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User Name: [CuteCommander]

Character name: Maria Bortolotto

Mutant Name: Faro (italian for light)

Classification: X-Men potential candidate.

Abilities/powers: Maria's body has bio-luminescence - she is able to generate light from within her skin cells. She has been able to control this to the point where she can have them all completely off, all on at varying levels of intensity, or even light up different areas of her body. She can show colours anywhere within the visible light spectrum.

Sex: Female

Age/Date of Birth: 21 / 28th February

General appearance: Maria is 5'3" tall, with a curvaceous body type. Her skin has the slight olive tint of her Italian heritage, dark brown eyes, and a light brown shade to her hair which she usually has tied up on the top of her head in a high ponytail. Her skin is generally non-luminescent when not thinking about it, but occasionally her emotions can cause lights and colours to appear on her body.

Additional Appearance: Maria has never tried to mark her skin with piercings or tattoos, instead appreciating her body's own beauty. She tries to wear as little as possible so that she can show as much skin as possible, and generally wears tops that reveal her midriff and short skirts/shorts. In colder weather, she will still show off her legs as much as possible, as well as her arms.

Personality: Due to her own pleasure in her body, Maria has sometimes felt the jealousy of other girls and women, and so can sometimes be blunt and forward with other females when she first meets them. As with men, while she does enjoy them looking at her, she is reserved sexually. She loves to dance, swim, acrobatics - anything that allows her to show off what she feels is a wondrously beautiful body. In this way, she is a true narcissist.
Special Skills: She is a talented contemporary dancer, acrobat, and general all-round fitness.

Place of birth: New York
Weapon(s) of choice: Her body - she is a generally good melee fighter, and uses her bio-luminescence to confuse and blind her opponents.

Medical information: None

Brief History: Maria was the 4th child of Marco and Stefania Bortolotto of New York. She was always remarked at as a pretty girl as she grew up, but when she hit puberty she revealed that she had colourful flushes show on her skin. Her parents immediately took her to a hospital, who then transferred her to the Department of Biological Research at NYU. Experts found that she had been born with the ability of bio-luminescence - a trait most commonly found with sealife in darker parts of the ocean as well as squid and octopi. They determined that her genetic mutation was not life threatening, and in fact should be cherished.
With time, Maria was able to learn how to mostly control this biological boon, and she enjoyed dazzling people with the way she could make shapes and patterns light up on her body in different colours. After an attack by human purists, she studied self defence and by the age of 18 she was more than a match for any street-tough who tried anything with her.
She gained a reputation in her parents' neighbourhood as a protector of the good, and it was her reputation that garnered the interest of a pro-mutant scout, looking out for people with mutations who could be in danger from anti-mutant attacks. They approached her, warning her of the dangers that she could face, and asked her to find shelter with the X-Men. She agreed immediately.

Relatives: Her father (Marco), mother (Stefania), and three of her older brothers (Chris, Eugenio, and Alphie) still live in New York, while she has an older sister (Susanna) in the Napa Valley, California, and a younger brother (Marco Jr) in Milan, Italy.

How long your character has been in the mansion: About 6 months.

Current Attire: Pink string-strap top, light blue pyjama shorts.

Relationship chart:

Shana Grace Tilar: 4 - Faro's pissed her off. Can she mend this relationship?

Olexis Solnes: 5 - Just met the girl. Seemed a little odd. And what was that about being a psycho?

Timothy Maxwell: 3 - A floating telepathic skull?! And Faro had thought nothing could freak her out... 

Elizabeth Charms: 7 - Her team leader in their mission, she has a lot of respect for her.

Light Blackburn: 5 - Slightly off-hand with Maria, she wants to get the girl to cheer up. 

Sarah Criss: 6 - Seems cool enough, and she has some sweet powers. Friendly to Maria.

Justin Alphar: 6 - Cute guy. Maybe he'd like to take Maria out some time?

Valerie K. Sprouse: 7 - Hung out a bit, and friendly. Definitely worth getting to know each other better. Valerie took the time to make Faro feel better after her wardrobe malfunction, and that means a lot to her.

Victoria Adelaide Deveau: 5 - Official manner. Not sure what her place is in relation to Maria.

René Chastain: 7 - Gorgeous, but dunked her. Her body says yes but her pride says maybe.

Jadean Pemoda: 6 - Super jealous of her red hair and freckles. Seems like she might be a fun roommate.

Lirerial: 1 - This bitch has got a slap with her name on it! During a game of chicken, Lire tore Faro's top off. The humiliation has earned her a place in Faro's book of revenge.

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2014-05-01 [CuteCommander]: Must remember to change her age after time change

2014-10-24 [ancienteye]: XD You read that too?

2014-10-24 [twitchboy]: lol ya

2014-10-24 [ancienteye]: They're such terrible people. I love it. XD

2014-10-24 [twitchboy]: i love frank XD

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