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User Name: Twitchboy

Character name: Mark Jelial Banister

Mutant Name: Tech

Classification: X-men

Abilities/powers: Technopath, the ability to interface and manipulate technology, he can also send his conscious into electronics. Jelial's mind is highly advanced, so much that while he was young it took so much nutrients and energy that his body couldn't keep up. Because of this he had to design cybernetic frames to support his frail body and usually move around in a wheel chair.

Sex: Male

Age/Date of Birth: 18, July 12

General appearance: Mark has pale white ear length messy hair, almost albino in nature. His green eyes are so deep and bright they almost resemble data, and in fact when he is interfacing with something ones and zeros steam across his iris'. His arms and legs are covered(or have been replaced with) slim metallic artificial ones with highlighted green energy lines that power them from the supply in his chest which looks like a windows loading symbol. On the corners of his eyes he has Y like metallic implants that encase the corners, they are there to help him read code by streaming it directly into his retinas.

Personality: Mark is quite as he has had almost no interaction with people in his life outside of the base he lived in for the government. He wants to get to know people and longs for friends but he is very reserved in nature. He has prefered the company of electronics anyhow as they are more logical when he has conversations with them.
Special Skills: He excels with technology, being able to see, examine, diagnose and repair anything of electronic nature within seconds. With this ability he can actually dive mentally into video games and completely immerse his conscious excelling like no other, he can build and write code for any problem present almost instantly. He has personally built his own cybernetics, cellphones, handhelds, basically anything he had the parts at hand for to his own specs which are far superior to anything on the market.

Place of birth: Cyber valley California
Weapon(s) of choice: He doesn't like personal confrontation but his arms have built in stun gloves just in case, and he can hack an opponents tech with enough time and use it against them.
Medical information: His body is extremely frail and is pale in a ghostly sense. He was born anemic, his body cant regulate its own chemical or hormone levels, his liver and kidneys don't operate at even 10% capacity, his heart is weak and beats with an arrhythmia, this is why his cybernetics is basically built in life support.
Brief History: His father is an american engineer for the US military and his mother a programmer of Japanese descent. When he was born the doctors said he wouldn't survive a week and current medical technology wasn't advanced enough to deal with his multiple health issues. It was apparent that his mental capacity was far beyond that of a normal newborn as within two days he was already recognizing faces and time intervals for the feeding machines in his support incubator. His father and mother wouldn't give up on their only son and agreed to do anything to keep him alive. His father's branch agreed to submit the boy to experimental procedures in exchange for him being a test subject and the family living on base. The new procedures outfitted his failing organs with partial synthetic ones giving the boy a chance at life. Miraculously he survived and already had a full vocabulary at the age of one. It wasn't long until he needed a wheel chair and supports for his limbs to get around. Not long into his childhood he had mastered programming and taken apart every electronic in the house. Soon after his sixth birth day he first dove into his fathers lab computer by grabbing its motherboard when he was taking it apart. It was amazing, his conscious floating through the data as his body was unconscious on the floor. He could read the files and code on sight alone. His father's superiors immediately recognized his mutant abilities and took him in to work with them. For the next ten years he worked alongside his parents on base developing new technology and upgrading his body as his body continued to deteriorate. He didn't attend a normal school and rarely met anyone outside the base, making him feel isolated aside from the personalities of the electronics he conversed with. Soon however the government cracked down on mutants and he began to be asked to develop tech to be used against them if the need arose. He personally decided that it was wrong to go against his own kind, his parents snuck him away from base and defected to Japan to hide. He chose to secretly attend Xavier's school which he had come across in files during his data dives at the base.
Relatives: His mother Sasora Banister and father Jonas Banister

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