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NAME: Mildarfen


Mask and costume by [Lankin], photo by Borgni

House: Siludar
Impression: Scary dragonish guy.
M/F: M
Hair: Slightly longer than shoulder-length, and dark blond.
Skin: Fiery red and scaly.
Eyes: Grey/green/blue.
Clothes: Dresses in dark green and black, mostly simple garb. Figures that his nobility is apparent enough in his draconic features. He also wears a pair of spectacles. One does not comment upon this fact. Ever.
Other: He looks like the child of a dragon and a fey. He has two huge horns on his head, and his face is elongated into a snout. His eyebrows and cheekbones have formed horny ridges. He has sharp claws, and large leathery wings. The wings are usually hidden from plain wiew.
Mother: Orrar
Father: Xul
Siblings: Yllif (f)
Children: Amelilir (f) and Noaclax (m)
Lovers: His wife, Femilfer, Matriarch of Siludar
Other relations: His niece Mufa (f), his son-in-law Sallax, Grandchildren: Ooga (f), Ix (m) and Nix (m)
Abilities: He can breathe fire, and fly. It is also suspected that he can sense warmth, but this is merely rumours as he himself refuses to comment on the issue.
Personality: Mildarfen is a proud fey, and with good reason. He is the grandchild of the mighty dragon Fenlerferfax, he is the General of the DragonRiders and he is the Patriarch of Siludar. His power is second only to his wife's, whom he loves dearly. They seldom show emotions in public, as both believes this is a sign of weakness. They operate in concert to steer the house, which is an extremely difficult task.

Mildarfen is in complete control of himself. He never shows any anger unless he wants to, he is always as cool as ice. His gaze is enough to make his subordinates tremble, and when he raises his voice there are few who dare to disobey him. Yet his harsh exterior is merely a mask for the passionate soul within, and Mildarfen is, deep down, a romantic idealist. Every setback causes him deep and personal grief, just as every victory brings him fountains of joy. He merely hides it away, allowing nobody close enough to know his true face, except his wife.
Ambitions: Make Siludar a Major House. Seize Avalon. Recruit more Dragons to his legion.
Fears: Losing his iron-hard self control. That Siludar will fall.
Likes: Cinnamon, apple pie, chocolate cake. Sweets of all types. Riding on Dragons, flying in general. Burning Unseelie.
Dislikes: Salty food, meat, uncontrollable people.
Habits: Whenever he feels his emotions slipping he takes flight, going away until he's calmed down.
Occupation: Captain of the DragonRiders of Siludar, Patriarch of Siludar.
Tresured posessions:
Quote: "Hold your formation! Aaaaand DIVE! DIVE! DIVE!"

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