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2008-10-27 18:29:42
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This is a wiki for all us MSI fans!! We all love Little Jimmy Urine, Jimmy, Righ?, Lyn Z, and Kitty. Go to their site So If you love MSI go ahead and be a member. To become a member just edit the page and put your screenname down.

1. [your exotic nightmare] Owner and big MSI fan!
2. [keiko‚ô•kevin] BIGGER MSI fan!!!!
3. [Nioniel] MSI Rocks Her Socks...

If you join you can put these banners in your house to support us!! To put them in your house right-click them and then copy the url. In your house type <*img banner url*> (with out the stars!)
If you have any banners you would like to submit just edit the page and put them on the page.
[Under Construction!!]

For info go to Mindless Facts
For pictures click>>> Pictures of MSI
For MSI music videos click>>> Mindless Self Indulgence Videos

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2007-12-06 [your exotic nightmare]: no...i'm the bigger msi fan

2008-10-27 [Nioniel]: yay! MSI rocks my socks!

2008-10-27 [your exotic nightmare]: Yay!!!
Thanks for joining!

2008-10-27 [Nioniel]: w007! no problem, I lerves me some MSI!

2008-10-27 [your exotic nightmare]: me too!!!

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