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2009-08-21 01:01:27
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Pics With No Home 2

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2009-08-21 [Skydancer]: Vanity is the unsupported belief of being better than others, honest pride in ones self and work is just a sign of growth. :)

2009-08-21 [Cillamoon]: Awesome, then I am free! I have never thought I am better than anyone! I mean come on, that's just rude!

2009-08-22 [Skydancer]: Oh, she got it alright. :) no worry, she understands perfectly.

2009-08-27 [smakeupfx]: wow, you've turned the sexy up a few notches m'friend

2009-08-27 [Cillamoon]: Crankin it up to a sizzling 120 degrees here in your local Southern California weather station! XD

2009-08-27 [smakeupfx]: Haha,  well that explains it, you're dressing for hot weather  ;-)

2009-08-27 [Cillamoon]: XD XP

2009-09-08 [Hedda]: Wow!

2010-06-15 [Dirty DaVinci]: Okay, I'll just say it. My jaw dropped on that seventh image from the top. :D

If you ever decide to take up modeling, please let me know! Hehehehehe.

2010-06-15 [Skydancer]: Still looking most excellent my friend.

2011-09-29 [Nioniel]: Booty!

2011-09-29 [Cillamoon]: LOL I don't know what the fuck I was thinking when I put these up, clearly in a different part of my art world in my head.

2011-09-29 [Nioniel]: :D

2011-09-29 [playslashwrite]: Whatever you were thinking, everybody agreed to it at the time :p

And still, actually :p

2011-09-29 [Skydancer]: Well, your cute, you have a nearly naked bum and everyone loves them, so..... :D

2011-09-29 [Viking]: Yeah, these were pretty popular =P

2011-09-29 [Cillamoon]: lol You're all just great, hilarious! I'm not saying their bad, I'm just saying I've changed, morphed, since then and as an artist I go......meh. I'm better now! XD

2011-09-29 [Skydancer]: well, reshoot then.. show your ummmm yesssss.... :D hugs

2011-09-30 [Cillamoon]: LOL Marion you are funny. So glad to have you as a friend.:)

2011-09-30 [Skydancer]: If we cannot have fun, then what is the point of being so creative? Cogs in the machine we certainly are not. :)

2011-10-02 [playslashwrite]: Talk like Yoda, he does, but right, he is :p

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