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Midsummer Festival




Hello there midsummer! Winter was long and cold and we’re all glad that you’re back; hot, sticky air and all! There’s nothing quite like you, midsummer, during which to start a water-fight, dive headfirst into a crystal lake, have a picnic, set off some fireworks, grow a garden or wash the car. What is midsummer to you, dear Elftowners? You tell us! Use art, poetry, writing and photography to show us how you see midsummer!


Midsummer Festival Competition Rules:

A. Theme: The theme for this competition is Midsummer. 
There are many possible interpretations of the theme, so long as all submissions are related, they will be accepted!

B. Amount: The amount of entries that any contestant may submit is two (2).

C. Proof Photo: If you submit a photo entry, you have to submit a proof photo with it. 
For this contest's proof you must hold/see a CD or DVD.

D. Deadline: The deadline is set on 2012-6-10 for the art and poetry contests
and 2012-7-2 for the photo and writing contests.

E. Winners: There will be two (2) winners picked for each contest.

F. Judging: The winners will be selected by a public poll. Do not vote for yourself!


General Entry Rules

These rules can be found at: Festival Competition Rules



The best entries of the contest will be featured on this page!

The reward for this competition will be a shiny badge you can put in your house!

For all the participants:


For the first place winners:

<img:stuff/MSF1stArtBadge.gif> <img:stuff/MSF1stPoetryBadge.gif> <img:stuff/MSF1stPhotoBadge.gif> <img:stuff/MSF1stWritingBadge.gif>

For the second place winners:

<img:stuff/MSF2ndArtBadge.gif> <img:stuff/MSF2ndPoetryBadge.gif> <img:stuff/MSF2ndPhotoBadge.gif> <img:stuff/MSF2ndWritingBadge.gif>


Please place your submissions here:

Midsummer Festival Art Entries, 2011 Closed
Midsummer Festival Photo Entries, 2011 Closed
Midsummer Festival Poetry Entries, 2011 Closed
Midsummer Festival Writing Entries, 2011 Closed


Winners for the Midsummer Festival are:

For the Poetry Section, [kians mummy] for her piece which may be found at Midsummer Festival Poetry Entries, 2011.

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2009-07-05 [Chimes]: *loiters*

2009-07-05 [Nioniel]: lol...still a work in progress...hoping to have it done tonight, though with my slow dial-up connection...*hopes*...

2009-07-05 [Captain Rachel Black]: dude...*inspiration* What if there was like a mr. bill competition! XD where you had to make a doll that looked like Mr. Bill and then take pictures of him in a state of peril?

2009-07-05 [Nioniel]: that would be pretty should totally create it!
I've got so many things I'm working on right now, it's getting to be pretty time list of to-do's here on ET is epic.

2009-07-05 [Captain Rachel Black]: It could be themed too and continous like the ten days of photography competition

2009-07-05 [Nioniel]: Sounds pretty awesome...if you wanted to start it, I'd help out, I just don't have time to take on anything else at the moment as far as building new wikis goes.

2009-07-05 [Captain Rachel Black]: I started XD

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