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This is Wiki for all the Manson Lovers

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MarILyn MaNsOn LOVERS Members:
[G4RR3TT]Manson Is the best of the best(owner Of wiki)
[Kye Hatake] Manson is the best!!!!
[TheLoveSong]Manson Is so hott!
[Firelord] i'm the better of two evils
[Dark Angel of Dragons]
[Sister Insomnia]
[PR3++Y .L!++L3. C!G4R3++3]Manson is my 5th husband...Johnny Depp is the first...sorry Manson, i love you!!!
[Love . Riot . Kaboom] *sings Disposable Teens* i love you M. Manson
[Keyurg Kirosake] i want manson's body!
[fjdka] we're all stars now, in the dope show
[Drowning In A Daydream] Marilyn is my love
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2006-05-22 [Love . Riot . Kaboom]: LUCKY!!! I WANT THATTTTTT


2006-05-25 [Dark Angel of Dragons]: nio shit sharlock i've been to you house twice

2006-05-28 [G4RR3TT]: ok,.....its very quiet here.....nones talking.....HOWS EVRYBODYS LIFE BEEN GOIN!?

2006-05-28 [Firelord]: good

2006-05-28 [G4RR3TT]: thats good

2006-05-28 [Firelord]: luckily yes

2006-05-28 [Punkette]: Good good...just nothing to do in this stupid town...ughh

2006-05-28 [G4RR3TT]: lol

2006-05-29 [Punkette]: right..

2006-06-01 [PR3++Y .L!++L3. C!G4R3++3]: nothing to do here either

2006-06-01 [Punkette]: sounds like fun...

2006-06-01 [PR3++Y .L!++L3. C!G4R3++3]: oh, it is...jk

2006-06-02 [G4RR3TT]: I'm bored...and rebel u don';t have to get me soehting for my birthday...kk.....

2006-06-02 [PR3++Y .L!++L3. C!G4R3++3]: Grrrr...

2006-06-02 [G4RR3TT]: grrrr!

2006-06-02 [PR3++Y .L!++L3. C!G4R3++3]: grrr you

2006-06-02 [Firelord]: groar

2006-06-02 [PR3++Y .L!++L3. C!G4R3++3]: hey! groar you too! lol jk

2006-06-02 [Firelord]: it was my stomach

2006-06-02 [PR3++Y .L!++L3. C!G4R3++3]: LOL!!! well mine roared back at you! our stomachs are talking to each other.

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