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2007-01-20 01:07:43
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01) [peace4all_monkey] m...m....mmm...i cant stand IT!!(im the creator^_^*happy dance*)
02) [~TiNkErBell_22~] I really hate math!
03) [sonna cool na kimi wa plastic] why cant we just have the numbers 1-10 and then the math-lessons wouldnt be necessairly!!
04) [spongemonkey] MATH SUCKS!!!! :O
05) [newborn] EJISJFKRFJEIFJIESFJSKJFDKFJ!!!!!(who said you have to be smart to write nonsense!)
06) [#1devil] MATH sucks big time!
07) [HILTON_dude] Math can kiss my butt!!!!!
08) [flash of darkness] Math sucks!!!!!
09) [I am no longer existant] grrr...
10) [cool coconut] ya maths shud go down the drain!!
11) [IV_bOyLoVeR_69] MATH SUCKS!!!!!!!!!
13) [The one that WAS shay] numbers scare me...there so many!
14) [Monicuddles]i luv the biggest number it shows how much i hate math
15) [Auroron] Those who loves math should be shot with a gun!
16) [*Eternity*]
17) [Hold me and tell me we'll burnlike stars] maths SUCKS!!
18) [nokaredes] nothing is worse than math...
19) [Shyest] The quadratic equation and I have an ongoing feud...
20) [jo has gone]
21) [BaBiiPhAtGrL09]this is a perfect wiki for me!!!!
22) [ohio is 4 lovers]fuck math!
23) [starlightgirl]
24) [conejo] math is a pile of shit (plus, the only time it is fun... is when it is piss easy^^)
25) [XPlastic TearsX]
26) [ozzy123]
27) [samantha louise!] Maths suckz dude!
28) [New Years Revolution] I h8 math>.<
29) [pimpinpink] i hate math i wish it would die!! lol
30) [you either love me or want to be me!] ahhhhh i hate it i go 2 sick bay every lesson(well i try anyway] lol x
31) [hjgfjk]
32) [Emma_Bun] I'm crap, no, SHIT at math! </3 I HATE IT!!!
33) [PyroDragonMaster] math make head hurt!
34) [Gee123] GRRRRR i HATE math!!!!!
35) [Grow Up] Math and I aren't the perfect couple.
36) [Raventhorn] I hate math, to many huge tests, to many big numbers, and I'm not that bright when it comes to math.
37) [~skatergirl~] math suck
38) [theHOTchick] kill all the math teacher math sucks
40) [elfsrule] math sucks and i suck in maths, dead to everyone who loves/likes maths
41) [Disko-tecka]I HATE MATH!!
42) [Searching For A Poem] Must kill division..
math geeksfor those of you who think math isnt all that bad....(u evil math lovers!)
43) [jLoBuTt]I CANT STAND IT!we dont need it we have computers
44) [BlackTearsCry] I failed thsis year because of math. DIE! MATH DIE!
45) [Yiwerra] i failed three years in a row because of math. 3x3=7  >:[
46) [Aqua Girl
] I got a 68 on my Algebra test... fear me! I was supposed to get an 85 so I didn't pass. And that is one of the reasons MATH IS EVIL AND SHOULD GO DIE!!!!!!
47) [Clairey] Arg...FREAKING ARG!! Jeeze...could maths teachers be anymore boring...or sweaty.
48) [Urban Decay] math sucks...i hate it....why take math when we have graphing calculaters and computers that do everything for us...let the old people do the math.
49.[the villige idiot] if i see another calculator ever agian im going to declare war on math!!
50.[Akayume] I hate math! I get really bad grades in it
51.[honey luver] MATH SUCKS!!!
52.[.They.Luv.Me.] No more math!!!
53. [Raven Shortie] I wish math would just die and go to hell!
54.[wildd pepsi] math sux butt!!
55. [*Dance and Be Mine*] who cares about math?? i certainly dont!!!
56.[Breakin Hearts Like They Were Glowsticks]
57. [Nuclearesque] >.> Math needs to die! :D
58. [fae leonie] hey i love maths **sarcastic look**
59. [~*lil'loststar*~] i hate maths but i get good grades in it......please dont hurt me *hides*
60.[jLoBuTt] i freakin hate it i failed a 48 q taks test and only got 19 right. *sux*
61. [Surimia] math sucks. need i say more?
67. [-amaranthe-] i have problems counting =P
63. [] I HATE math!!!!! Im terribly good at it though.. thats the irony of life

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2006-12-28 [-amaranthe-]: <img:44166_1164557391.gif>

2006-12-28 [peace4all_monkey]: i know curse words. My dad speaks the telemarketers, hehe

2006-12-31 [Shelby Blev-o]: this wiki is officially amazing!

2006-12-31 [peace4all_monkey]: thanks

2007-01-01 [-amaranthe-]: coffee.

2007-01-02 [peace4all_monkey]: mmmmm, coffee with gingerbread creamer!

2007-01-02 [-amaranthe-]: err... yuck.

2007-01-03 [peace4all_monkey]: no, YUM!!

2007-01-03 [-amaranthe-]: no, yuck.

2007-01-04 [peace4all_monkey]: ho hum...*sadness*

2007-01-04 [-amaranthe-]: *amaranthe goes into the nearst closet and sleeps.*

2007-01-05 [peace4all_monkey]: who took my poll??*feeling slightly happier*

2007-01-06 [-amaranthe-]: *i nod*

2007-01-06 [peace4all_monkey]: *sudden confidence boost* Well...its good to know people dont gag in my presence^^

2007-01-06 [-amaranthe-]: always a good feeling.

2007-01-06 [peace4all_monkey]: yeah. *feeling slightly less crappy*

2007-01-06 [-amaranthe-]: *nod*

2007-01-06 [peace4all_monkey]: *desperate lack of sugar*

2007-01-07 [-amaranthe-]: now im sad...

2007-01-07 [peace4all_monkey]: lets be sad together.. cancer is a major downer

2007-01-07 [-amaranthe-]: yea...

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