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Mixed and Unusual Media

Sometimes I like to make things with a variety of mediums. Here you can see art rendered in everything from acrylic paint to old make-up. These is some of my older works and do not reflect my current abilities. Recently most of my focus has been on graphite and is much more improved than what you see here.


Equus Apocalyptus
Watercolour, ink pen, and coffee


Elven Princess and Irish Faery.
These were created using old make-up and some coloured pencil.
One of them earned the Eldar Art Corner badge when I contributed to the Art Corner for The Town Herald . Both pieces are featured here: TH 13 Art Corner .


Equus Dream
Acrylic, watercolour and gold ink.


My Elftown House
This was made for the Elftown House Art Competition. I made this bright picture using PrismaColor and watercolour for the sky.


Very old painting, about 1991. Watercolour and graphite.


Raging Angels
Not really one of my favourites, but whadda ya do, eh? It’s watercolour, coloured pencil, acrylic and gold ink on paper.


Faery Fish
Rock salt and watercolour.


Duncan Idaho
Character from Frank Herbert's sci-fi masterpiece, Dune. This drawing is based on Scottish actor James Watson and his role as Duncan in the Sci-Fi Channel's 2000 mini-series of Dune. This was made using old makeup, coloured pencil, and mechanical pencil.


My entry in the Council Portrait Gallery Donations. This is made of watercolour with an overlay of Prismacolor.

White charcoal and pastel on black cardboard paper


Daisy and Larry
Acrylic, watercolour, charcoal and pencil on paper.


PrismaColor over watercolour on watercolour paper

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A Pencil In Hand
Coloured Pencil

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