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Welcome to the Ministry of Magic where we will try to help you with whatever problem you have or arrest you if you have gone against the Wizarding Rules, but that rarely happens right?

<img:>Current Minister of Magic:<img:>

[Little Insane Cat]

Please message me, [Little Insane Cat], if you have any questions about Welcome to the Wizarding World or if you would like to apply for a ministrial position

Note: Unfilled Ministry positions will be taken over by the minister until someone has applied. Please do not apply for more than one position. Ministry Employees are soley in charge of their duties and if they are found unable to fufill them to an unreasonable extent the position will reopen. Thank you for visiting the Ministry of Magic

-[Little Insane Cat]

Deputy Minister of Magic

[Fetish Dolly Koneko™]

Position: [open/close]
Duties: Running Welcome to the Wizarding World while [Little Insane Cat] is away or unable. Also he/she is in charge of making sure everything is running smoothly.
Wages: 15 Galleons

Secretary to the Minister

[Duke Devlin]

Position: [open/close]
Duties: Unfortunately the Minister of Magic is a bad speller and types so fast that she is unable to catch typos. The Secretary's duties are to go through and check for spelling/gramatical and typo errors.
Wages: 7 Galleons

Treasurer to the Minister
Position: [open/close]
Duties: The Treasurer will be in charge of looking over the Gringotts Wizarding Bank and will be the person you message when you've answered the Trivia right, buy something, and/or stumble over loose change in the Hogwarts Forbidden Forest. The Treasurer will be in charge of changing the amount of money each player has earned to the correct amount by either subtracting or adding to their section in the common room and in the Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Remeber to message the Treasurer for your paycheck from being either a teacher and/or a worker of the Ministry at the end of each month otherwise you will not be paid!

Trivia Master to the Minister
Position: [open/close]
Duties: The duties of a Trivia Master are simple. He/she is in charge of changing the questions either on Friday/Saturday/Sunday. He/she is in charge of maintaining the Harry Potter Trivia page.

Head Magical Law Enforcement

[Nekudae Andromeda]???

Position: [open/close]
Duties: The Head of Magical Law Enforcement's job is to make sure that people are following the rules during competitions.
Wages: 3 Galleons per competition

Halloween Poem Contest 07

Head of the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophies
Position: [open/close]
Duties: This position means that all you animagi and werewolves out there have to register with this person! He/she in turn will right you in the records and message you werewolves when it's the full moon.
5 Galleons

Animagi Registration

Head of the Enrollment Department


Position: [open/closed]
Duties: This will be the person you message to enroll in classes and he/she is responsible for putting your class under the class enrollment area (if you haven't already done it yourself) and under the person's name.
2 Galleons per newly enrolled person

Ministry Employee Benefits

You can now earn monthly wages and own up to a maximum of 5 pets.


[Little Insane Cat]

every 30/31st of each month for your pay.
(or whatever your wages entitle you to)

p.s. Thank you EG Dividers and EGPix Dividers for the dividers

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2007-09-24 [Duke Devlin]: YAY! =D

2007-09-24 [Little Insane Cat]: :P

2007-09-24 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

2007-10-09 [Guishy]: YAY! im Head of the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophies! yay!

2007-11-25 [Nekudae Andromeda]: are we going to have any more competitions? i have nothing to do as Head of Magical Law Enforcement.

2007-11-25 [Duke Devlin]: Give them a chance! =O Its still pretty new!

2007-11-25 [Guishy]: lol

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