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2005-12-09 11:09:58
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<*IMG:*> make it easier for you guys to put it in your houses

Welcome this is my new wiki and i would like to first point out that this is for boys and girls alike if you wish to join send me a message and ill will give you some questions to see if you are truly a Modern Witch, Warlock, or Vampire. We even take Werewolves and Demons.

[Wolf Of Love and lust]-Follow me into the dark tower of eternity!
[December Moon]

Peace Keepers:
[Guardian of the Night] Head Peace Keeper

[Dark Vampire D]
[beautiful _ darkness]
[Dark Vampire Queen]
[Death's Die-Ary]
[VINNI_] also a witch
[I Want U But I'm Not Giving In This Time]me also a witch
[The Assassin]

[eyes of frost] I am a mix. Vampire, witch, and a shape-shifter. So I am now a demon child. Sweeps a low curtsy.
[~And the wind calls her Demona~] I'm part witch, part vamp, part lycan, and part merecat, basically I'm a mix breed.

[ShiftySkillet] evil witch, bitch
[virus the sirus] heheh you shall feel my wrath
[Jessika Maria.]
[Hallow's Eve] merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.
[sic_twisted_me] ~*~Blessed Be~*~
[deranged-bugosh] And ye harm none, do what ye will..
[Jewl] Supposedly I'm a very dark witch... with a tan.
[blackwitch]Don's mess whit me!P.S.I am a druid too!
[Anduraja] im evil, a witch and i have a really short temper


[Shas'o Tyler] IM GOOD!
[Lycanthrope Heart]

Temple of Assassins

Username (or number or email):


[Wolf Of Love and lust]: rock of some sort

[katriana_borgova]: It's rock.

[naughty_goth]: awesomeness

[katriana_borgova]: ahhhh. I am eclectic, I like most everything, except rap and pop because honestly, no talent!

[naughty_goth]: lol

[katriana_borgova]: The only thing they have is either a delusional fanatasy about how great they are, or they have enough balls to sell woman beating and negatively placed lyrics with the word Nigger in it to a generation of kids who are stupid enough to buy it.

[naughty_goth]: so true

[NiceGuy213]: I agree, but I still listen to it. Some of it is pretty good. I like listening to the beats and the music, not necessarily the words.

[katriana_borgova]: I'm sorry but if I hear another so called recording artist tell me how they are going to "fuck up those niggers and bust a cap in their ass" one more time, I think I'll hurl.

[naughty_goth]: lol

[katriana_borgova]: MUTANT ENEMY!

[naughty_goth]: lol

[Shikitty]: (( Magic Simplicity needs members! It is a magic school rp. Just go and look! If you're interested talk to [KnightAngel] ))

[Wolf Of Love and lust]: <img:10246_1112482186.jpg> I WILL EAT YOU ALL!

[invictusbass]: anyone here honestly and truly believe in actual vampires?
*serious face*

[invictusbass]: if you truly believe that vampires are real, come talk to me at Katherine Says Hi

[naughty_goth]: ello all

[Wolf Of Love and lust]: holy crap... i didn't realize i ran this..

[naughty_goth]: lol what??

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