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2007-01-18 14:43:44
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Maria came to Wales to visit [sequeena_rae]! :D

Lucius and Maria. Don't they make such a cute couple?

Err...Yeah. Maria + a window + rain = Random.

Omg what are these photos xD *doesn't really remember*

Lisa loves Maria XP

I confess that I got Maria drunk ._. >:D

Maria in the wine glass xD

Maria with the swans! :D

Maria in Jesus's home :3 See Memoirs of a Nun's banner for a full image :P

Me and Maria in front of the tree of doom XD

I got rid of the other photo, and replaced it with this. Maria + cleavage = RAWR! XD!!!

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2007-02-13 [starry_bellend]: Om showing me up for the nonce I am!! Om will not stand for this lmao!

2007-02-13 [sequeena_rae]: Well sit down then lmao!

2007-02-13 [starry_bellend]: Om wait untill ive finished with this child!

2007-02-13 [sequeena_rae]: Om all right then *waits patiently*

2007-02-13 [Teufelsweib]: om not you two in a wiki of mine! xD

2007-02-13 [starry_bellend]: *wipes mouth of child* ok finished!

2007-02-13 [sequeena_rae]: Om am in wiki [Teufelsweib]! Om taking over the world lmao!

*piles on* AVE IT!

2007-02-13 [starry_bellend]: Om yes! Get ready for us world lmao

2007-02-13 [Teufelsweib]: om no ;_; om I never want to be locked up in the same room as you two :P

2007-02-13 [starry_bellend]: Om pissing self!

2007-02-13 [sequeena_rae]: Om do [Teufelsweib] just so you can be near my cleavage lmao!

2007-02-14 [Teufelsweib]: om I would do anything to be near your cleavage but om not THAT! XD

2007-02-14 [sequeena_rae]: Om lying! XD

2007-02-14 [Teufelsweib]: om never lying! :O om am nice girl :P om *pissing*

2007-02-14 [starry_bellend]: Om hath never heard om having its useage so many times in one use!!

2007-02-14 [sequeena_rae]: Om overusing the om FFS! *spanks* XD

2007-02-14 [starry_bellend]: Lmaoo! Om always overusing it every day Sar om hypocrites lmao

2007-02-14 [sequeena_rae]: Om different though o.O

It's got to the point of 'Om jipping Bern' to her face! XD

2007-02-14 [starry_bellend]: lmfaoo! Ini mun! Om the mods ARE taking over!

2007-02-14 [sequeena_rae]: Om definitely :P

2007-02-15 [Teufelsweib]: om...

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