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Minoku's Room



This room seems to be intended for a guest.
The room is cozy and the bed is very comfortable.
The room over looks the woods and is filled with the smell of wildflowers.
In the Wardrobe hangs many elegant dresses and traveling clothes.
This room is filled with Minoku's things.

The Hall of Seletar

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2007-05-10 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) *falls on the bed and cries a little then falls asleep*

2007-05-11 [Silver Moon]: *door creaks open*

2007-05-11 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) *snaps up* MEOW! *looks curious*

2007-05-12 [Silver Moon]: *sees nothing but feels another presence*

2007-05-12 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) Meow...*gets up and grabs her staff and hisses* SISSY HELP! I'D EVEN LIKE TO SEE THAT BLASTED PREACH!

2007-05-13 [Silver Moon]: *hears laughter*

2007-05-13 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) YOU AREN'T NICE! HELP ME SOMEONE PLEASE!*hisses*

2007-05-13 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) *hears fathers shout and senses he is hurt* I'd better not get him in anymore danger. *looks confused* He sounds worried.*passes out as the rope presses against her neck* MEOOOOOOWWWWW!

2007-05-13 [Lirerial]: Minoku!!*runs in desperately*

2007-05-13 [loonygirl2005]: Father...please go back and heal..

2007-05-14 [Silver Moon]: *the shadow dissapears as he enters*

2007-05-14 [Lirerial]: *collapses, with no energy remaining*

2007-05-14 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) *wakes up coughing* MEOW MEOW MOWN REOW MEOW (STUPID PREIST WHY DID YOU HURT YOURSELF!) *lays him on the bed*

2007-05-14 [Lirerial]: *stirs and wakes slightly, she notices that he's wearing a black eyepatch*

2007-05-14 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) A black eyepatch why? Preach...why did you hurt yourself?

2007-05-14 [Lirerial]: I didn't...Zataria did

2007-05-14 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) Did you lose your eye? I was talking about you leaving the healers should have stayed there..YOU ARE A WHIMP MINOKU! YOU PUT YOUR PREACH IN DANGER WHEN HE WAS ALL READY HURT!*tears fall and she whipes them away fercely*

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