I have one question and another note.

1. How come my wiki is not displayed?

2. The death poetry competition is now back open again. :)

2011-08-16 [Rice]: 1. Which wiki?

2. The Death Poetry Competition is already up in the 'Deadline by Entry Number' section.

2011-08-16 [kians mummy]: death art competition
Deadline: 8 entries

But the number of entries is not displayed.

2011-08-16 [Rice]: I've put that one up and updated the poetry competition one, they are both 8 entries right?

2011-08-17 [kians mummy]: Yes

2011-08-17 [Rice]: Done then. :D

2011-08-17 [kians mummy]: thanks :D

2011-08-18 [Blaithin]: Holiday Cheer Greetings Contest Open now, Deadline November, 30, 2011. Hosted by me. Thanks muchly :)

2011-08-18 [Nioniel]: *added*

2011-08-18 [Linderel]: *ahem*

2011-08-18 [Nioniel]: Oh! Sorry, Lami! :O I'll do it now. Got lost in the comments.

2011-08-18 [Rice]: Added it for you, I didn't see it as well. D8

2011-08-18 [Nioniel]: Or [Rice] will, because she got there first. :P

2011-08-18 [Rice]: Mwa ha ha ha.

2011-08-18 [Nioniel]: Did you update Mainstreet? :)

2011-08-18 [Rice]: Just did.

2011-08-18 [Nioniel]: <3

2011-11-02 [Cillamoon]: Mel could you add 10 Days of Photography to the sign up based section please? Thank you!

2011-11-02 [Nioniel]: Sure. :)

2011-11-21 [Linderel]: Please to add Lovecraftian Art Contest with the deadline of Feb 1, 2012? Thank you. <3

2011-11-26 [Linderel]: *prod* Hello? :o

2011-11-26 [Mortified Penguin]: Sup?

2011-11-26 [Nioniel]: Sorry! Added. :3

2011-12-11 [Nioniel]: You said that you were leaving and I've been working to clear this out for the new year. Yours was not the only thing removed, others who have not been active/have left the site also had theirs removed. Still working to sort it out. :)

2011-12-12 [Nioniel]: Whatever. :)

2011-12-12 [Blaithin]: You know Sammie... for someone wanting Elftown to be more active you're sure being a protagonist to some of the most active members :P

2011-12-12 [Rice]: [kians mummy], if you're back we'll put the competitions back up as well, but please take your personal issues else where.

2011-12-12 [kians mummy]: I'm back x

2011-12-12 [Rice]: What competitions were removed? I'll put them back up.

2011-12-12 [kians mummy]: Death Art Competition@wiki] - Deadline: 8 Entries
Hosted by [kians mummy]
[has not been featured]

Death Poetry Competition - Deadline: 8 Entries
Hosted by [kians mummy]
[has not been featured]

Why haven't they been featured, everyone else has, but mine, that isn't fair.

2011-12-12 [Nioniel]: Not everything's a conspiracy, sometimes it just takes time to get around to things. I've been working on this page to get everything up on Main Street, but it takes time.

2011-12-12 [Nioniel]: I just answered that. O.o

2011-12-12 [kians mummy]: Comp playing up :)

2011-12-12 [kians mummy]: So will you please put mine back up x

2011-12-12 [Rice]: Ah, it's already done. ^_^ Thanks Nio.

2011-12-12 [Nioniel]: Yep. :)

2011-12-29 [Zab]: Creature art contest by [Zab] and deadline 29 jan 2012 :)

2011-12-30 [Nioniel]: Gotcha. :D

2011-12-30 [Zab]: Thank you :)

2011-12-30 [Nioniel]: No problem. ^^

2012-01-26 [Ravendust]: Shh! Secrets
Hosted by [Ravendust] and [MyAlterEgo]

No deadline currently

2012-02-01 [Linderel]: Lovecraft has had its deadline extended to the 29th.

2012-02-01 [Rice]: Okay. :)

2012-02-12 [Zab]: Creature Art Contest has a new round! :) Closing march 15. This time it's a wolf-reindeer creature ;)

2014-08-11 [Nioniel]: A number of contests were moved to MC - Idle Contests.

2021-11-23 [gdm413229]: MEOA Promotional Art Contest
Hosted by [gdm413229]
No deadline set as of yet

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