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User Name: [Figgy]

Character name: Casper…?

Mutant Name: Mimic

Classification: Student

Abilities/powers: Upon intentional skin to skin contact with another human, mutant or not, Casper can absorb said person’s DNA information into his own body. This allows him to transform his body into a carbon copy of the other person (by way of his own adaptive DNA), but only a copy of how the person was at the time of contact. This means that any physical changes the person goes through will not be reflected in Casper’s imitation of them unless he “updates” his information through another touch. He retains all of the information he’s gathered, allowing him to change into another person at any point after he’s touched them. If Casper encounters a mutant in this way, he is also capable of absorbing their mutant abilities into his databank, but can only use them when he is using their form.

Sex: Male

Age/Date of Birth: Unknown, though he appears about 9 years old

General appearance: Although Casper’s appearance changes quite often, one thing that remains constant in his normal appearance is his apparent Albinism. Casper’s skin is pale, nearly white, as well as his hair, which lays on his head in a short, wavy, tousled mess. His wide eyes also lack the pigment that gives color to the irises, making visible the bright red retina. A pair of fuzzy white eyebrows sit atop his head, and a small, round nose adorns his face just above his pink boyish lips.

Additional Appearance: When observed closely enough, a small tattoo reading “MIMIC”can be seen behind Casper’s left ear, thus granting him his mutant name. 

Personality: It can be difficult to define Casper's true personality. As if abiding by the law that the definition of the word “MIMIC” creates, the way Casper carries himself and chooses to dress is generally copied from others around him; for instance, if Casper takes a sudden interest in one of the school members, he may be seen walking, talking, and dressing like said person until he loses his interest (in addition to, in a sense, “being” them through use of his powers). However, he is capable of his own emotions, and perhaps his own personality will develop over time. Otherwise, Casper is a very curious boy, watching and observing everything around him in wide-eyed, obsessive, childish wonder.
Special Skills: Casper proves to be a quick and adept learner with almost any task or objective given to him. This makes it easy for him to learn skills, or even personalities and habits of others.

Place of birth: Unknown
Weapon(s) of choice: None
Medical information: Casper has been tested to have perfect eyesight and hearing. However, oddly enough, his DNA is ever-changing, and he has no known blood type, making it incredibly difficult for him to receive proper medical attention.
Brief History: Casper has no known history other than the fact that he was found at a base in New York City where a team of Xavier’s mutants was sent on a mission.
Relatives: Unkown

How long your character has been in the mansion: New arrival


Relations Chart: 1(Bad) - 10(Good)

Adrianne Wagner * - (7) Addy may not have been one of the students who rescued him from the strange base where he was being held prison, but she did save his life from the angered Korvka, and she even gave him some clothes to wear. She pops in from time to time, but he's not yet as close with her as he is with his roommate and two adoptive sisters.

Coral Zhou * -

Daniela Morgan * - (8) Daniela is one of the boy's surrogate sisters, and just as well as Shana, he absolutely adores her. Not always quite as serious as Shana (though he knows it is because of her work), Daniela proves to be plenty of fun to play with and she is always super sweet.

Eddie Ryder * - (4) Eddie is not very high on Casper's list right now, as last time he encountered the contortionist, he was yelled at and jerked around over what he felt was nothing.

Kobayashi Hisoka * - (8) Rook is his beloved roommate, and the person in the mansion closest to his age. The two spend a lot of time together, and although Casper doesn't enjoy the same workout routines as Rook, they do love playing children's games with each other.

Shana Grace Tilar * - (8) Shana is one of his rescuers, and for that, he will be forever grateful, even if, at the time, he was unaware that he was being held captive and of the wonders of the outside world. Now she takes care of him, no matter what the case, and is seemingly always willing to spend time with him.

Kyle Bedlington - (5) Casper really doesn't know what to think of Kyle yet. His only encounter with his left him thinking that the yellow boy was really just a little odd and maybe off-putting.

Mihir Proudclaw - (6) Mihir is one of his rescuers, and Casper thinks highly of him for that, but the Native has done nothing else to prove his worthiness of Casper's affection.

Sarah Criss * - (5) Casper doesn't know a lot about this new girl yet, but her looks and powers are certainly interesting, and he plans on playing around with them more once he gets time alone.

Shade * - (2) Casper can't place what exactly makes him feel the way he does about Shade, but something about the man sends a shiver down Casper's spine each time he sees him. He does his best to avoid the shadowy mutant.

Timothy Maxwell * - (7) Tim is absolutely fascinating to the curious albino, and even if he won't listen to the skull's directions and words of wisdom, Casper loves spending time with him.

X-Men Characters

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2012-07-26 [Figgy]: XD
I didn't realize this little guy would be so popular.
Well he definitely won't be biased in his choice of friends by any means. Not until he learns better XD

2012-07-26 [Koho Ai]: He could become a genius overnight.

2012-07-26 [Figgy]: Intentionally ;3
You guys will find out more about him as the game progresses.

2012-07-26 [Lepellier]: Would he also take on tattoos as well during a mutation, since they are not part of a person's DNA? Also, don't think that he'd like Marcus' ability much either.

2012-07-26 [Figgy]: Actually, I think he might be pretty intrigued by Marcus' power. He doesn't know that blood is icky, after all :3

You're right, though, tattoos and piercing aren't exactly information coded in DNA. But, I think as long as he's seen the tattoos, he can somehow code his own DNA to make his skin look like the tattoo in the correct area, sort of Mystiue-ish. But if he can't see it, maybe it is concealed from sight, the tattoo wouldn't show up on his body. Peircings wouldn't work at all because.... well yeah.

2012-07-26 [Lepellier]: Very interesting. I'm just worried that if he did pick up Marcus' ability, he'd run into the issue of turning into a little blood balloon and going 'pop', since, from what I understand, he should also pick up the increased blood production, and may not figure out to draw it out.

But yeah, I just thought that the tattoo and piercing thing would be worth mentioning. I suppose if he saw a tattoo, it would be kind of like just adding a birthmark, basically.

2012-07-26 [Figgy]: Yes on the tattoo thing.
Not exactly on the power thing, though. As I've mentioned, he's very observant, and he would probably watch someone very closely to figure out how to use their power as precisely as possible. He doesn't automatically transform into them upon contact either, it's a willful thing. So if he felt pain or discomfort while in someone else's form, he could change back instantly... though, the extra blood would be strange, but I don't think he would explode.

2012-07-26 [Lepellier]: I figured as much. It was just a matter of that's something that he may not pick up on right away. However, it could turn out to be very funny if he picked up Marcus' powers without the appearance. He would turn pink! Hehe.

2012-07-26 [Figgy]: He would XD Buuut, he's restricted to using someone's powers only when he's using their DNA to take on their form.

2012-07-26 [Lepellier]: Awww, that's sad. Sorry, I probably missed that, seeing as I'm tired.

2012-07-26 [Figgy]: Nah, it's ok :3

2012-09-02 [Evolution X]: What would happen if he touched Tim?

2012-09-02 [Figgy]: Hmm, not sure. I'll have to re-read Tim's bio and decide later.

2013-06-26 [Figgy]: I don't remember everyone Casper has touched :X

2013-06-26 [Flisky]: He touched Rook, but that doesn't count. :P

2013-06-26 [Figgy]: Yeah, I know, I'm just trying to mark everyone on his relationship chart so that I'll know for future reference. And I forgot :S

2013-06-26 [Flisky]: For some reason I totally get this image of Rook and Casper sitting there playing video games and Casper keeps transforming and Rook will nonchalantly poke him to get him to turn back.

2013-06-26 [Figgy]: Haha that'd be cute :P

2013-07-01 [XxTsomexX]: He did meet Endelyn. However, he did not transform into her.

2013-07-01 [Figgy]: But did he touch her?

2013-07-14 [XxTsomexX]: Oh gosh I don't remember. I know she put her coat on him but I'm not sure what else. Hrrrrn....

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