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User: [Aeolynn]

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Race: Abalni

Description of personality: A women of few words, most likely from being secluded and feared. Mirkah is very intelligent, knowing the skies like the back of her hand.

Description of clothing She wears a cloak over a thick leather jerkin, covering her sleeveless shirt. A short skirt made out of her own feathers drops down to her knees.

Description of race: Abalni are creatures of a very distinct grace, able to move through the air without hindrance and with a lithe form. They have pointed ears looking much like the late elves but not quite so small and their eyes can capture the soul. With wings coming out of their ankles, elbows, knees, wrists, shoulders and back, they fly through the sky with amazing speed. The color of the feathers varies with each Abalnionshii, though none have silver white or black. Mirkah has short ebony hair with emerald green tips. Her eyes are swirling almond tints, making her look like a feline mistress. One of the most feared abilities of the Abalni is their casual control of Ailiamenti energy, and their skill concerning it. In a war lasting ages, the final dice was thrown, and a final battle was fought. One side had an Abalni. That one side and the other were destroyed, in a single moment of fury from the Abalni. The energy ripped a canyon into the ground, called the Mentie Gash. Mirkah has inherited this massive power from her ancestor, the creator of the Gash.

Weapon: Shir blade, Ailiamenti energy.

History: Mirkah is very distant from everyone, but it seems that her brother Luce can bring out the hidden side of this warrior. In a battle long ago, when the first waves of the Enirshii were splashing against the two cities, the parents stood together and fought, but they were separated, one with each child. Mirkah was behind her mother when an Enirshii ripped right through, however, she managed to escape with her life.

Abilities: Use of Ailiamenti energy, rumored to have the strength of ten men, a dangerous wielder of a Shir blade, and master of flight.

Strength(s): Darkness, the cold, nature and black diamonds.

Weakness(s): Memories of her past that come when she least expects it, not being able to stop something she could have.


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