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2006-04-13 00:25:17
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You can post pictures of manson or of yourself I don't care just don't steal the pictures and put them on your house or anyhting like that..


Ok these down here are from the ablum Mechanical Animals
Below here is all the pictures from the ablum AnitChrist Superstar

This ablum is golden age of grotesque (p.s. this is my favortie abum [G4RR3TT])


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2006-04-08 [Love . Riot . Kaboom]: i love it when he has 2 colors in his eyes... its so shemxy!!

2006-04-12 [crazybaby]: i loved his style in golden age

2006-04-12 [Love . Riot . Kaboom]: GOD I <3 HIS HAIR IN MECHANICAL ANIMALS... it was my fav style ^_____^

2006-04-13 [G4RR3TT]: Really I like that style in Mechainical Animals too but I also like his style in the golden age there both very very good

2006-05-05 [Love . Riot . Kaboom]: I agree

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