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2008-03-30 15:55:39
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Macro Contest


The idea for this photography contest is simple: you can depict anything, as long as it's a form of macro photography. (Check Macro if you're not sure about what macro photography is)

1) You must follow the uploading art rules
2) It must be a form of macro photography (= no landscapes etc.)
3) Computer manipulation is allowed but please don't overdo it.
4) Two submissions per person are allowed

5) Have fun and promote the contest! ^____^


December 20th: This contest is closed!


1st place: <img175*0:>  2nd place: <img175*0:>  3rd place: <img175*0:>                    
             [moira hawthorne]                                  [Iske]                                              [Aldalome]

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for entering!

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(Please use a <img250: tag when posting pictures)

1) [Janouk]  (temporary entries, just to give an idea)

a. <img250*0:img/drawing/15289_1128967696.jpg>
b. <img250*0:img/drawing/15289_1132506993.jpg>

2) [Citrine]

a. <img250*0:img/drawing/57131_1169602367.jpg>
b. <img250*0:img/drawing/57131_1174707782.jpg>

3) [moira hawthorne]

a. <img250*0:stuff/studded%201.jpg>
b. <img250*0:stuff/ICU.png>
'i see you'

5) [Cia_mar]

a. <img250*0:stuff/z/166146/Cia%2527s%2520work%2520pics/subway%20pics%20(26).JPG>
b. <img250*0:stuff/z/166146/cia%2527s%2520macro%2520pics/jewelry%20(15).JPG>

6a) [sequeena_rae]


7) [Skydancer]

a. <img250*0:stuff/4_15_04-0015.png>
b. <img250*0:stuff/8-20-0009.png>

8) [Artemis Management]

a. <img250*0:img/drawing/73632_1193872190.jpg>
b. <img250*0:img/drawing/73632_1193871519.jpg>

9. [Titanium Tiger]

a) <img250*0:>

10. [Quellealcar]


11. [Tickle Me Emo]

a. <img250*0:stuff/DSCN4583.JPG>
b. <img250*0:stuff/DSCN4884.JPG>

12. [Iske]


13. [Feasting on Needles]

a. <img250*0:stuff/tinyshroom.jpg>
NOTE: - Shows the actual size of the mushroom (Not an entry, fyi)

b. <img250*0:stuff/f34spider.jpg>

14. [~Cherry~]


15. [Kéioko Matsukaze]

a. <img250*0:stuff/z/67651/Kei%2527s%2520pics/i1196998244_1.jpg>
b. <img250*0:stuff/z/67651/Kei%2527s%2520pics/i1196998244_2.jpg>

16. [Daisy_Sandybanks]

a. <img250*0:stuff/OrangeAbstract.jpg>

b. <img250*0:stuff/GoldenWatch.jpg>

17. [Lite]

18. [Jitter]

a. <img250*0:stuff/gel.jpg>

b. <img250*0:stuff/oneringto.jpg>

19. -

*entry removed after request of contestant*

20. [Aldalome]

a. <img250*0:img/photo/121196_1198171143.jpg>

b. <img250*0:img/drawing/121196_1198171223.jpg>

This contest is closed!


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2007-11-10 [sequeena_rae]: Nooo :P Opinions are good :P

2007-11-10 [Janouk]: Love every entry! :o

2007-11-10 [Jitter]: Apparently other people at reference pictures don't think it makes sense either and since I can't explain it (yet) I will not insist x)

2007-11-10 [Cia_mar]: ok... thx

2007-11-14 [Skydancer]: Donating images for free use does not in anyway remove the copyrights of the original photographer. They still retain all rights to use, sell, give way or flaunt their work in any way they wish unless they give exclusive use rights to someone.

2007-11-14 [Janouk]: Other nice macro's can been seen at The macro-photography contest which took place in 2006.

2007-11-16 [Araglas]: oooh...pretty!

2007-11-16 [Artemis Management]: ^_^ I just got my macro lenses a couple weeks ago. Yesterday, I got my Cannon EOS Rebel XTi! <3 She's amazing!

2007-11-16 [moira hawthorne]: all 3 are lovely... but the rules say you are allowed 2

2007-11-16 [Araglas]: still they are amazing!

2007-11-16 [Artemis Management]: Hah! I think I am officially blind. Or, I cannot read. >.< Oops? And, thanksies!

2007-11-16 [Araglas]: ^_^

2007-11-16 [moira hawthorne]: I like B the best...

2007-11-16 [Araglas]: I liked the other one better

2007-11-16 [sequeena_rae]: I prefer A :D

2007-11-16 [Artemis Management]: *smiles* Thank you, as do I. That's why I left it. :P

2007-11-16 [Araglas]: Its good but the one with the center of the flower was better

2007-11-16 [sequeena_rae]: It's all subjective [Araglas] :P

2007-11-16 [Araglas]: I ^_^

2007-11-16 [Artemis Management]: *shrugs* I'm still debating on which ones to submit. :/

2007-11-16 [Titanium Tiger]: well I dont kno if you can see it but I put one up!!

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