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Mod Lovers

Everyone Has a Modified Mind, Deep Down.



This is not a place to be an asshole, this is a place to discuss the modifications you have, plan to have and enjoy, as well as the community in which they belong. This is not a place for making rude comments, if you do not like a particular piercing,tattoo,scarification,branding,inversion,subincision,implant,superincision,cutting,etc. then don't talk about it, it's just rude to insult someone elses modifications,if anything you should congratulate them for having the courage to modify their body outside of normal social standards. If you're disgusted by a particular mod then do not comment on it. Mention a mod you like instead.If you're going to be an asshole go join the correct rascist organization with your backwoods redneck attitude.that has been the end of this rant, now be nice, or fuck off, remember what you heard as a child "if you can't say anything nice, then shut the hell up".

Do not join if you do not plan on commenting at least occasionally.

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[Jecka]: me 3..................ahh so how bout that mass mailing thing?

[uploading art rules huh?]: i guess we will know soon.....if any new people start coming and they just happen to be on the members list, i would take it as it went good....if its even started yet....

[Jecka]: lol yeah

[Jenny Crank]: I guess james is gonna do it, he is our behind the scenes person.

[Jecka]: i see i see said the blind man to the deff guy

[Jenny Crank]: to which the deaf guy responded " i heard you the first time" lol

[Jecka]: YES

[Jenny Crank]: New addition to the page, guideline type thing..apparently we've offended people, people who dont need to be offended, normally i dont care but this matters, we shouldnt act this way.

[Jecka]: how did we offened people?

[-.-]: Hmm =)

[uploading art rules huh?]: yea i wanna know too....did have something to do with something i said? cuz if so, im really not sorry for bad, its just my nature to be an ass

[Jecka]: same

[-.-]: Then be an ass in your own head, your scaring people away. Its just a natural reaction among people. Nice people=More people. Mean people=Less people.

[Jecka]: yes but if they cant take our ass holeness/humor then that sux......and if they dont like it they should also say there side and mabey then well get some respect for them

[-.-]: Or it could start a war, and so on. I've seen it happan, peopel taking sides and going to far. Yeah it does suck, if you guys want you shoudl make a 'humer mod lovers' wiki or something. And why do you need respect for anyone? Its the internet, why not get along and dont be an ass hole? Just shove it and save it for people in real life.

[Jecka]: " why not get along and dont be an ass hole? Just shove it and save it for people in real life." hmmm could that be what respect is? and could that be what i was talking about?

[uploading art rules huh?]: or why should we even have to care about anyone elses feeling in the first place....its the internet, we shouldnt have to control the way we act here, everyone gets an equal opinion, say so, and feelings, so why try to hide how we really arefor a few dumb people who cant take it. If they dont like me being me, dont go where I...I guess you can kick me off this wiki, do what you need, but i wont change for someone i dont know, this is how i am, and im not changing. they can stop coming, or learn to cope.

[Jenny Crank]: Okay, no one is sorry, no one has to be, and frankly you guys are missing the point, lance your a lovable ass, jecka your not that much of an ass at all, so lets drop the argument and just be our asshole selves, but don't go out of your way to offend people.

[Jecka]: so hyow about them body mods

[uploading art rules huh?]: jess, where would you sugest i go to get some pearling done?

[Jecka]: i am not at all sure

[Jenny Crank]: Well, actually thats gonna be tough, it's almost illegal, it falls in between piercing and plastic surgery, so either canada, or an underground practicioner, anyway thats how it is pretty much, oh and the masters of the technique are in japan, but either way you'll have to be 18

[uploading art rules huh?]: well then. i better start saving my money to go to dontk now if you can picture it, lol, or if you want to, but i kinda want to get like a dna srand ladder effect....can you picture that? its hard to explain....

[-.-]: One thing to say.. If you wanna be an ass just get yourself banned.. I am probaly soon to be, for telling some girl the truth, sunrose said i harassed her. Soo.... Yeah. *shurgs* Dont have to worry about me for long, least I dont think so.

[Jecka]: so back to that pearling

[Jecka]: i know you can get it here (in minnesota) i know i said i wasnt sure but then i remembered my friend john has some on his arm and my friend verno has some on his forhead....i can ask around verno is a pearcer guy so ya....

[Jenny Crank]: It's almost illegal so they propably arent very straightforward about doing it though, and japan is where it originated, theyve perfected the art, and pearling on the forehead seems sort of risky and odd, it would be hard to live with and place a lot of pressure as the skin is already rather tight, are you sure it isnt transdermal implants instead, because the bearing like balls used in pearling would be really risky for that type of there would be about a 97% chance of rejection, leaving nasty scars.

[Jecka]: well i sappose it could be i never thought to much on it though

[Jenny Crank]: Yea, some procedures are rather complicated..

[Jenny Crank]: Thats right, why do you ask?

[uploading art rules huh?]: because i have read there messages and what not...someone changed his password and stuff on elftown so he cant get on, and i wanted to show someone who didnt belive me about it but i cant get on here so i figured, ill catch some proof form you by you knowing it happened

[Jenny Crank]: Or..I could let it slip that robs new password is apathy

[Jecka]: nice

[HOT PICKLE]: so true

[Jenny Crank]: I was always such a loyal friend, but he's screwed everyone over now..

[Eat Me Alive]: Hope you got what you needed, i've changed my password now.

[-.-]: I missed something..

[Jecka]: BURN

[Jecka]: ...................................

[Jenny Crank]: Whatever, so, someone else joined the damn member list and has out banner, but once again, didnt even bother to comment on the wiki, not even to say they were joining..

[Jecka]: delet em

[Bad Wolf]: Hey. I've never commented here before, but I will do so more regularly as I'd like to remain a member here.

[Jecka]: thats good

[peterpan syndrome]: Bah. So no new piercings. Not really. e.e But I did stab some needles through my tummy if anyone's interested in seeing them. :D

[Jecka]: ah shit i tried piercing my tum tum and it didnt work..but yea i would like o see

[peterpan syndrome]: <--- Tummy tummy tum-tum! :D Fat, though. e.e;;

[Jecka]: Yes because you are so damn huge. but i like it

[peterpan syndrome]: I so am.^.^ Thank you. :D I don't think it's gonna stay long. Probably just for the NIN concert tonight, then they're gone. :3 I want them professionally done.

[Jecka]: damn you and you going to nin

[peterpan syndrome]: Yea. I almost turned it down. e.e I have really bad social disorders so I'll probably be on the floor crying the entire night. And I'll look good doing it. ;) This was the motivation I needed to put in my new dreads. :3

[Jecka]: ahhh dont cry and just stand there. go mosh and cry.

[peterpan syndrome]: I don't mosh. :3 I'm fragile. e.e

[Jecka]: oh....well have fun crying?

[peterpan syndrome]: Haha. It'll be a blast, really. :3

[Jenny Crank]: NIN eh? The way i hear it they love needles too?

[peterpan syndrome]: Werd. ^.^ Just got back from the concert. It was fucking amazing. <333

[Bad Wolf]: Hey, those needles look awesome, what did you use?

[peterpan syndrome]: xD Sewing pins. :D It's all I had. e.e

[peterpan syndrome]: Omg. I had to take them out at the concert because my boyfriend knocked them out because he doesn't pay attention to things. It was awsome :D

[Jecka]: nice....ah its about time for me to get a new piercing....i just needd to decide were

[peterpan syndrome]: I need to get a new piercing, too. ;.; But not a self-done one. e.e I know a guy who'll do mine on credit for $25. :3

[Jecka]: ya i know a few people whi can pirece me but money is tight

[peterpan syndrome]: Sucks. :-/

[Jecka]: pretty much

[peterpan syndrome]: I'd give you the money if I could. ^.^ But I'm so broke. :D The only way I'm getting to these concerts is my friends. x.x

[Jecka]: ya i know how that is

[peterpan syndrome]: Money is evil. e.e And cruel. Like a cruel, cruel prank by some higher power. Oh wait! It is. e.e Suck.

[Jecka]: ah ya i hate money

[Jenny Crank]: I generally pierce my friends for free and make the money off of othert people..but i have a question for everybody...Whats your favorite bodification (new word!) related quote?

[Jenny Crank]: Mine is "I want to believe that nothing human is alien to me."-J...anonymous interview

[Jecka]: "dude tom wanna touch my arm tits?"-john aka animal

[Jecka]: he has pearling in his arm

[peterpan syndrome]: o.o Jecka's wins. :3

[Jenny Crank]: whats your fave miz vanity?

[peterpan syndrome]: Miz? :3

[Jenny Crank]: yea, whats your favorite quote?

[peterpan syndrome]: I don't have one. x.x

[Jecka]: why not!!!

[peterpan syndrome]: 'Cause I... suck? :3

[Jecka]: damn

[peterpan syndrome]: Yea. ^.^

[Jecka]: my teacher is talking about a kid O.Ding on mountian dew

[peterpan syndrome]: o___O How does that happen?

[Jecka]: 24 pack no peeing in a hourish

[Jecka]: you can OD on water also

[peterpan syndrome]: Ohh. xD Crazy!

[Jecka]: pretty much

[Jenny Crank]: Theyre saying a piercing finally caused a death now, though the infection is what killed the girl, would you say its her unclean hygienic choices or the piercings fault?

[peterpan syndrome]: Unclean hygienice choices. e.e All the way. If she were to take proper care of that piercing then she would have been just fine. What piercing was it? o__O

[Jenny Crank]: it was a nipple piercing and the infection was system wide..thats what killed her, and theyve linked it to the piercing she'd gotten a while before that..

[peterpan syndrome]: Well if she had taken care of it, she could have possibly prevented the infection. But there's also the fact to consider that she might have gotten the piercing in the wrong place- which can happen. And if she had noticed any sign of infection, then she should have most definately been on top of either taking care of it, or getting the piercing out. Jeez. People these days.

[Jecka]: *my nipples turning green...oh well" then she dies what a stupid brod

[Jenny Crank]: Lets not be too mean, she propably thought she'd be fine, and the healthcare for piercings is well..questionable at best, and woohoo, more members, and still none commented...

[uploading art rules huh?]: lol whats new?

[~Sensuous Amour~]: well i have a comment for once...even though i havent commented in a while....I GOT A TAT!!!....nobody tell my mom though!!!

[Bad Wolf]: What did you get?

[peterpan syndrome]: *whistles*... *tells your mommy* :O

[Jenny Crank]: Chick..Ricky Lee or whatever didnt do it did he??

[Jecka]: ah i cant wate till i get mine

[Jenny Crank]: I think I can wait..I have them planned and a couple sketched, but I'm waiting to pick my artist, I'm down to 2 of the best though..

[Jecka]: sounds spendy

[Jenny Crank]: yea, they'll propably be expensive, but hey, theyre gonna be there a while,,funny thought i just remembered when i wanted really expensive stuff when i was little, i told my mother, "i'll wear it forever"well i guess this is similar, only, I'm paying,

[Jecka]: lol it kinda is like that. sept you actuakt will always wear it and the paying thing

[Jenny Crank]: True, True, I'm getting "ETERNAL" tattooed on my back just below my neck, and "EVOLUTION" tattooed across my chest near the surface bars, as well as "Not all who wander are lost" scrolling spiral style down my leg, and a custom full back piece..but the word tattoos wont be plain, theyre gonna be awesome...what are you getting?

[~Sensuous Amour~]: no ricky didnt do crazy?....and its cherries...

[Jenny Crank]: cherries, where at?

[~Sensuous Amour~]: underneath my underwear line

[Jecka]: love to hate that sounds like some sweet shit

[Jenny Crank]: words can never be overdone, especially rare words

[Jecka]: true

[Jenny Crank]: I have a lot of stuff in the works..but alas its all about being what does everyone else have in the works?

[Jecka]: im designing my tat, that im sposed to get this summer. also deciding if i should split or just pierce my toung. oh oh and getting dreds soon...even though thats not nessacarly a mod.

[Jenny Crank]: If you pierce now, You can split via scalpel later with just some xylocaine, or better yet, do the cautery method, but splits are usuallu permanent, and very dangerous, so be careful, and really think before deciding, and I'm sure you'll make a great dreadhead.

[Jecka]: ya thats why i havent split it yet. im going to give it 6months to a year to sink in brfore i decide. and thanks

[Jenny Crank]: Personally I'm gonna get a super pixie!My hair will finally go fab. w/my piercings

[Jecka]: when are you doing that

[Jenny Crank]: I'm goint to louisiana the 2nd week of may to have some work done and get pixie hair.

[Jecka]: nice

[Jenny Crank]: okay,look, you people need to talk before I declare the wiki dead.

[Jecka]: talk talk talk. so is there any people getting new mods?

[Bad Wolf]: I'm getting a tatt in a coupla months.

[Jecka]: cool. whats it gunna be?

[uploading art rules huh?]: hey jess you need to help me out on this one, im looking for a girlfriend whos totally into mods, im tired of the norm girls, and since we live close, im sure you can help me find

[Bad Wolf]: It's gonna be the silhouette of a tree.

[peterpan syndrome]: Ahhhhh ;.; I'm tired of being poor. I need new piercings. Everyone feel bad for me. Yes, pitty me. :]

[Jenny Crank]: Lance, here goes it, the best thing I've found, is get a gf who wants mods and encourage her to get them, and yea..stay with her through the process and evolve together, it's very fun.

[Jenny Crank]: OK! Read my diary and recommend someone!

[Japalm]: A lot of your "members" never comment here.... Some of them still haven't even commented once

[uploading art rules huh?]: thats because most of them want to think they are into modifications, but dont have any, or dont really plan on getting them, and they dont feel the need to comment because they are just rying to fit into a group of people that are what they do actually like, but are either too scared to do it, or dont plan on it now

[peterpan syndrome]: Oohhh. Amen to that. v.v

[Jenny Crank]: Miss Vanity, can I persuade me to reccommend a piercer, read my diary, and if I come there and get them done, I'll pay for you a piercing too.

[peterpan syndrome]: The best piercer I've dealed with in this area is Shawn of Electric Sting. He's good, but I don't think he's good enough to go way out of your way to get pierced by him. :|

[Jenny Crank]: Well..there isnt anyone here at all who will do surface work on minors, even WITH the parent present, so yea, I'll come there if I have to, will you find out if he'll do it?

[peterpan syndrome]: Actually, he will! I've discussed it with him before. ANd if it's something that he won't do/hasn't done before, he'll just recommend you to other people in the area that do them. :3

[Jenny Crank]: well, will you let him know I'm interested in 2 surface bars with 14 ga standard surface bars, w/either disks or half balls? and yea, you can get pierced too..and it will be our first mod lovers meeting, maybe I'll bring lance or another member lol..

[peterpan syndrome]: I'll call him this afternoon and tell him. :] When do you think you'd be coming around?

[Jenny Crank]: I'll come next month, oh and I want an ashley (vertical inverse labret) and my sister needs her navel basically, its 3 piercings for me, something you want, and my sister(she's 27) so quite a bit of business for him right?

[peterpan syndrome]: He'll appreciate the business. :] I'll try to call this afternoon, if not, it'll be tomorrow. :3

[Jenny Crank]: Yea, so is he really expensive or what?

[peterpan syndrome]: He's pretty decent. Average priced stuff. And he'll give you a deal on them if you get more than one, etc. :3

[Jenny Crank]: That sounds great, can't wait!

[Jecka]: about how much does a tong ring cost?

[Jenny Crank]: The jewelry, or the piercing, or both because, at good quality the numbers are about 20-30 for a SSS barbell, about 50 for the piercing w/SSS barbell..oh and you can get SS(good enough unless you have an allergy) for about 5-10 if you look hard enough..

[peterpan syndrome]: I found this super amazing website that has body jewelry for CHEAP. BUt I can't remember itttt. >___< I'm seriously kicking myself for it. I'm gonna look right now. ;3

[Jecka]: just go to google google is like god of the web

[peterpan syndrome]: x3 Google = webJesus.

[Jecka]: ya huh

[Jenny Crank]: Well tribalectic is high quality and having a 20% off sale if you have the code(need the code? I'll give it to you) Anatometal is great,industrial strength and body empire are nice, body candy is a rip off, and anything called overstock or surplus is junk generally, always make sure it isnt plated nickel, but actual SS SSS or niobium,bioflex,or tygon..

[peterpan syndrome]: Oh wow if their surface bars didn't cost so much! :[

[Jenny Crank]: True, anatometal has surface bars that are pretty steep but the fact that they use disks or halfballs as well as a perfect angle incline that's the perfect length for unlikely rejection makes them well worth the like $ theyre implant grade, and internally threaded so insertion and removal aren't painful..oh and they last a no thread tearing or breakage.

[peterpan syndrome]: They're WORTH it, most definately. But ahhhh. So expensive. :3

[Jenny Crank]: If it all works out,..I'll give you like $100 to do my hair, and I'll pay for a new piercing for you, so if you want a surace bar think about it..or better yet, I'll get you one later, and you can get your lip done this time, and when I will go back, for a can get surface work? Sound cool?

[peterpan syndrome]: Awsome! :] If I do your hair, I'll probably just make you some falls. x.x I don't have the patience for braiding hair. All of the sectioning and the braiding makes my brain make a fart.

[Eat Me Alive]: Dammit noone wants to make me falls, or pick me a piercer, where is my love?

[Jenny Crank]: Ok my dears. Here is the of you needs to take mod lovers..and make it your own, please keep the banners and disclaimers, I am entirely to wraped up in personal matters to deal with has been good, who wants it?

[uploading art rules huh?]: i claim it, ill gladly take it, but only if you want me too

[Jenny Crank]: Alright, I'll message you with the password, and I hope you have more time to help it grow, I'll contribute new pictures though..from me and Mich Liebe..we are the Hole-Y couple..

[Japalm]: Technically speaking, this wiki is still partially mine

[Jenny Crank]: Yes, that is true, he has done a LOT of behind the scenes work since the beginning

[uploading art rules huh?]: if im going to be the new owner of mod lovers, the first thing i am going to want to do is take off all the members that havent been coming here

[Oh, this is still active? Lol]: Hello ^^! Sorry, i've been busy with T.U.F.A.R. ^^; lol

[Jenny Crank]: Thats a good Idea, go for it. I may not be around for a while, but I'll be back

[uploading art rules huh?]: ok well, if you dont want me to delete you form the list, send me a message....ill take them for the next week.if i dont get one, i wont keep you on

[peterpan syndrome]: KEEP ME, KEEP ME <333

[uploading art rules huh?]: ok i got two people to tell me they want to stay in, so as of right now, we are going to have three members total...hope we can get some more active members here

[Jenny Crank]: Yea..I want to be on the the founder position available?

[Japalm]: Though it's partially my wiki, I no longer want anything to do with Lance or this wiki

[Jenny Crank]: Hmm..why hate the wiki??

[Japalm]: I don't. But does it really seem like my type of thing to you?

[peterpan syndrome]: I feel stupid.. But... Who is Lance? ^.^;

[Jenny Crank]: You want a full back scarification, and are considering other things..and have at least 1 tattoo planned..

[peterpan syndrome]: Oooh. he's cute. x3

[Jenny Crank]: yea..he used to have really awesome eyebrow piercings..

[Japalm]: The pics are still on the piercings page

[peterpan syndrome]: Oooh. I see. ^.^

[uploading art rules huh?]: ok you dont want anything to do with me? ok then....and thanx about me being cute, along with i plan on getting my septum, eyebrows again....fro the third freaking time...and snakebites, as soon as i have the moeny collected to do it all

[Jenny Crank]: Glad about the brows, I would do it all myself..but yea..heading to Minnesota..unless ya wanna meet in Vegas in November? Nah, you probably wont go for anyways, find a good piercer..

[uploading art rules huh?]: im sure to, all i need to do is go to height and ashbury, soo many good peircers i love that district

[Jenny Crank]: The professional piercing revolution began in your area...I believe in was 1978 when Jim Ward opened a Guntlet there? Not to mention its the general area Fakir holds his intensives in, So I'll be there next may most likely for the branding sessions..are you gonna go to his piercing or branding classes?

[Eat Me Alive]: Well, You may be a crazy bitch, but you sure know your technical and historical piercing information, maybe you could teach a class, and have some of your new friends from the community come as guests?

[uploading art rules huh?]: oh hella yea, im gonan get back into it hardcore, i even told my mom "after a year, your going to think of me as the crazy peirced relative that no one else will enjoy around" lol....oh im gonna love it.....

[Jenny Crank]: Yea, straight up! I'm sick of this try and be normal BS,I want to be me..not normal..Maybe I'll see you at intensives?

[.the plastic emo.]: o.o hello

[Japalm]: Hello.

[Jenny Crank]: Hello as well..are we just going to say hi a lot or talk about piercings?

[uploading art rules huh?]: hopefully ill see you there

[Jenny Crank]: I'm doing his basic pierce 101, and the branding workshop, and I might catch one of his partners bodyplay seminars as well, how about you?

[Eat Me Alive]: o.O Cleo's workshop, you feisty thing, well it is alternative and associated with body modification and play..I think I may catch that one myself one day.

[Jenny Crank]: hey you have to be one HELL of a woman to hook the father of the modern primitives movement, this industry wouldnt be the same without him, I say we see what she's got

[saberhagen]: i have new pics of me and my sone and chris up

[uploading art rules huh?]: uh katie, what does that matter about mods? at all? unless you chris and adam got mods in the pictures

[peterpan syndrome]: Sydney is going to New York, kiddos! ^.^

[Jenny Crank]: Zesty doll, be sure to catch the best the gutterpunks, everyone loves gutterpunks they have wonderful percings, are you moving or visiting?

[.the plastic emo.]: I wish i had snakebites

[Jenny Crank]: lol..then get them..

[Eat Me Alive]: we dont all have that luxury jess

[Jecka]: toung being pierced in....fuck the math...on saterday for my b-day presant YAYS

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