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2006-07-22 18:53:15
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Maria Magdelena in Turin!

July 2006 [Iuna] brought my chick Maria Magdelena to Turin, a city in northen Italy.

Comment about the trip by [Iuna]:
- I [Iuna] took Maria Magdalena with me to Turin. She enjoyed it very much, as you can see, she had friends with her! Say hello to the Wuppies! Maria Magdalena went to the Po and a Pizza restaurant  She didn't eat a pizza though.. Do you like the pictures and do you know [Teufelsweib] and do you want to have fun with Maria Magdelena, don't hesitate and ask [Teufelsweib]!
*waves* [Iuna]

Maria and two wuppies in the car to Italy. (yes, Maria is in bad condition :P)

Clearer pic of Maria Magdelena and the wuppies.

Maria Magdelena and an Italian pizza cart, in a restaurant.

clearer one of the cart.

Maria Magdelena and a pizza margherita XD

maria magdelena and an Italian street called 'Via Aquila' (long story, don't bother :P)

maria magdelena and the river the Po, that flows right through Turin.

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2006-07-24 [Saray]: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD

2006-07-24 [Teufelsweib]: don't you just love it :P

2006-07-26 [Iuna]: I do!

2006-07-31 [evil beavle]: Me to!

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