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2006-05-23 12:33:04
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2006-01-07 [*Code_Blue*]: i like the pics!!!! ^_^

2006-01-11 [~danyalika~]: hey what is ur sister trying to do to poor virgina

2006-01-16 [snowelfie]: hey! I liked your pictures! they are so lively (I hope this word exist in english...I ment full of life)

2006-01-26 [starbright]: Love the pics

2006-03-24 [melmay83]: i changed them... u got anything to say now!!!

2006-04-02 [cid_77]: that is not me!!!

2006-04-11 [shadow glaive]: what about me huh

2006-04-12 [melmay83]: first off [cid_77] u have no pic... ur pic should be above ur name... and [shadow glaive]... ur name is on there, i just don't have a pic of u!!!

2006-04-12 [lyssa~08]: heya ppl whats up?? NICE PICS MELISA

2006-04-13 [melmay83]: whatever

2006-05-14 [~sAweeeT~manda08]: MELISSSA IM SO FEELING LEFT OUT:(

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