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Meteor Mining Field



As you warp in, you can't help but feel this place is unsafe. Very unsafe. A graveyard of meteors and destroyed ships are floating about, like the pieces of a broken skeleton of something bigger. Dead silence, except for the sound of your ship's life support and engines, completely engulf you. One thing is for sure: there are enough meteors here to mine and fix your ship, or sell. You just better hurry before pirates find you!

Player ships in the Area
The Starfyre


The Meteor Mining Field sits a few light years outside of the Omega Quadrant. Pieces of dead rock float by in a cloud of ghost-like shadows and deadly storms. A medium-sized cargo ship suddenly warped in, and its thrusters quickly blasted to life, sending it behind a large meteor where the ship hid as a Cobalt Battle cruiser warped in behind it. The Battle Cruiser immediately began scanning the surrounding sectors. The captain of the cargo ship quickly looked over his options splayed out on the screens in front of him.

A man handsome in nature, slender with medium-length brown hair and an eye patch, sat as captain, staring at his screens. Yasai flicked a switch to send his ship into stealth mode, then quickly rolled his chair over to another screen, booting up a program. "Well, Mr. Cruiser, let's see how many warp jumps you make before you realize you've made a mistake."

Rui tapped his finger on the arm of his chair as he sat there looking up at his overhead monitor display. Noticing the merchant ship warp in and quickly go stealth, his large Federation battleship remained tucked back behind a large asteroid, out of sight. But before he could make a move, however, he noticed the Cobalt Battle Cruiser on his radar as well.

Yasai finished booting up the program on his biggest screen and laughed as he activated it. A small, rounded drone burst out of the nose of his ship with thrusters on and jetted out to the outskirts of the field, where it fired a small volley of lasers at the cruiser, before warp-jumping out of the area. "C'mon baby!" he yelled excitedly. "Take the bait!"

The Starfyre remained well hidden behind the asteroid, as the merchant ship attempted to bait the battle cruiser out of the asteroid belt.

The Cobalt battle Cruiser slowly began to move towards the direction of the drones jump, farming small meteors as it did so, but suddenly it stopped and began another scan of the area now deeper into the meteor field.

Yasai's smile instantly vanishes as he reads his interface. He jumps out of his chair and looks over to another screen where he scratchs his chin amused by what he see's. He activates his ships low thrusters and creeps out from the meteors he was hiding. he slowly disappears between some wreckage of dead ships and small meteors condensed "well well.. enjoying the show are we?"

The starfyre engine silently engaged as she began to move in the shadows of the asteroids, on a course set out of the area

Keeping in the cover a cluster of meteors the starfyre enters the mining area.


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