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2006-10-26 12:20:18
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Maria in Helsinki

Miss Maria came for a short visit here in Helsinki, and stayed with me, [Linderel], a couple of days. I managed to take some pictures, though in the end, they were very few, since clearly I should learn to use my camera a bit better. <_<
I even almost lost her, and feared it would be the end of her travels - how sad would that be? ;_; - but then, she'd merely hopped from her bubblewrap suit onto the floor, apparently in need of some air. Aside from that incident, I never took her out of the wrap, worried that she might go into pieces. o_O
Anyways, here some pictures.








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2006-10-26 [Teufelsweib]: yaay! thanks lami ^^

2006-10-26 [Linderel]: ^_^

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