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Don't ask.- [Leora1127]

Welcome to Misunderstood. The ONLY wiki dedicated to people who no one seems to understand. Most likely the people who visit this wiki won't understand you either, but heck! Strength in numbers, am I right? If you want to join just message [Blaze the Nameless], the temporary new owner, and tell her!


[Leora1127]: Don't even try to fathom the complexity of my regular thought process.

[Blaze the Nameless]- Doomed to be misunderstood for life.

[White Phoenix aka Ryoko]: Misunderstood. Period.

[Mackenzie] - I am misunderstood on purpose and on accident. Oh well.


[smarty pants girl 2005]

[goodness gracious]

[Rolo] none of my friends get me and give me shifty looks across my form room.

[Love is dead]




[Martox Stormclaw]


[Little Lost]

[Crimson Angel]

[Tanzi Took]



[The Last Laugh]


[gaither gurl]

[Dragon whore]

[deleted, gone]


[*_* Smiley on Ecstasy]


[JUST Mike]

[Just another heartache on my lips.]

[Take off your clothes. ♥]

[do not exist]


[44. Caliber Love Letter]

[Poison Addict]










[Crazy Cassandra!!!]

[Brokn To Perfektion]

[Hero of Time]



[Indigo Butterfly]

[Alfirin Lindlea]


[Shinras Number One]




[Shee A'beanne Alainn]





[to a new?]-sometimes it just seems that everyone is misunderstood and misinterpreted and when that feeling comes...its unexplainable how much it sucks!












[Magic is in a Sunrise]

[Huyana, Princess of Darkness]

[Clean cut and a clear purpose.]

[Gothic Vampire Princess]

[stillicide silently falling snow.x]

[Lady Lucifer]

[Lord Tharphelius]

[lips like morphine]

[Stitched Up Dolly]

[Vampir Prinzessin]

[Child Of The Dark]


[hot_ass_me (Jazzy)]

[+The Evil Death Eskimo+]


[Charity Mariah "Willow" Garcia]




[The Luggage]


[Quiet Girl]

[no roses lay there*my casket is bare]



[do not exist]

[The Misunderstood]





[David the Good]

[Black angel azarath]

[~Le Ange Gothique~]

Post poetry about your sad, misunderstood self at Misunderstood Poetry

Post random quotes at Misunderstood Quotes

Post your artwork (The wierder the better!)
at Misunderstood Art

Create badges for this wiki and post them at Misunderstood Badges

Post your wiki at Misunderstood Wikis

Aia can't get on ET anymore for a while so [Blaze the Nameless] is taking charge

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2006-02-09 [Blaze the Nameless]: True

2006-02-09 [no roses lay there*my casket is bare]: lmao xD there really was no point in that little conversation was ther elol

2006-02-10 [Blaze the Nameless]: Pudding!

2006-02-11 [no roses lay there*my casket is bare]: :O wow!! CHEESE GRATER!

2006-02-12 [Blaze the Nameless]: Cupcakes!

2006-02-13 [no roses lay there*my casket is bare]: CHOCOLATE!

2006-02-13 [Blaze the Nameless]: Cookies!

2006-02-14 [no roses lay there*my casket is bare]: ha! chocolate cookies!!

2006-02-14 [Blaze the Nameless]: Sugar cookies!

2006-02-15 [no roses lay there*my casket is bare]: :O WOW! you know...when they know, you'l kknow...ya know *nods*

2006-05-26 [Charity Mariah "Willow" Garcia]: OMG!! HI!!!!

2006-05-26 [no roses lay there*my casket is bare]: lmao HI! CRAZY HYPER PERSON! xx

2006-05-28 [Xx_soul sacrifice_xX]: how can i join??? tell moi!!

2006-05-28 [no roses lay there*my casket is bare]: i dont know...

2006-06-11 [Charity Mariah "Willow" Garcia]: *runs in circles throwing around icecream boxes(EMPTY)*

2006-06-11 [Blaze the Nameless]: *jumps around*

2006-06-20 [Leora1127]: *sigh* such is life...

2006-06-21 [Charity Mariah "Willow" Garcia]: LALALALALALALALALA!!!!!

2006-10-08 [Lady Vira]: *stares blankly* wow...and I thought I was Bad...*blinks*

2008-08-08 [Leora1127]: Oh my god.I haven't been on this site in almost two years....

2008-10-26 [Leora1127]: Okay, so intelligent conversation is utterly and completely absent from this page.

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