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2009-03-14 12:26:18
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The maple dragon project in 2007







<img300*0:>  <img300*0:>





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2009-03-31 [Rondel]: Whee, first comment, on a project like this? I'm amazed! I love what you've done with this piece, how can it be comment-less?!?!?

:) This looks like you were doing the carving as part of an exhibition -- is that the case? Some kind of demonstration day for your school or something? I just wondered, because I've done crafts (nothing so dangerous or requiring quite such close attention) at that kind of demonstration, and I know that it can be quite distracting, but it's a wonderful opportunity for the spectators who get to watch.

Regardless, extra kudos to you for completing a project of this sort with the added distraction of spectators. :) 

2009-04-02 [Alexi Ice]: That is really amazing!!!!!!!!

2009-06-12 [Maeve104]: Wow, cool! I've never tried wood sculpting but it looks like fun! Also, I love how your hair suddenly changes to bright red halfway through the pictures. hehe. I'm assuming it was a multiple day project. :)

2012-07-16 [Nyaah*]: (late reply) thank you all alot <3

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