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2005-12-11 15:31:29
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Welcome to the Misc. Jokes Page

This is for all those jokes that don't fall into one of the catagories listed, but are still funny as fuck. Hmm...Can I say that? Oh well, I just did :P!!

Adult Nursery Rhymes!
Bathroom Jokes
University Life
Stressed Out Santa
Medicating your cat by [iippo]
Jokes of Shit
Squirrel of Death This is so funny!! Read!
Elftown Light Bulb Jokes
Children's words about...
A Brazillian
The Naming Trend

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2005-12-07 [T_Pop]: um... with the Jokes of Shit wiki... um... is there someone im supposed to talk to about adding something or can i just add to it??

2005-12-11 [M_Sinner]: Ha... haha... HAHAHAHA!!!

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