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2006-03-07 00:55:17
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HELLO!!!!! If your here that means to me that you either like, or have seen the movies, of the great and mighty MONTY PYTHON!!!!!! This is a wiki page especcially made for talking about Monty python, there are a few rules,

[ 1 ] no swearing
[ 2 ] ....well thats about it so..... have fun!!!

And here goes the

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2. [Moved to] (co-owner)
3. [Aegiss] (co-owner)
4. [offspring1014]
5. [Violet Rain]
6. [The Alchemist]
7. [Anthrax]
8. [Lady of Lore]

Some funny Montypython pics
Some funny Montypython quotes

check this out: go to this page:
and seek for "monty python goes lego". i swear you'll laugh your ass off.

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2006-01-15 [offspring1014]: yeah, i'm actually watching flying circus now. odd eh?

2006-01-15 [silent_voice]: kool, the spanish inquisition, "Talk or well make you sit in the comfy chair! Confess! Confess!" and then one of them confesses and the leader goes "NOT YOU!!"

2006-01-19 [offspring1014]: lol yeah i love it when John Cleese interviews them, and they're pretending to be little boys. But "The Upper Class Twit Of The Year" is amazing ^^

2006-01-20 [silent_voice]: lol i also like the ministary of silly walkes

2006-01-20 [offspring1014]: yeah! "A nods as good as a wink to a blind bat!" i like when they're in the court room, and its like charades

2006-01-21 [silent_voice]: lol yeah

2006-01-22 [offspring1014]: :D

2006-01-23 [silent_voice]: lol

2006-01-27 [offspring1014]: Monty Pytohn has such a huge following, which it totally deserves ^^

2006-01-27 [silent_voice]: yup

2006-01-28 [offspring1014]: ^^

2006-01-29 [silent_voice]: yer i dont know what to sy now?

2006-01-29 [offspring1014]: yeah, me ether lol... so.. how'd you become a MP fan, and who's your favorite 3 out of them?

2006-01-29 [silent_voice]: the one the only, john cleese, he cant do his walk anymore he did something to his back

2006-02-04 [offspring1014]: aww... NOO... :`(

2006-02-04 [silent_voice]: yer i know

2006-02-05 [offspring1014]: ...well Feb. 2. i forget, its either USA or TBS will play all of the monty pythons best ^^

2006-02-05 [silent_voice]: lol

2006-02-05 [offspring1014]: ^^ lol i thought maybe the members would like to know :D

2006-02-05 [silent_voice]: lol yeah

2006-02-06 [offspring1014]: :D

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