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Mod Lovers

Everyone Has a Modified Mind, Deep Down.



This is not a place to be an asshole, this is a place to discuss the modifications you have, plan to have and enjoy, as well as the community in which they belong. This is not a place for making rude comments, if you do not like a particular piercing,tattoo,scarification,branding,inversion,subincision,implant,superincision,cutting,etc. then don't talk about it, it's just rude to insult someone elses modifications,if anything you should congratulate them for having the courage to modify their body outside of normal social standards. If you're disgusted by a particular mod then do not comment on it. Mention a mod you like instead.If you're going to be an asshole go join the correct rascist organization with your backwoods redneck attitude.that has been the end of this rant, now be nice, or fuck off, remember what you heard as a child "if you can't say anything nice, then shut the hell up".

Do not join if you do not plan on commenting at least occasionally.

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[Jenny Crank]: yay..get a 12 ga barbell, reduces the possibilities of the cheese grater effect.

[Jecka]: ahhh! i will keep that one in mind, good thing my piercing was posedponed and i got to come to good ol' elftown! =-)

[Eat Me Alive]: More people need to come talk here

[Japalm]: Perhaps we should have a banner contest and put some info in the other sections? Oh, and put up some links too...

[Japalm]: How many people would be interested in participating in a banner contest?

[peterpan syndrome]: I'll do it. ^.^ I think it'd be funnn :]

[tongue twister]: I think the banner contest would be a great idea. People would be interested. Just put it out there.

[Japalm]: The rules for the banner contest are on mod lovers banners. The poll to choose the new banner will be there as well.

[VT]: Hey! I was planning on getting a septum peircing in the near future. What type of bar or ring should i start with? How much does it over all cost, with the maintnance and everything?

[The New Enigma]: Hey everyone, I just joined. Does anyone have recomendations on where to buy jewlery and whatnot? Or does it not matter so long as its the right kind?

[Jenny Crank]: It depends on where the jewelry is going, for my totally healed cartillage piercings (like ear and septum) I'm fine with something from the mall, but for more sensitive piercings like the lip, bridge, anti-brow..anything non cartillage basically, or even fresh cartillage you need to go with a high grade metal or something organic like bone..I recomment one tribe international for organics..and I order most of my SSS from either tribalectic or bmeshop, they carry brands like industrial strength, and anatometal, that are the very has jewelry reviews for all kinds of places though, check that out..also don't order from anywhere that sells barbells for like 99 cents..unless you plan on just removing the balls and using them, because the metal is generally a nickel alloy, and can injure you pretty badly...oh and bodycandy is horrible, they sell low quality at mediocre prices.

[The New Enigma]: Thanks, I appreciate the advice ^_^

[*Your Beautiful Nightmare*]: hello everybody how are all of you??? i just joined yay

[Jecka]: Ello, so do any of you live in minnesota?
there is a suspnsion show going on by my friend verno and its actually a open one.

[~Sensuous Amour~]: hey there!...what has everybody been up to?..i havent had time to talk to anybody cause ive been really busy with workin all the time!

[Bad Wolf]: AAAAAAH! Got my first tatt today XD

[StonedPoet]: I want to get snakebites. I think peircigns are awesome.

[Ktcm]: Eh... I'm thinking about snakebites, a double nose ring thing I saw on one of Luis Royo's artwork, and maybe my nipple done, uncertain on the last. ^^;

[Jecka]: Just got my belly buttin done....not so profesionaly though. anyone have any after care tips?

[Japalm]: Who wants to be the owner of this page? I'll give the password to them so they can edit it.

[Jenny Crank]: I think I'd like to have it back..I created it..and now I'm branded,pierced and maybe ready to have it back.

[Jecka]: I wouldnt mind helping out with it.

[Japalm]: Well, you already know the password.

[Jenny Crank]: alright..and heres an idea, know any pierced elftowners? ANY? why dont we all hunt down and try to get as many as possible to enter and have us a mr. and ms. mod beauty our way.

[Jecka]: ooh sounds like a good idea. I'm down.

[kitti]: ok, i REALLY want to get my tounge peirced, but one of my best tallents is belly dancing with my tounge, its really bizzare, and im not sure if i will still be able to do it if i pierce my tounge. i dont know anyone else that can move their tounge like mine, before or after getting it pierced, anyone have any info on this? message me please!

[Jack Off Jill]: :D yay a mod lover's wiki!!

at the moment, i have a dragon on my left peck (scarification) but i'll eventually i'm planning on getting about 50 or so peicings... and a few more scarifications like another dragon to match the one i already have

[Jenny Crank]: Of course, my brain child, modification is my life, or my life is always in modification..whichever way you see it. well, when will we have some contestants for our mod beauty contest, I'm thinking amazon gift cards as prizes.

[Crimson]: Nice...I used to have 12 piercings...2 got ripped out, 2 grew out *shrugs* (re-doing those soon...dress code at the new school is making me wait 18 months til I graduate)...
2 tattoos...
Thinking about getting the tongue pierced...but I don't wanna do it if I won't be able to roll my tongue anymore (think "the wave" with your tongue)...
Piercing the nipples eventually...hard to space new tattoos and new piercings...
Saving for gas money for school is putting all that on hold, unfortunately...

[Jenny Crank]: well, thats what networking is for, make friends with a good tatt artist and a great piercer and they'll take care of you, its the nature of our community.

[Crimson]: Yeah, I've got a good friend who is a piercer...he can't make up his mind whether or not I'll lose the ability to roll my tongue and whatnot.

I have a few friends that are tattoo artists...but they're quite inexperienced and not up to the skill level that I desire (I'm picky, sue me.) The problem I've noticed even with them is that they tend to reccomend their friends who need money, more than artists that are up to par with what I want.
(I find an artist who's up to par, and he rips me off...)oh well...

[Jenny Crank]: okay, heres the deal, You may not be able to roll your tongue with certain jewelry in, but itshouldnt disable the ability as you arent severing or puncturing any nerves.

[kitti]: awesome. yeah, i was just sitting around the other night and was talking about how people can bellydance, and some chicks can flip quarters on their stomach, and i tried it with a penny (not only 2007 and very shiny, but it was ran through the washer, and either way putting a "clean" coin in my mouth cant be any worse then making out with someone... lol) but anyways, i can fuckin flip coins on my tounge! is that the coolest talent or what???

[Crimson]: Heheh, it is fun to do that...until you inhale at the wrong time and choke on it. (OR just don't do it when you're that drunk.) 

[kitti]: yeah, its cool, bellydancing with my tounge. im so proud of my tounge! i can even tie a knot in a cherry stem (man, that took some practce though)

[Crimson]: Yeah, that one usually does take how these are skills though that are traditionally to impress girls (Hell, even my tongue-rolling is about useless on guys.)

But right many things can the tongue be taught to do? ;p

[Jenny Crank]: I can tie knots in cherry stems too, often 2-3 knots it one stem..but the belly dancing thing, not quite..

[kitti]: the tounge can be taught to do many-a-splended things... haha

[Jecka]: And this is how you know this is a mostly chick page.
How in the world can you tie 2-3 knots? After one I feel like i did to much work for a stem!

[Jenny Crank]: I'm one of those keep trying/determined people..

[Jecka]: Makes sense. Im more of a "sweet i did it now weres my beer" kinda people =)

[Jenny Crank]: lol..beers alright, but if I came with an advisory sticker it would say "I advise Seagrams"

[kitti]: yeah, i think the reason chicks put soo much drive into things like tieing cherry stems into knots is just to be able to catch the eye of any guy she wants (and having a tallent like that really cuts down on the compettion)

[Jenny Crank]: Mine was competitive but not over some guy, I knew a girl who could..and so I tried and tried and I could to and it became competitive

[Ktcm]: Uhm... I can tie cherry stems with my tongue... :/ and I don't put drive into it for boys <<; >>; ~is a lesbian~ >.<;

[Jecka]: That makes even more sense!

[kitti]: i love lesbians. unfortuatly, whats true about tiggers does not go for lesbians too... (the most wonderfull thing about tiggers, is im the only one!)

[Ktcm]: o.o; why is that unfortunate... I mean... I can't speak for all lesbians... but I'm pretty sure if there were only one >>; it would be a lot more of a trouble finding a girlfriend >>; <<; :-P T-I-Grrr ^-^;

[Jecka]: The more the merrier!

[Ktcm]: Hah. Yeh I suppose so.

[kitti]: haha, yeah, i need to have some taste for the in a place like this if i want to keep from going completly crazy....

[Jenny Crank]: the great thing about the modified community is its forefathers are composed of a gay guy, a kinky straight guy,the current frontrunners are a lesbian, a straight kinky guy and a shy guy, its a wonderfully diverse community..oh and we have Masuimi too, and I'm happy to call her a personal friend..

[Ktcm]: o.o; Well... I can't personally say anything about all that... because I don't know, but eh, tis cool. ^-^; Rawr... everytime I see your name... I think "Can't you trip like I do." :/ I don't remember the song/artist except it's on the spawn soundtrack.

[Jenny Crank]: The CRYSTAL METHod..featuring filter...and the question is..can't you? But the current frontrunners..are Angel from Rings of desire, now relocated to meridita mexico, she's a lesbian, Shannon Laratt is the guru of all things mod journalism, and a really sweet guy...

[Crimson]: I'd think someone like Steve Haworth was a frontrunner...hell, he invented a lot of modern modifications, and performs the surgeries for them.

[Jenny Crank]: Yea, I know him, his main medium is teflon lol..he's a wonderful subdermal and transdermal implant artist.

[Crimson]: Yes, he is. Heh, hence one of my required speeches last year revolved around him. (Why do I take speech classes as electives?) Maybe because I enjoy educating the change-shy college kids and proffs...though maybe next time I'll leave the procedural pics out...I think that made people sick.

Sorry, insomnia leads to babbling...

[Trepanation]: Procedure is very important in education.

[Crimson]: Yes, it is...but when the focus of the speech isn't on procedure, and they're not really paying attention to the rest of the speech because of those photos - the point is lost. And I could write a whole other speech on procedure alone, anyway. :D

[kitti]: hmm... this is really random, but knowing quite a bit about each subject, i wonder if chocolate (the consumption of which triggers dopamine to be released in the brain) and schitzophrenia (thought to be caused by an imbalence of dopamine) could be related....

[Jenny Crank]: My brain is currently experiencing lots of dopamine issues as I am going through the long process of quitting and staying off of methamphetamines, I'm almost a month in and my brain is just now balancing out its own production, but at first I really really really liked candy..without knowledge of any brain triggers, so I dont know so much on the scizo side, BUT I'm sure Shy can since he's got scizophrenic psychosis on account of high methamphetamine intake coupled with heroine use, which I dont condone but I dont judge.

[Trepanation]: I would say there is a definite connection. I wasnt schizo until I threw meth in the picture and the main active ingredient there is dopamine, hence the reference to it as dope.

[kitti]: .... you guys are talking about candy, im talking about candy. thats funny.

[Jenny Crank]: And people coming off of meth always eat a lot of candy, conscience loves licorice. I like chocolates and sour candy, twacky loves cake rolls...and shy has a couple drug related tatts that he got while trying to quit..

[Crimson]: Hmm...I was treated for schizophrenia (which there isn't a "t" in)...before I ever had chocolate. And anyway, you're referencing the dopamine theory, which is now viewed as being overly simplistic. One of the drugs they first use in treating schizophrenia blocks dopamine functions. (Yay antipsychotic meds - pretty much only treats the "positive" symptoms.) dad didn't eat a lot of candy when coming off meth, neither did my ex's brother. o.O; Neither did I. (Then again, drugs don't act like they should with me...) Though excessive eating in general is common when coming off..

(And hell, if you want the shit legally all you have to do is fake ADHD and make sure the other drugs don't "work" on they'll give you Desoxyn)

Anyhoo...oh yeah, here "dope" refers to heroin...but that's one of those lovely things that vary by region...

I'm done babbling for now...

[Jenny Crank]: The term dope started in the 60's and really was referencing the dopamine. Some places tweakers are on coke, here theyre on meth, candy can be a lot of things depending on how you view it, but generally theres some sweet confection involved. It could also be how long a person is on..I was a 16 year old meth head,now I'm 18...but in realted news, I know there's no T in it..

[chilli_icecream]: meths? lie meth spirits? Im dumb. so do folk eat candy to increase the dopamine or they like it more because they have high dopamine? Cause I quite often dislike sweet does that mean im less schitz? or something the other way? :S I am kinda jumping to conclusions though.

[Jenny Crank]: This has strayed far from the original idea I think lol..but I dont think its really known for sure what/if theres a connection there.

[Crimson]: You'd have to really really overreact to chocolate/any dopamine-releasing sweets for it to come close to the levels of imbalance seen in schizophrenia.

And I said it varies by region already. (And if you want to be specific, yes it is in reference to dopamine, but the slang term was applied to the drug that released it.) But any idiot knows that. -.-;

As for candy, I was refering to sweets in general. Blah, now I'm remembering again why I left this place for a long while. Hopefully my classes will pick up soon enough to keep me more busy.

[Trepanation]: I think it's your know it all attitude. That's most likely the reason you left, no most likely the fact that you're only mildly informed, but overly brash, you probably think you're smarter than others...when really you know nothing..

[Jenny Crank]: OKay,I think theres a difference in oppinion and research there, I wont say any study is right or wrong but I can say that there was dopamine involved in how trepanation there became schizo in the first yes, I've seen his drs and medical documentation saying it played a part..moral of the story..dopamine could have a large role in there...but more important than that..Drugs are bad..okay..maybe not bad..but bad for you.

[Trepanation]: Dopamine can be prescribed as a treatment for schizophrenia in some cases as well though, its a cure and a trigger, depending which side of the sword you prefer.

[Jenny Crank]: Shy has a couple drug related tatts I'd like to add pics of, he has "stay true" across his knuckles, with "still spun" on the other side of his fingers, as well as "The truth" with a burning book on his left hand,..which I helped him design, he's quite a piece of art.

[Trepanation]: Thankyou, for the help with designs as well as the compliment, other than us, there have been some other talented artists involved in bringing the ideas to life.

[Japalm]: *ECHOoooooooooooooo

[Jenny Crank]: Well..I think we love mods enough now to try this again..

[Trepanation]: Sounds like a plan.

[Jenny Crank]: Well..we have a lot to banners..

[Trepanation]: I can provide my tattoo photos.

[Jenny Crank]: That's a start.

[Trepanation]: Shouldn't we at least have a third tweakerteer to help with this?

[Jenny Crank]: Most likely..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: has anyone gotten any new body mods, or are you guys just bark and no bite

[Jenny Crank]: the last 2 weeks I've gotten 3 tattoos and a new piercing..I'm suspending next month and getting my anti-brow done in a couple weeks..and He just got a new tatt like a week ago.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: are they atleast bigger tattoos?
since last year, i got 2 new tattoos, and getting another big one in 2 weeks.
i got my nipples, snake bites, vertical labret, tongue, and hood pierced. soon to be getting my nape done

[Jenny Crank]: I have 10 tatts.. the smallest is a tear drop between 2 of my fingers..I have EVOLUTION is a pretty nice sized font across my chest..a moderately large ankh on my left shoulder and various others..mostly nice sized words like ETERNAL,Pain,Love,Salvation,Addiction..lots of them..none of them are small though.

[Trepanation]: I have over a dozen ranging from large angel wings to crossed razors as well as both hands,my knuckles,my stomach and I'm starting on my legs.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: I have to keep my tattoos hidden for the most part. I work in a professional office, and although my boss does not care, I have to keep up the appearance. So for now, everything is covered by shirts or jeans

[Jenny Crank]: I study nursing and addiction therapy,so during clinicals,I have to wear undershirts with the scrubs,and I pretty much will always have to,so I can understand that.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: He doesn't even mind the three holes i have in my lip, or the fact i gauge my ears. i just dont want him to look bad when we have people come in the office

[Jenny Crank]: Well..for me its also for a sanitation issue, it's not a big risk,but piercings and sick people aren't the best combo.

[Trepanation]: Well,in my career it isn't very important,I'm an executive but my degree matters more than my appearance.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: I met the CEO of our company, and he thought it was really cool. He said as long as I do my job and do it well, that he has no room to complain. But we are supposed to have the professional appearance, and I try to respect that.

[Trepanation]: I can respect that,I have a degree from MIT so I never have an issue with finding a good job,and it seems they really don't care what I look like.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: I was not cut out for the type of work I do. It pays well though, so I can't complain. In the future however, I may want to look for a different job that may not be so kind to tattoos and piercings

[Jenny Crank]: What field are you interested in?

[chilli_icecream]: It wouldnt affect I dont have any tatoos (though i love em) me but i dont give a sh** anyway who cares theyre just tatoos!

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: Not really sure what I want to do. I think about getting into tattooing and piercing. I draw well, and have actually had family memebers get my art tattooed on them. Huge fan of piercings, and did most of them myself, before I had to take them out and get them redone. Both are kind of hard fields to get into unless you know the right people to keep your business running.

[Jenny Crank]: are you at writing? I've pretty much neglected my MM article,and you're welcome to pick it up..and that does give you access to people like Bryan Henderson and Shannon LaRatt..owner of BME..personally..I'm a big Steve Joyner fan currently..and focusing on performance suspension.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: Not much on writing. I do secretary type work where I am now, answer phones, files, research, bills, etc. I can't just sit still all the time. Thought about getting into glass blowing also, but its an expensive thing to get into and start

[Jenny Crank]: Yea..It's very interesting though,and the results are beautiful..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: I did it for a Senior Project in high school. Had 2 different mentors, one for glass blowing with a kiln, the other lamp working with a torch. Both are awesome, but I think I prefered the lamp working. More cost effective, better pieces, easier to work with, and not much of a mess to deal with

[Jenny Crank]: could find a way to mix mod and work with jewelry is very pretty and in demand..

[Trepanation]: I love quartz.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: I make hemp necklaces as a hobby. I have pendants with mushrooms in them that I made into some very beautiful pieces. Part of my problem is, I dont want to turn a hobby into my job.....what will I do for fun at that point,lol

[Jenny Crank]: I'm not sure..find a new hobby?

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: lmao, have to do stuff that is kid friendly.....Single mom of a two year old. Her dad is worthless, doesnt pay child support, but gets visitation because the state makes it where I have to

[Jenny Crank]: Thats BS..he should have to pay child support..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: he is supposed to, but since i got custody of her, if i dont allow him to see her, i could go to jail. he is almost $4000 in back support. they cant suspend his license cause he doesnt have one, he is homeless and job hops, so they cant garnish his sucks, but i kind of like it this way. my daughter calls my current bf (who has only been around a couple months) dad.....she doesnt really know her dad, and runs from him.

[Jenny Crank]: Aww that's kind of sad..I would be so mad at him..oh I'm putting up a pic of my fresh chest piercing..

[Trepanation]: I find it lovely and still love how evolution looks like a 3 d image from your chest.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: I am furious with her dad. I try to stay civil and get along, soley for my daughter. However, when my daughter is not around, and we are able to talk alone, I told him I wished he would just sign over any and all rights, that way he is out of my life, and he would not have to pay child support. My kid is gonna end up in counseling because he biological is worthless, and the guy I am dating is more like a father

[Jenny Crank]: Well..every child needs a father figure,biological or not.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: I would rather my bf be her dad than her biological. They have formed a very strong bond, of which I have never seen my daughter do. They really act like a dad and daughter should, and I couldn't ask for better.

[Jenny Crank]: That's beautiful,I guess you've been blessed. I just got my nape pierced..

[Trepanation]: That's lovely,but I'm certain it was quite the pain in your neck?

[Jenny Crank]: haha I guess so.

[Trepanation]: I'm sorry to hear it must be removed.

[Jenny Crank]: will be gone in a couple of hours.

[Trepanation]: I hate to see it go?

[Jenny Crank]: You never really saw it in person.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: woot!! i got a new tattoo on saturday :)

[Jenny Crank]: What did you get?

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: cherry blossom going up my left side on my ribs. also has 2 butterflies, and eternal love in chinese characters
i posted a pic of it on my profile

[Jenny Crank]: It looks really nice..I dig it.

[Trepanation]: It looks very smooth with your curves,the artist did an excellent job.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: ^-^ I did the artwork for the tattoo, and I let my artist decide what colors to use

[Jenny Crank]: I love original designs..flash is so..overdone..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: i dont have any flash on my skin....i refuse to have someone elses design on me. i am a one of a kind, and so is my art

[Jenny Crank]: That's the way to do it.

[chilli_icecream]: everyoe is one of a kind...even an identical twin. mods as far as im concerned are an expression and a bit of fun.(lasting fun obv)

[chilli_icecream]: dont tink your better because youve got mods. surely its for others as well as everything in life. I see many people who seem ostracised because of their mods, its a megga thing to do in some peoples eyes. youve got to think what it says about yourself before you go out there...does anyone agree? *que angry whiplash;p*
it just made me think 'im one of a kind' well you dont have to do anything to be one of a kind, you just are...what are you really trying to do??

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: i dont do it to be different, i do it because i enjoy them. none of my tattoos show if i dont want them to, so there isnt even a hint of one. every guy i date hates the majority of the piercings i have, but that is how they met me, they can take it or leave it.
it doesnt take mod for me to be different, i know i am unique, regardless of what i look like, or the mods i have

[Jenny Crank]: I think people get a little out of hand on this topic,and my mods are somewhat a part of my uniqueness,if not for my personality,they wouldn't be the same..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: my personality hasnt changed at all because of my mods. other than some life changing experiences, i still act the same as i did before my mods. it does add to my uniqueness, but it doesnt make "me" different

[Jenny Crank]: I mean..that..My mods are different because of who I am..the inspiration comes from my own life..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: wont be getting mods again for a while. promised my bf i wouldnt get any while he is gone

[Jenny Crank]: Where did he go?

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: he is in jail for a while......long story, still kinda fresh and a sore subject

when he gets out we are gonna get a tattoo together

[Jenny Crank]: Oh,that's unfortunate,but these things happen..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: ya, but i am staying with him, so its biggie, we will work through it

[Trepanation]: What sort of tattoos are you getting,seperate designs or companion pieces?

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: he is wanting to do matching tattoos.....not sure what he is planning, but i dont really care either unless its really stupid....i will never get a guys name tattood on me

[Jenny Crank]: Yea,I would never do that either.

[Trepanation]: I have your name tattooed on me,and I don't regret it.

[Jenny Crank]: I think of it as a curse...relationships never seem to last once you've inked the name..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: exactly.....i can dedicate a piece to someone, but there is always going to be a different reason for the tattoo

[Jenny Crank]: Yea...I can see getting a tattoo to symbolize a person or relationship..but not just putting their name on you.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: people that do that are just waiting for a failed relationship. my new tattoo is for my bf....i already made the cherry blossom design, and decided to add on the butterflies, one for me, one for him, and the chinese symbols for eternal love

[Jenny Crank]: Thats very sweet.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: i have no doubt in my mind, that i am going to marry him, and i wont regret having that piece for him

[Jenny Crank]: I actually feel bad for Shy here in the future,he has my name and several tattoos designed around me,and we aren't together anymore..

[Trepanation]: I don't regret any of it,it's beautiful art and will always hold meaning for me.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: that is kinda sad, but it helps build character and learn from makes you a stronger person

[Trepanation]: I love all of my tattoos,they're each unique and have a different story behind them.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: exactly....each tell a story of your life, and how you interpreted

[Jenny Crank]: I love symbolic tattoos..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: mine each have a special meaning to me

[Jenny Crank]: So do mine..I plan to tell my entire Life's story on my Skin..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: :) i love looking at peoples ink because i like guessing their story

[Jenny Crank]: That can be a lot of fun.

[Trepanation]: But some are quite challenging to interpret.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: most couldnt guess half of mine,lol.......its rather entertaining to get around drunk people trying to guess mine. people kept asking me if my crab was supposed to be a scorpion

[Jenny Crank]: That's pretty my interview with mizuz inkaholik is can see her at and the interview should be out on MM in about a week..

[Trepanation]: It was lovely.

[Jenny Crank]: Thankyou,it was a fun interview.

[saberhagen]: i see yall still talk about the same old shit on here

[Jenny Crank]: Yea..I still love the same old mods..

[Trepanation]: Anyone getting new mods?

[Jenny Crank]: I got the seal of Hathor scalpeled into my lower back..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: boob jobs count as body mod?

[Jenny Crank]: I would say so lol..I'm about to get a new set of toys myself...and some cylindrical teflons to compliment them..Have you gotten one?

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: im getting a boob job soon. raised $6800 in 10 months

[Jenny Crank]: Very Nice! I've been shopping for the right set lol..something to compliment my chest design with the tatts,and cylindrical chest implants I'm getting..I want to find the right size and shape..I have some nice full C's-small D's..but they just arent what I want..I'm thinking a full D with a lift..positioning them higher would make a couple designs pop..what are you getting?

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: i am getting high profile cohesive silicon gel implants....375-400cc to make me a full C

[chilli_icecream]: im getting breast implants in the back of my head to act as a head rest. 35 DD

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: lmfao....very nice

[Jenny Crank]: Yea..definately has me topped..

[Trepanation]: I got some new tattoos and put up some new photos,however I'm not planning on breast implants for myself.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: lmfao....lots of people get them for the wrong reasons. i am getting them so i can fit in clothes, i am completely content with my breasts the way they are now.

[Jenny Crank]: Personally,I want implants for aesthetic purposes..they're acceptable,but I want cylindrical implants as well,and the implants are helpful in achieving the look I want..

[chilli_icecream]: what are cylindrical implants? You keep mentioning them.

[Jenny Crank]: teflon cylinders under my straws kind of..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: Not that I would complain if my breasts look bigger, but I don't want them for the attention.

[Jenny Crank]: I have an idea of what I shoud look like and it involves the breasts being slightly larger and higher,and the chest itself having a ribbed quality..

[Crimson]: Yay! Got an industrial in my right ear as well as a vertical hood 2 days ago. (Mostly because they couldn't do what I wanted and I didn't feel like driving an hour to a piercer I didn't really trust, regardless if mine recommended them or not). -I still haven't had a piercing hurt yet! ;p

[chilli_icecream]: So surely the cylindrical implants just look like lumps? Why not solid implants...why hollow like straws surely that could cause complications?

[Jenny Crank]: with proper design it will look like thin ribbing..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: I got my breast implants last week. Didn't hurt once, just a bit of pressure and a little sore. They look amazing though

[SilverFire]: Got a double tragus done today, looks fairly neat. Though with how he's positioned them I'm pretty sure I could get a third in there. I'm so tempted by that. <_<

[Jenny Crank]: Congrats guys!

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: <img500*0:stuff/aj/102892/1252480755.jpg> Microdermal anchors rock!!

[Jenny Crank]: They certainly do! I'm super excited about work on my sleeve beginning..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: what are you getting done?

[Jenny Crank]: My friends lol.. I'm doing my left sleeve in My modified model female Mas (Masuimi Max) and Annette (Mizuz Inkaholik)..Dale "The Nail" is doing the Mas portrait at the immersed in ink convention coming up..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: Very nice. I can't wait to get my next two tats. Ive gotten 5 new piercings and 2 new tattoos since June. And since I started dating my tattoo artist (my dream come true, Ive been drooling over him for the last 5 years), my tattoos are free

[Jenny Crank]: Yep..I've been there..I generally date other artists..but..I'm branching out..There are a lot of really awesome guys in the industry though, and the artistic talent is just a bonus.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: It has nothing to do with my tats being free now. I could care less about that. He is my dream guy in everyway,lol

[Jenny Crank]: Yea..I dont date to get free work either lol..its just amazing the different personalities you meet, congrats on finding the right one for you..thats the trick!

[Trepanation]: Clearly I should learn to tattoo.

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