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Machines and nature


-Metsänhoitokoneet (literal translation: machines that tend the forest)
Machines for cutting down trees, cutting of their branches, also planting new trees.
(Human & machine vs. nature?)

-Machines built for farming, growing food, harvesting.
Machines replace animals (tractors instead of horses or ox) or act as middle-men between animals and humans (milking cows with machines instead of hands)
(Machines & nature serving humans?)

-Machines that nature has taken over or rendered useless
(Sunken ships, machines rusting in deserts or forests or even backyards)

-Machines are the strenght of humans, machines have amazing power that is controlled by humans (sometimes machines get out of control?) Nature's strenght can't be contolled.


From Suomen Luonto -magazine, issue August 2006
Translated from Finnish by [iippo]
Esa-Pekka Salonen:
"I think technology is an extension of nature, not a separate thing; in fact it is nature. The thought of completely sythetic life is impossible. In the end, everything is nature and it is very difficult to draw any lines. For example, a dandelion and a cellphone seem to be very far away from each other, but it really is a matter of resolution what they seem like. They are similar in basic, if you get close or far enough of them."

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