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2011-04-07 05:03:38
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User: [shadow of darkness]

Name: Major Gesicht

Age: 49

Affiliation: Nazi

Rank (Nazi only): Sergeant

Gender: Male

Description (hair, body, clothes, etc.): His body is never same twice.

Training: Infiltration, espionage, hand to hand combat, chemical warfare(acids, poisons, etc etc)

Enhancement: Gesicht has the ability to shift his shape. The only problem is that he is incapable of taking the same form twice, not even his original form. An additional bonus of the enhancement is his ability to effectively remain ageless.

Dark Arts: No

Weapons: He has no chosen set of weaponry. He has been trained and is proficient with any number of both Nazi and rebel weaponry. He must in order to fulfill his role.

History: Major Gesicht is his assigned alias. He viewed this experimental procedure as being the perfect asset to his line of work. Though neither he, nor the scientists had any idea of the consequences of such an enhancement. After they told him the experiment had succeeded, he was ordered to prove it's effectiveness in the presence of his superior officers. He did not hesitate a moment, choosing to take the form of the General who authorized such an experiment. The shift was extremely painful, though he would not reveal such before his superiors. Satisfied that they had succeeded, he was told to be at ease. He nodded and attempted to return to his former state and was shocked to discover that he could not. After the briefest moment of panic, he had to be tranquilized or risk further harm to the facility and personnel. When he awoke, he realized he was still in the body of the General and focused on a person he had seen only in passing. As he was alone in the room, he let out a gasp of pain as he shifted his form. When those responsible came to check on him, they saw someone whom they had never met. And it was decided that he should be given a name, seeing as he would never look the same again. It was quite some time before they discovered that he couldn't take the form of others again, thinking at first that it was limited to just his own.

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2011-04-05 [Lord Josmar]: Give me a bit of a history and he will be good to go.

2011-04-05 [shadow of darkness]: yeah yeah I know lol

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