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Player - [wilwarina]
Name – Mela RaaTyalangan
Race – Human/Planetarii
Sub-race – Rysallis/Eolan
Class - Fencer
Allegiance – No allegiance.
Appearance – 174 cm tall. She has a long cyan hair and one white stripe behind her right ear.Her eyes are azure-blue. She is pale , but tendes to ˝catch colour ˝in sun. She is thin , but has muscles. She is dressed in a short blue skirt , very comfortable . She has a tight t-shirt ,also blue. When cold she puts on a long black cape that protects her from cool air but also from recognising-this is how she can remain unnoticed in a dark place. She has high boots on her legs-they are made of light material but are comfortable to walk in. Around her waist lies a long sword named Tùre( Victory).
Age – 18
Personality – She is still very unsure of herself. She started this voyage to learn more about her abilities and virtues. She is sensitive , but doesnt show her feelings , when she shows them it must be a something important to her. She is very clever , can remember almost every thing anyone says and she has a strange relationship with sword. She can also use a bow,but not so well. She will help anyone when she decides her help is needed , and will often do rash things. She sometimes thinks after doing the thing. Considered to be polite , she is rude in extreme cases.
History – She doesnt really know much about herself. Her mother was one of the Rysallis Humans. She didnt want to tell her about her father. Her mother is considered rich. They lived in a big , peacefull house. Mela was different from the other children , they didnt accept her well. Thats the reason why she started to go for a long walks in the forest and learned much about cloaking and animals. She had an old friend that lived in a forest-he learned her to use sword and about potions. One day when she came from the walk she found her home in ruins , her mother was brutally torchured and left to die.The whole village was destroyed , people were lying on the streets , a lot of them were taken as slaves.She found her mother unconscious.Than she told her of attack made by Lizards but supervised by someone more powerfull.She told her to find her father who lived with Planetarii.His name was… In that moment she died and her hand opened and a ring fell out. It had a saphire stone and innitials. Mela decided to wander around and get her revenge and then try to find her father and learn of her history…
Weapon of Choice - scimitar
Element - Yellow (Wind)


Level - 4

Experience/To next level - 1780/2050

Equipment -
Rapier (3 Atk, 1 Def, 1 Spd)
Scimitar (3 Atk, 2 Def)
Tanto (3 Ark, 1 Def)
Bamboo Hat (3 Spd, 1 Car)
Rations x 10
Waterskin (Full)
Healing Potion
Mana Potion
50 GP

HP -  16/16
MP -  10
Str - 7
Con - 5
Int - 5
Mag - 5
Dex - 6
Car – 5 (6 against fear due to Discipline)

Skills – Handle Swords, Lightning Speed(1), Discipline.
SP - 6.

Special Skills
Flashstep - Once a day for every 5 levels, the fencer can consume all of his movement by running in a straight line at very high speed, when he flashsteps, he can move through enemies and do an attack against each enemy he moves through.

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