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Crying Destiney

Members in Party

Expansion for A New Hope: Expansion

1. Name: [G:/enesis~]
  Character's Name: Warfox
 was a soldier in the United Nations most Elite unit, became one of the best, and then was discharged for disobeying a direct order from his officer to leave behind 120 innocent civilians to be slaughtered by the enamy. Most cities know his name, and know of the bad actions he's made.
The United Nations now wish for him to die, as for he knows to much information about their wrong doings, and is considered too dangerous to live.
  What is your Journey for?: is traveling around, trying to find information about the Nosam's, so he can bring back one close to him.
(this is what he looks like.)

<img:>Warfox's Banshee

2. Name:[Heartless_Angel]
  Character's Name: Fou
  History: Fou is mainly a wanderer..He used to be part of things but after the deeath of his family he seeks revenge...and the knowedge of what his family truly is drives him to kill those who might be after him.
  What is your Journey for?: Revenge of his family and knowledge of his family's secrets.


3. Name:[dead~spirit]
  Character's Name:Tafia
  History:is a soldier in the United Nations most Elite unit, and is the best that they have. He was the experiment of the United Nations latest technology, and a success at that. Years of science and millions of dollars were spent on him. when the scientist tested him, they were amazed by thier results.. a break through, they created the next evolution of human. after attempting the test 15 more times and failing, the project was shut down. His hair changed from black to a long sky blue color. It is said by some that he is mentally unstable, becuase he hears voices, but others believe that due to him ascending, he can hears the voice of the earth. After Warfox left, Tafia slayed the entire unit, and was given a black envelope from a Nosam. inside were his new orders...Hunt down and kill Warfox.
  What is your Journey for?: to complete his mission.
(this is what he looks like.)



4. Name:[Averon]
  Character's Name: Tarron Vallon
  History: Yet another experiiment by the UN but this one was to create the perfect assassin. Yet he was genetically altered in almost every way imaginable. He stands about six foot five the scients found in doing so Tarron cound fire a rifle while standing and have much better accuracy. Tarrons purpose was to kill anyone and everyone that the UN told him to, but as everyone eventually does he questioned thier judgment and left. Later he systematically killed everyone involved in the project so that they would produce no more of him.
  What is your Journey for?: To find what it means to live a free life, to make your own decisions.

And by popular


5. Name: [crowfeather]
  Character's Name: Crimson (original birth name: Omiko [translates to "flower" in japanese])
  History: At a young age she was forced to witness the slaughter of her entire family and was left for dead. The murder of her family was due to the fact that her father was a computer programer who had stumbled across some hidded files dealing with a particular government project. Her father had taught all of his children to write and read in various computer languages instead of english.Growing up on the streets and wandering from place to place she learned various deadly arts and was a thief in order to survive.
  What is your Journey for?: To attempt to locate those that were in charge of ordering the destruction of everything she knew.
(sketch of what she looks like)

Name: Nanashi (Gloria Stevens)
Age: unknown (appears to be late 20s)
Weapon (s) of choice: knives, katana, sword
Appearance: Average height toned tan skinned young woman with mid-back length dark brown hair and blue eyes. Normally wearing a black short sleeved backless top which shows an intricate back tattoo which is a large cross with runic writing and on her lower back an Asian style dragon which wraps around the lower part of the cross, jeans/ cargo pants, combat boots. There are a few scars on her from various fights or just from her being bored.
Personality: To most who first meet her, Nanashi is a bit chaotic and psychotic all wrapped up in a very attractive and flirtatious female form. It is not known what side she is on or if she has a side other then her own due to the fact that at one moment you could be getting yourself beat up one moment then in bed with her the next. Due to events in her past she enjoys pain and to give it back at a larger amount to whoever gave it to her. Once past the insane and questionable exterior, you discover a very calm and amazingly level headed woman who has a bubbly personality. She only allows her true self to show to those that she loves… if she lets anyone that close to her…
Past: Originally a young wife to a military soldier, she tragically lost her husband in a war then two years later lost their only child who died from an illness that was spreading through their home city. In an act of vengeance and perhaps madness she ended up changing her identity and ended up the way she is currently.


6. Name: [Furor Scribendi]
  Character's Name: Ailith
  History:A mercenary, she stumbles on the identity of her lover ("One of them," she spits), discovering that his feelings for her were processed, merely a way of retrieving information from her. She barely escapes death as he tries to expunge her.
  What is your Journey for?: "Find him. Exterminate him. Live happily ever after."

(This is what she looks like::)


7. Name: [snowwolfsa]

characters name: Snowolf

Backround: A former pilot for the United States Navy, before he was transfered to speacial forces for the Nato... this of course back before the nuclear inciodent by the red tear faction, he had a friend.. a close friend who served with him in the nato speacial forces, but they where in diffrent squads, so where easily seperated after the red tear faction inciodent, Snowolf , was badly injured during this time, an was taken in by an old man. who in his prime was a great scientist, it didnt take long for the Nosam's to convinscate all the old mans work, except one, a sword, a two handed katana, that was diffrent then any other sword currently known, the old man intrusted this sword to Snowolf, just before he was killed,he told snowolf, that once masterd, the sword would prove very usefull, with the technology the old man had added on, now

Whats your journy for?:Snowolf wanders, searching for anyone from his team, that might have survived.
(this is what he looks like)


New look after his training at Shao Khan

go here to see a picture and info of the jet he flys!

Character Name: Arianna
Backround: she is the Nosam's top assassin, she very skilled with her double blades, not much else is known about her backround...

(this is what she looks like)

Character Name: Angelo

Backround: Angelo is the prize creation of the United Nations, he is the Vertion 4 cyborg.. the only of his kind, he has A.I. an is made to look human, he can act an think for himself, an has an extreamly greater power then the vertion 3, in many ways he is the perfect cyborg, however, his A.I. was a mistake, he betrayed the UN an Nosams, now, free on his own, he is a new kind of evil

Journy for: To wipe human kind from existance!

(this is what he looks like)


[Updated]for A New Hope

Player: [dead~spirit]
Character Name: Darkfire

Backround: In the U.N.'s last days of power, they soon realized that Tafia posed more of a threat then the Nosams. They quickly were able to gather up all information regarding Project zero, including the information on Tafia's genetic's, and blood line. In hopes of defeating Tafia, they created a Geneticly altered Atolincian. This enhanced super soldier, was part human, and part Atolincian. The U.N. formed a new species of nano bots, known only as Xindifer cells. They used these cells to create a new armored plateing that would hold up against any of Tafia's plasma, or nano energy attacks. This armor was installed directly into the super soldiers body, forming a natural black metalic armor around his body and forming a pair of synthetic wings. a side affect that the U.N. was not expecting was that the super soldier was also able to make his own nano/plasma energy attacks that turned out to be stronger then Tafia's. Seeing success in this super soldier, they placed him in a Chrono pod, and set it for the date 2027, until they could get the go ahead to launch him from their superiors.. Two days later the U.N. was demolished by Tafia, and Angelo, the pod however layed untouched..under the surface of Atolincia in a top secret research lab. As the time finally came, the super soldier was awaked, and was briefed by a Halographic computer agent. The briefing went as followed..

Briefing: "By the time you may be recieving this, the U.N. may be destroyed.. Tafia, our own creation, has set out on a fiery to end us all. He turned on us, along with the Nosams. There is another project for you to complete after Tafia's death, or along the way.. His name is Angelo. He has set out to destroy the entire human existance. Dark fire, the must be are our last hope."

Journey for: To Hunt down and kill Tafia and Angelo.



Character's Name:Tafia

History:(see Crying Destiney Part One for further background on the character.)

After the last battle with Angelo, Tafia decided it was best if he went on his own again, never being a good team player. He set off to try and make things right after all of his wrong doing's. As he travels along, he search's harder and harder to find who he is inside, but seems to have no luck. As time goes on, he slowly looses faith, and starts to become dark...darker then he has ever been before. His soul slowly decaying away and replacing with hatred, he is becoming that which he has tried to avoid.

What is your Journey for?: To find out who he really is, and his meaning for life.
(this is what he looks like.)


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