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2005-11-21 22:54:54
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*This page has been stolen by [SilverFire]*

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2005-01-30 [peace4all_monkey]: then why did u steal the page?

2005-01-31 [SilverFire]: Because I can, eejit.

2005-02-12 [jo has gone]: hey look a monkey! *runs away*

2005-03-02 [purple_angel]: MONKEY!!!!

2005-03-02 [SilverFire]: Fuck Off!!! Shitbag; try to be original for once in your pathetic little life.

2005-03-02 [jo has gone]: urm

2005-03-02 [SilverFire]: O.o sacré bleu.

2005-06-21 [The Real Folk Blues]: Just so everyone knows, there are subspecies of monkeys. Yes, but hear me out. For example, the singer Moby, he is a good monkey, who lives in his disguised jungle house and composes music. As for Evil Monkeys, the best examples are Usher and President Bush, but Bush is not the most evil of the evil monkeys, so he's a little of both I guess. Sorry, a little bit of silliness never hurt anyone. Ow!

2005-06-25 [~*Brittney*~]: monkeyz rock!!!!!!

2005-07-17 [thehogfather]: I like monkies, so why's this up again?

2005-09-03 [wildd pepsi]: monkeys r awsome!! hi [peace4all_monkey] wazz up!!

2005-09-03 [peace4all_monkey]: whats the fucking point in stealing a perfectly good page..if u WANT a page then go MAKE a page

2005-09-04 [SilverFire]: The point is seeing little dipshits like you have a little tantrum over my classyness ;) Besides - I've MADE lots of pages - hell, I've made more pages than you've had hot meals.

2005-09-05 [honey luver]: just stop it!! and stop stealing pages!!!Go make ur own and if u talk to my friend like that again i will steal ur pages!!!!and guess what-dont leave ur password with anyone!!^^

2005-09-05 [honey luver]: @(>.<)@

2005-09-05 [SilverFire]: Oh fuck of you silly little dipshit. -.- No, I won't stop stealing pages - and if you friends are rude to me, then I'll damn well be rude back - let them fight their own fights - you just make them look even more pathetic by defending them. And guess what? I'll leave my password with whoever I damn like - and you won't find it out. Sorry; I'm distinctly unafraid of you and your empty threats.

2005-09-06 [wildd pepsi]: wat empty threats? just stop fighting! plzz and mangomonkey just stop fighting!!

2005-09-06 [wildd pepsi]: hello mangomonkey i said HI!!

2005-09-07 [SilverFire]: <quote> if u talk to my friend like that again i will steal ur pages if u talk to my friend like that again i will steal ur pages</quote> Those empty threats.

2005-09-08 [wildd pepsi]: oh okay

2005-09-27 [The Cats Pajamas]: k well im so lost where am i idk ......

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