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2006-12-16 21:29:56
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mm world domination tour presents...

Maria Magdelena in Belgium - Leuven!

Maria Magdalena visited [earthkynd] in Belgium, at first she did some sightseeing but than she discovered something..
Repression, hate, neo-nazism,...
She decided to fight back!
Yes people, Maria Magdalena visited the Leuven anarchists, lived in the squat Villa Squattus Dei and threw bricks at cops!

PS I hope your internet explorer automatically makes the images look smaller when you open 'em because they're really goddamn BIG!

In front of the St. Pieterskerk in Leuven (Saint Peter's church).

MM and the city hall..

Somekind of important building with lots of camera's on it..

Villa Squattus Dei, the nicest and longest existing squat in Leuven! (this picture was taken a while ago.)

MM and the tree in front of the squat

Walking up the stairs to enter Villa Squattus Dei..

Maria Magdalena and "her" room.. :p

Puppet Maria and Puppet Jos; a romance in the squat!

A view from the balconry.

I really told her to stay of the booze, believe me!

All arrows pointing at MM..
Strange drawings on squat walls..

Chilling in the sofa.

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2006-12-16 [Teufelsweib]: geweldig!!! :D

2006-12-16 [earthkynd]: Huzaa!

2006-12-16 [Teufelsweib]: Maria is wel aan het kraken geslagen :P

2006-12-16 [Jitter]: Yay!

2006-12-17 [Teufelsweib]: aren't they awesome? :D

2006-12-17 [Armina]: they are cooooool! =D

2006-12-18 [Ishje]: has she allready been in londen? I am planning to go to londen in spring ^^ she can go with me...
and me and [Augy] want to go to greece in summer ^^ she can also come with us then :D

2006-12-18 [Teufelsweib]: MM in England :P
she's already all booked during the summer, and I want to keep her free for in case I'm going somewhere...
but thanks very much for the offer! ^^

2006-12-18 [earthkynd]: waarom was dat in het engels? dat was zo een vraag van een dutchie aan een dutchie..
rare mensen :p

2006-12-18 [Teufelsweib]: niet echt aan gedacht XD
ach, 't is een wiki dat meerdere mensen bekijken dan alleen dutchies ;)

2006-12-18 [earthkynd]: jaaaah, maar aangezien die mensen geen MM tourdatum insiders zijn, en wij allemaal gemaaaane fasco's zijn vindt ik toch dat er voor zo'n dingen nederlands moet worden gepraat <img:44166_1164557382.gif>

2006-12-19 [Teufelsweib]: er zijn wel niet nederlanders die deze wiki hebben bekeken hoor :P

maar vooruit, omdat het uiteindelijk jouw tripje met Maria was mag hier nederlands gepraten worden :P

2006-12-19 [earthkynd]: jeeeeeuj =D

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