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The Fortress of Milvondar

The Fortress of House Siludar is a mountain. It is a huge, grey, craggy mountain which towers over the nearby mountains as much as they tower over the rest of the countryside. The mountain is honeycombed with great caverns and tunnels, many of which contain the lairs of dragons. In some of the deepest caves the house stores the huge amounts of wealth they have accrued over the years.

Yet in the higher areas the caves are carved rooms, and the higher you go the more does the place look like a proper fortress, and at the summit several towers rise fom the mountain. This is the Fortress of Milvondar, home of a hundred dragons, and one of the most mysterious and secret places in Faƫrie. In the very deepest cavern is a throne room, and there the Matriarch rules from atop the huge pile of gold, gems and thieves' skulls.

The more civilized areas are where the fey live, and they are exquisitely carved from the rock. There are few furnishings with the exception of books. They have lots and lots of books. The members of Siludar hoards knowledge as much as their gold, and hate to share it with others.

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