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2006-01-25 15:50:52
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Brought to you by The Old Wiki Candy Shop


<img:stuff/green-lolly-mood.gif> <img:stuff/magenta-lolly-mood.gif> <img:stuff/blue-lolly-mood.gif> <img:stuff/purplelollym.gif> <img:stuff/rdlolmd.gif> <img:stuff/yelololmod.gif> 

<img:stuff/blue-smartie-mood.gif>  <img:stuff/yellow-smartie-mood.gif> <img:stuff/green-smartie-mood.gif> <img:stuff/purple-smartie-mood.gif> <img:stuff/lime-green-smartie-mood.gif> <img:stuff/magenta-smartie-mood.gif> <img:stuff/orange-smartie-mood.gif> <img:stuff/rdsmartimd.gif> <img:stuff/turqsmmd.gif>

<img:stuff/candycanemood.gif> <img:stuff/mood-chocolate.gif> <img:stuff/coffee-alpenliebe-mood.gif> <img:stuff/redalpnlbmd.gif> <img:stuff/gmmd.gif> <img:stuff/koul.gif> <img:>
<img:stuff/0ml.gif> <img:stuff/1ml.gif> <img:stuff/4ml.gif> <img:stuff/5ml.gif> <img:stuff/6ml.gif> <img:stuff/8ml.gif> <img:stuff/9ml.gif> <img:stuff/1gsj.gif> <img:stuff/2gsj.gif> <img:stuff/3gsj.gif> <img:stuff/4gsj.gif> <img:stuff/5gsj.gif>

[New Mood Candy!]

<img:stuff/jitwb.gif> <img:stuff/cfmj.gif> <img:stuff/ccmj.gif> <img:stuff/lfmj.gif><img:stuff/ofmj.gif>


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2005-12-01 [Misty Lady]: I love the candy cane....*runs off with it*.

2005-12-01 [Jitter]: Heheh I'm really fond of it too! It's the most used image in my mood slot ^_^

2005-12-26 [Jitter]: I can't see what you changed Loth :s

2005-12-26 [Lothuriel]: I just added the password, I havent' added any yet, lol

2005-12-26 [Jitter]: Oh! Ok :D

2006-06-30 [Koralita]: how can you get this great, delicious candy in your mood?

2006-06-30 [Jitter]: like this: <*IMG:stuff/green-lolly-mood.gif> without the * it gives you <img:stuff/green-lolly-mood.gif>. You get the code by rightclicking the one you want

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