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Tomblissai watched all of this happened, it was an amazing show of magical strength. She was relieved that this struggle was over. After the light had gone she ran to Lurcanios side, she would tell that he was fading but there was something, something inside of him that was letting him hold on my just a string. A light, the light that he had accidentally taken from Tomblissai all that time ago. Her light that she missed so desperately was within her reach again and for a fleeting moment she considered taking it back from him, but she knew than Lurcanio would die and Tomblissai owed him her life. She let the light stay in him, not knowing if she would every get another chance to retrieve it again. She whispered to him “Hold on just a little longer I’ll be back for you, I promise.” She could feel that the others were in danger and she needed to go to them. Lurcanio was strong and beside that he was arrogant and full of pride and dignity he would not want her to waste her strength sitting here with him because he was hurt even dieing. So she ran off to where she guessed the other would be. She flew threw the halls running as fast as she could, observing the carnage as she went. She rounded the last bend and came face to face with a golem. “Ohh bloody hell” she was already exhausted from the battle she had finished with the queen. She looked to Sari and than to Tenshi. “Time for some ass kicking I think.”

Firous smiled knowing that Tomb was behind her then she and Blaze attacked at the same time. Firous jumped up and attacked the head while Blaze barraled into it's body only for the golem to push Blaze back and throw Firous like a rag doll. She flew past Blaze as he reached out for her and missed. This golem was too strong. Blaze attemted to trip the golem with his tail but instead the golem grabbed it and started to pull him in. Blaze dug his talons into the floors and was slowly boing dragged back. He quickly contacted everyone, If it get's me too close it'll kill me. Use this opportunity to attack while it's hands are full! He seemed to dig his talons deeper and all his muscles started to bulge at the strain. He wouldn't be able to hold on much longer.

Sari jumped into action immediately. With a strong push from her hind legs, she leaped behind the golem, moving with as much agility as possible through the monster's legs, avoiding strong kicks from it that could have been fatal. She jumped onto it's leg, digging her claws into the rock of it's legs. She couldn't get a strong grip but she tried to focus and climb all the way to the eyes. She noticed the golem was concentrating on pulling in Blaze. That was agreat advantage. With newly resored hope, she climbed and climbed and climbed...

Tenshi smiled fleetingly at Tomblissai and called forth the power that she had discovered in Ammon-Ra as she fought with the vampires in this dank place. Summoning up the energy in the sword, she conjured as much water as possible, and with her own power, she attracted the water from the walls full of grime. Throwing as much urgency into the attack, she made the slowly growing bubble of water at the Golem's feet, and it slowly grew, engulfing the body, until it slowly followed Sari's climbing steps, slowing the Golem's movements. Naomi nodded her head, her eyes full of a golden glow, as she transferred energy to her mistress.
We will not be able to last much longer, this new magic is draining you
We must at least help Sari get to the eyes, and if it is slowed, then Blaze may be able to fight back. Tenshi concentrated as the water came to the arms, keeping the cold water away from Blaze as much as possible, and yet keeping hold of the Golem.

Firous slowly picked herself up off the floor and closed her eyes. She let the blue fire envelope her then after a moment it vanished. She opened her eyes and gripped her sword. As she took a step forward she noticed that one of her ribs was broken but she didn't have the energy to heal herself and still fight. She held onto her side with her left hand and walked next to Tenshi. She knew who was controling the water and smiled. She looked to Tenshi, "Do you know what happens to rock if y ou heat it really fast then cool it down?" She smiled widely, "It cracks." She lifted her sword with her right hand and the water around the golem started to boil rapidly. Firous made sure that Shari would not be burned as she supressed the heat close to Shari. She let that happen until she could no longer keep Shari safe then let the heat die quickly. Firous went to a knee and held herself up on the sword. She looked at Blaze and gave a weak smile as he pulled with more gusto. It was a stalemate between Blaze and the golem. All they could do was hope that the golem wouldn't let go of Blaze to get Shari.

Sari saw water below her. It was startling at first, but she came to realise it was Tenshi's magic. She smiled when it started to boil. That was Firous's. Of course, she needed all the help she could get if she wanted to reach those big red eyes. Now, less thinking and more climbing if she didn't want to get burnt. She was was on the golem's shoulder when it realised she was there. Keeping one hand on blaze, it reached for her. With a yelp, she leaped to it's other shoulder. Motivated by the pain in the rest of it's body, the golemstarted shaking, trying to ease off the pain and shake off Sari at the same time.

Tomblissai was about to make a run at the golem but suddenly felt a twinge, she had no idea what it was but it halted her for the most minor of times but it was something serious. Perhaps it was the prince, than again it could have been anything in this strange place. Tomblissai had an Idea thoe and looked up Sari she called “Sari” She withdrew one of her short swords. And tossed it up at her. “Go a step further and slice off it’s head! It doesn’t notice your there yet.”

Sari leaped in the air to grab the hilt of Tomblissai's sword. She knew it was one of the only things, if not the only thing, that could successfully cut off a golem's head. However, she just barely caught it with the tips of her claws. She nearly fell off the beast's shoulder but hung on using her free front leg and her two hind legs. She heaved herself up. Tomb's sword in hand, she turned back to her humanoid form to allow herself more agility. Aiming the tip of the blade at the short but thick peice of rock that served as it's neck, she rushed forward and pushed it into the Golem's neck. Seeing success, she made it go deeper and pulled it out to a side, causing a cut reaching to about the middle of the beast's neck.

Emrys emerges from the shadows. He turns around and notices the ongoing fight. Wanting to help he mutters a small comand, and the gollem the others are fighting slows down, as if it is moving through jello. He mutters to himself "Hope that helps". Starts shooting arrows at the gollem in an attempt to help the others. Becoming frustrated, he shoots a bolt of lightning, causing the gollem to go up in smoke. He looks over at the others, hoping he did something good.

Firous looks over at the new person and looses her concentration for a second. She was sweating heavily from the strain and quickly refocused her attention and mutter to Tenshi, "We have a guest..." Firous gritted her teeth and looked to Blaze, she wasn't sure if she could keep it up much longer.

Emrys trots to the others. "What can i do to help?"

Just as Sari was about to make a final blow on the golem, a lightning bolt apeared out of no where and blew it to a million pieces. Sari flew into the air and landed on the ground with a loud thud. Well, at least the golem was gone... Ignoring the new arrival, Sari turned to Tomblissai. "We must keep going before something else comes and finishes us all off. I'm sure there can be worse than a Golem..."

As the golem exploded Blaze threw himself in the way of the shattering stone to block it from hitting everyone. He looked to Firous then the new guy, Firous looked back to him as well, "How'd you get here anyway?" She was short of breath and she slowly went to Blaze's side to pull stone shards out of his side that had made it between the scales. As she pulled them out she healed them and continued to pull them out as she waited for an answer. "You guys go ahead, I need to finish with Blaze before we can go, but we can catch up easily." Just as she finished she pulled a particularly long shard that made Blaze quiver and a gushing, sucking sound could be heard as she pulled it out to let blood flow. She put her hand over it and the green fire came to her hand once again and the bleeding stopped. "You all should keep going, who knows how long the prince can last."

Emrys looks at the other. "I am sorry for startling you all. I came down here because i was kinda lost, and i just followed your trail down here. I heard the struggle, so i came to help. I am Emrys Brimeth" he said as he extended his hand to the one called Firous "and i hope i can be a valuable asset to your group."

Firous looked up at him and went to shake his hand then stopped and looked at her hand covered in blood. Best not to shake on dragons blood. She wiped the blood on her pants and re-extended her hand, taking his, "I'm Firous. Nice to meet you. Sorry I'm not in much of a mood to talk. Blaze is in pain." She then pulled her attention back to the dragon and pulled another shard and healing it with the healing fire. She takes a step back and looks him over, "Are you alright Blaze?" He looked back at her and nodded. She smiled and began to wipe her hands on her pants to clean them off.

Emrys walked over to where Firous was leaning over Blaze. "Um, if you would like, i could heal him. Not completely mind you, just enough to maybe stop the pain." He offered to Firous, looking at her for approval.

Firous looked at him with a posessiveness in her eyes, "I'm sorry but I don't trust anyone when it comes to Blaze. He'll be fine in a few minutes. No offense." She looked like she really didn't want to offend him, she just was too cautious when it came to Blaze. He is all that she has left.

Emrys nodded, "It is ok, he seems to be very important to you, so no offense taken, i can relate." As he said this he thought about his significant other back home. He shook off the memory "So, to where are we bound?" He directed this question to Firous, since she seemed to be the only one willing to talk to him.

"We are on our way to try and save Tomb's prince," she gestured to the spirit fondly, "this is her mission. We have decided to follow." She smiled as Blaze shook himself and looked to her, "It looks as though it's time to go. Blaze is better." The dragon seemed to smile but it only seemed more terrifying to see the array of teeth that were usually hidden away. Firous got on his back and held her sword by her side. "Shall we move forward now?"

"Yeah, just gimme a sec to... procure a ride" said Emrys. He turned and drew a few runes in a circular fashion on the floor, stood up, then muttered an incantaion. Suddenly the runes began to shine, and out of the center, a great white stag sprang forth. The runes dissapeared and the stag walked over to Emrys, who petted its head. He looked back at the others "This is Cadmon, he is my famliy's guadrian spirit, and my close friend" Cadmon seemed to smile at that. Emrys Got on Cadmon, and looked over to Firous.  "Shall we proceed?" he asked, and then moved aside so she and Blaze could lead the way.

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