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Player: [Little Insane Cat]
Name: Maura
Race: Catfolk
Sub-race: Lynx
Class: Flame Bearer
Allegiance: Lynx Clan
Appearance: Her hair is blood red with gold streaks. She is fairly short standing at about 5'1''. Her eyes are amber colored. She weighs 115 lbs. and her skin is Medium tanned. Her clothes usually shows how mischeivious and adventurous she is. Never in a dress or skirt, no matter the occasion.
Age: 16
Personality: She usually keeps to herself, never letting anyone know too much about her. She has a different type of logic. She can be trusted to bear any secret. She is wise for her age and very competitive. When a chance to compete comes along she rarely passes the chance up. If she gets hurt she never shows it and complains about it. She likes to study her enemies.
History: Her parents wanted her to be a perfect little daughter, to dress properly, to talk properly, to act properly; but what they got was a small mishevious little daughter, the oposite of what they wanted. Maura and her parents constantly waged war. Finally growing tired of hearing her mother tell her to wear 'nice pretty gown up girl' dresses, she left the house more often. When she began to leave her house for days at a time spending her time in bars or in the forest. When she thought she was ready to travel the world and live on her own for a while, she said bye to her disappointed parents and older brother, Sam; she left for an adventure all her own.
Weapons Of Choice: Katana
Element - Red (Fire)


Level - 4

Experience/To next level - 1780/2050

Equipment -
Katana (5 Atk, 4 Def, 2 Mag, -1 Dex)
Dagger x 3 (1 Atk, 1 Def, 2 Rng)
Scimitar (3 Atk, 2 Def)
Whip (2 Atk, -2 Def, 3 Rng)
Waterskin (Full)
Rations x 10 
Light Scroll x 2
Ember Scroll
Rage Scroll
Mana Potion x 2
50 GP

HP -  14
MP -  2/16
Str - 6
Con - 5
Int - 6
Mag - 7
Dex - 5
Cha - 5

Skills – Level 1 Red Magic, Handle Katana, Minor Enchantment, Magic Resistance, Level 2 Red Magic.
Skill Points - 3

Level 1 – Heat Beam, Flame
Level 2 - Explosion

Special Skills
Alter Spell - Every 5 levels, the Flame Bearer can select a red magic spell and alter it, either increasing all of its effects by 1 or more grades ( 1 grade means from 4 turns duration to 5 turns, from d4 damage to d6, etc) or adding an extra GM-approved effect. The alteration of the spell has an XP cost of 500XP per spell level.

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2004-10-01 [Little Insane Cat]: still on level one?!

2004-10-01 [Little Insane Cat]: oh well, gotta work harder lol

2004-10-01 [Duredhel]: wait!... Maura has been with the party since the beggining right?

2004-10-01 [Little Insane Cat]: yup. I have

2004-10-01 [Duredhel]: then you're supposed to be Lv 3 ^^' so sorry... i'll fix it asap

2004-10-01 [Duredhel]: doi! her stats were already Lv3... it was just the actual number i didnt change ^^'

2004-10-01 [Little Insane Cat]: he he he...that's better.. you scared me there for a second!

2005-05-29 [Little Insane Cat]: since maura is a flame bearer is she immuned to fire?

2005-05-29 [Duredhel]: nope, but she takes less damage from it. Bleda would still roast you alive though :)

2005-05-29 [Little Insane Cat]: lol yea i suppose so.

2005-06-09 [Little Insane Cat]: could i make the blade of my katana really hot by using heat?

2005-06-09 [Duredhel]: Yep :)

2005-06-09 [Little Insane Cat]: ha ha ha yes! that's so awesome! would that be two actions? and how good are my climbing skills?

2005-06-10 [Duredhel]: Yeah, two actions, and it should be pretty good, yer catfolk.

2005-06-10 [Little Insane Cat]: so one action would be heating it then the second action would be attacking?

2005-06-10 [Duredhel]: yeah, if yer next to the targetm that is, but if you have to move, that's another action.

2006-04-28 [Little Insane Cat]: ok, so what do the scrolls do and how do i use them?

2006-04-28 [Duredhel]: They're like 1 use spells that don't cost MP, you can also use them to learn the spell inscribed on them.

2006-04-28 [Crazy Crazy Cat]: sweet!

2006-04-28 [Crazy Crazy Cat]: what does the rage scroll do?

2006-04-28 [Duredhel]: casts the rage spell.

2006-06-09 [Little Insane Cat]: is it ok if i put up a picture of my character that i did?

2006-06-09 [Duredhel]: Sure thing :)

2006-06-09 [Little Insane Cat]: sweet ^_^

2006-06-23 [Little Insane Cat]: is explosion long ranged?

2006-06-23 [Duredhel]: yup :)

2006-06-24 [Little Insane Cat]: sweeeeeeet

2006-06-25 [Little Insane Cat]: do i still have heat to heat up my blade?

2006-06-25 [Duredhel]: Yup

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