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User Name: [Flisky]

Character name: Mihir Proudclaw

Mutant Name: Atsila (pronounced ah jee la)

Classification: X-Men

Abilities/powers: Pyrokinetic ability to create and control fire. Mihir's powers lie in the ability to manifest fire outside of his body. He can mainly produce fireballs and fire streams from his hands and (on occasion) his feet. He can also form 'permanent' fire globes on the end of his own weapon. He is immune to heat.

Weaknesses: He is especially susceptible to cold. Anything below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius will cause his body to start shutting down as if he is suffering from hypothermia. Mihir cannot perform his fire feats without adequate drive as well. He must be properly motivated to do them, elsewise they don't work.

Sex: Male

Age: 18, November 24th

General appearance: Mihir has dark black hair that is long enough to tie back and hangs to his shoulders when loose. His eyes are a dark brown, almost appearing black. He has russet colored skin. Mihir stands 6'1" and weighs 190 pounds, making him thin. He typically wears a black tank or t-shirt with dark and doeskin boots. Mihir also wears a bear claw beaded necklace. His second day at Xavier's, after many questions, Mihir shaved his hair, revealing four claw marks running on the left side of his skull, which he still allows to show.

Additional Appearance: Mihir's left bicep has four claw marks running along the width of it. He also has a newer scar running across his stomach.

Personality: Mihir has a sense of duty and obligation to his tribe. He also harbors a deep resentment towards them. Though he is a nice enough guy, Mihir has a serious anger problem. He tends to fly off the handle more often than not. He's a born leader, though, and has a good head on his shoulders.

Mihir has a hard time making friends with people because of his attitude. Once he makes up his mind, he sticks with it. That includes his idea of people. Mihir will also stick to whatever course of action he decides to take. Which means he will never quit, even when things look hopeless.
Special Skills: Mihir is especially talented with hand to hand combat as well as fighting with a quarterstaff.

Place of birth: Cherokee, North Carolina
Weapon(s) of choice: A quarterstaff made of cedar with a green, fist sized stone connected to the top.
Medical information: Mihir has been diagnosed with Tachycardia, where his heart beats faster than normal.
Brief History: Mihir spent much of his early years being raised to be the clan chief. As the chief's only son, it was his duty to take over when his father stepped down. It wasn't until he turned 13 that things started getting rough. One of his friends, Michael, was told he would be the tribal guardian. Mihir thought nothing of it at first. Until the people started practically worshiping Michael. The people, the elders, even Mihir's own parents looked to Michael. When his powers manifested, Mihir wanted to say "Ha! He's a freak!" But everyone simply loved him more. Mihir spent some time away from the reservation, traveling more than a teenager should. Upon his returning home, he learned that Michael had left the reservation.

Glad to finally be rid of his rival, Mihir spent time caring for his parents and his tribe. Until one day, while at home, he grew angry at his father for referring to the tribal guardian. A fireball flew from Mihir's hand. The tribal elders met with his parents and told them that Mihir's powers were unnatural and a perversion. They were unsure of whether the spirit of Atsil'-dihye'gï, or 'Fire-carrier', rested within Mihir's body. Fire-carrier was a bad omen to the people, and they quickly drove Mihir out of the reservation.

Taking the opportunity to travel once more, Mihir found where Michael had disappeared to, Xavier's Institute, and planned to go there himself.

The Story of Atsila

Relatives: Father, mother, tribe.

How long your character has been in the mansion: Three months

Relationship Chart
1-bad, 5-neutral, 10-good

Character Rating Comments
Lirerial 9 Lire has done the near impossible and has gone from very much disliked in Mihir's eyes to one of his most like people in the mansion.
Kiora Collins 7 He knew her before she came to the mansion, and he knows that he was the main reason she arrived in the first place.
Michael Moonfrost 7/2 While it would seem that Mihir really dislikes Michael, the truth is that he dislikes Michael's standing in the tribe. It's a complicated sort of thing with Mihir.
Kenna Duncan 6 Kenna is a nice person. Mihir is one of the few who can actually remember her.
Zeke Savage 6 Some days are full of surprises, in this case, it was a dog with a rather intriguing owner.
Shana Grace Tilar 6 Shana was clear headed and very self reliant during the rescue mission, earning Mihir's respect.
Eddie Ryder 5 Doesn't know enough about him to make an informed opinion.
Kobayashi Hisoka 5 Doesn't know enough about him to make an informed opinion.
Mimic 5 Doesn't know enough about him to make an informed opinion.
Daniela Morgan 4 In an attempt to make peace in a time of trouble, Mihir is trying to be nice to Dani.
Light Blackburn 4 He thinks she is entertaining with her half insults and such.
Valerie K. Sprouse 4  He told her straight up that he wasn't going to just be another acquaintance and he fully intends to stick to just that. 
Elizabeth Charms 3 Okay, scale lady is just strange.
Adrianne Wagner 3 She is startling to look at, and Mihir was just not expecting it.
Anthony Havelock 2 The boy is one stupid comment from getting a face full of fireball.

Rough image of Mihir. He looked stupid with short hair...

Current Clothing: Mihir is currently wearing a black tank top with a pair of dark brown leather pants and leather shoes. His hair is tied back and he is finally no longer sporting any sort of bandage.


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2012-09-19 [Figgy]: Mihir should turn into the human torch at some point >_>

2012-09-19 [Flisky]: Eventually maybe. It took him a month to ignite his arm. Imagine a full body ignition and how long that'll take.

2012-09-19 [Figgy]: I did say at some point ;3

2012-09-19 [Flisky]: *snorts in laughter imagining that scenario now* For some reason in my head it always ends with Mihir going up in flames, his clothes disintegrating, and him strutting bare ass naked back to his room.

2012-09-19 [Figgy]: Well... can't say it hasn't happened to someone else ;3

2012-09-19 [Flisky]: *is still imagining Mihir walking calmly through the halls naked*

2012-09-19 [Ms. Steel]: If there is one thing the mansion needs, it's more comical nudity.

2012-09-19 [Figgy]: Indeed

And more comedy, period.

2012-09-19 [Flisky]: That can be arranged. :D

2012-09-19 [Duredhel]: Did someone say period commedy?


2012-09-19 [Figgy]: .... That one's not funny >_>

2012-09-19 [Figgy]: I've never cried during a cat food commercial.

2012-09-19 [Figgy]: You don't have a period.

2012-09-19 [Figgy]: You don't know what it's like.

2012-09-19 [Figgy]: Don't judge us.

2012-09-19 [Flisky]: ......

2012-09-19 [XxTsomexX]: Oh lord lol

2012-09-19 [XxTsomexX]: Eva is one that can light up on fire, but it doesn't last long and then she switches to being covered in frost (and if she keeps that up too long, she goes into full ice stage and basically becomes an ice sculpture for a while) :P

2012-09-19 [La Luna]: e.e I might have cried... Just once... I mean.. the cat looked so happy and free.

2012-09-19 [Flisky]: Mihir just starts on fire. No ice needed. As a matter of fact, ice would probably kill him...

2012-10-16 [Flisky]: Mihir's in the media room...snoring....

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