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Minoku's Room



This room seems to be intended for a guest.
The room is cozy and the bed is very comfortable.
The room over looks the woods and is filled with the smell of wildflowers.
In the Wardrobe hangs many elegant dresses and traveling clothes.
This room is filled with Minoku's things.

The Hall of Seletar

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2007-05-15 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) *makes him look at her* Preach that does not matter to me. You care about me and yes there more then likely will be complications but I still love you...unless you really don't want me.*turns away* I'd understand.

2007-05-15 [Lirerial]: no..Minoku I love you...I will always want you

2007-05-15 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) You should hate me...I wasn't there to help you. I was arguing with dingle bat..*tear falls* I'm useless.

2007-05-15 [Lirerial]: couldn't have helped no one could've... you would have ended up dead...Zataria managed to rerout my portal... she had friends with her, powerful people...who are as cruel as she

2007-05-15 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) It would only mean I'm just as useless as before. *coughs lightly*

2007-05-15 [Lirerial]:'re not...*hugs her*

2007-05-15 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) I let my sister lose her voice and you got hurt. I was too weak to protect myself.*closes eyes*

2007-05-15 [Lirerial]: you'll get better...don't worry

2007-05-15 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) *bites lips in punishment* I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WEAK! HOW CAN I LIVE WITH MYSELF?

2007-05-15 [Lirerial]: *makes her look at him*'re not weak...

2007-05-15 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) Father?...but...I...have done nothing good.

2007-05-15 [Lirerial]: saved Saverad didn't you? You serve Selune...Minoku you've done everything you can...

2007-05-15 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) Let me rephrase...I have done nothing good recently.

2007-05-15 [Lirerial]: so...niether have...right now everyone has done nothing...

2007-05-15 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) sissy is trying to get back Raine and Elden...yes they have.

2007-05-15 [Lirerial]: *sighs* Well then...what are we going to do about Roke? We have to hurry, the god of Death wants his body..if we don't hurry..we don't get Roke back alive..if at all

2007-05-15 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) Death is hard enough to deal with and I don't know if Salune can help us..*feels a pain insideand yelps*

2007-05-15 [Lirerial]: *nodds*

2007-05-15 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) *coughs violently as her cresent moon shines and images flash in her mind*

2007-05-15 [Lirerial]: what?

2007-05-15 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku)*regains breath* I need Lily...we have to use our will be painful for both of us...but..

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