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2007-04-19 19:37:54
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Maria Magdelena in Greece - Alex/poli - Thess/niki - Ioannina
with [Jitter] :)


Maria in front of my and [Rochala]'s favourite tavern ^_^
Maria enjoying the view of the Aegean Sea
In front of a random Oyster/clam/fish tavern
A random street named after Rigas Ferraios
Fancy some greek coffee Maria? Maybe some Frappe? A cappuccino?
Looking at a Thessaloniki Map
Outside the Train station in Thessaloniki. The Other half was Flash-eaten
Maria In Thessaloniki's train station
[Theologa] her other half and Maria
A manually operated train wagon and Maria
Maria and her good pla Alexander the great (who's Macedonian hence Greek since Macedonia is in Greece :P
Maria in front of a blurry White Tower in thessaloniki.
Mmm Greek cuisine ^^
MM in my house
[Jitter], and Maria


Maria on the bus to ioannina
Night in the city ;p
Hotel view
Outside the Castle
Maria at the lakeside road

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2007-04-19 [Teufelsweib]: whoa and whoots! =D

2007-04-19 [Jitter]: Preparing major pic spam of the rest of my week there. Unfortunately i forgot Maria in the hotel most of the time T_T

2007-04-19 [Teufelsweib]: oh well, it's your honeymoon, not maria's XD
that will be so awesome, I love you =3

2007-04-19 [Jitter]: :) It's always nice to view new places whether Maria is in or not no? :D and She'll be travelling back to you soon ^_^

2007-04-19 [Teufelsweib]: I'm missing maria, yes.. :) but it seems that she's having an awesome time!

2007-04-19 [Jitter]: yeah and she'll have company in the envelope ;p *looks around*

2007-04-21 [Teufelsweib]: :O <3 you're too kind for me =3

2007-04-22 [Jitter]: ;p :3

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